Make your Computer Welcome you Everytime you open your PC | Tech Gurukul |

Hi guys, we are tech gurukul and you are welcome to our new video. In this one We are gonna show you how to make your computer welcome you every time you open your desktop. It is a very cool trick for your PC, and a good one to show off in front of your friends. So here we go! Click on the search bar and type notepad. Open notepad and copy the exact Code given in the description. Once copied replace user name with your own name. I’m typing Utkarsh here, and you can type anything you want. Click on file menu, select save as. Select all files in the save as type option, and save the file as Welcome.vbs We’re almost done now Copy the saved file. Now you’ve to search for run the search bar. Type “shell:startup” in the run dialog box, and press enter. the Startup Folder will open. Paste your copied file in this folder and you’re done! Click on this file to listen to the voice. *Welcome to your PC, Utkarsh!* Now every time you open your desktop,the windows voice will greet you. That’s all we have for today. Stay tuned for regular updates! There’s many more to come! And don’t forget to like share and subscribe! THANKS FOR WATCHING! oh

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