Make an Assassins GO Board Game in Unity

Hey everyone, this is WILMER from the Game Academy school. This has been a longtime in the making… …and today we’ll be building Assassins GO, a full featured indie game using turn-based game mechanics. I’ll show you how to build everything here from scratch. We’ll set up our main player and game board… script animation and movement… and structure our game management like the pros. Finally we finish it off by adding some level art and programming enemy behavior to make a uniquely challenging puzzler. Go beyond the basics in this massive 10-plus hour course. We don’t waste any time to get you up and running and building a real game. We’ll cover intermediate topics and both C# programming and the finer points of the Unity Engine API. But don’t worry! We dive into each lecture with easy-to-understand visuals and no nonsense language. There’s no better way to hone your game development skills than immersing yourself in a beautiful capstone project like this. When you’ve completed this course, you’ll have an awesome framework to build your own turn-based indie game. Ok, hit enroll today, and I’ll see you in the Game Academy.

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