Make a PVC Light Stand for Under $5

Make a PVC Light Stand for Under $5

dangerous welcome to another episode
approve filemaker the place where movie-making and money don’t mix you know wanting to improve my skills
and some insider forever so myself awake it up our worst our parts but i still need someone to hang on
lights cheapest whites tens like if i were
about twenty dollars and i decided that was too much discussion i want to more than
one so if you have with a design creative
from p_v_c_ pipe which trust me about five dollars each
here’s how i did it okay here’s the core of your p_c_ lights
down right here this is all based on our feet three quarter inch of p_v_c_ pipe holy straight pieces you see right here
actually come from one tenth of length and you have a in caps right here you
have preety joints idea for couplers regular
usage in one oh three quarter inch type to another so the person you’re going to do is george strait ten-foot p_v_c_ linked you want to cut
it not to cut it i recommend you use these pbc counters right here improve for books that are referred
schools throw out he’s here in london used
hacksaw for formal interviews a lot of using ten
building five pc projects and you might be if you keep watching the show assailant take your temple length and come up into these various pieces been goin started flickering five uh…
two-foot legs here’s driven right here see that six
feet right there then you can cut six six inch pieces right there do you have about a foot left over and
uh… this is about an inch and half of this is the remainder show you how you
get these two links later but first thing you’re going to do towards building anything they want to take your phuong as pieces
which are the three to for links in this one which is uh… still about one foot hurricane it you know when i had coupler to each and just going to oppress philip unity blues knowledge priscilla really fast and easy just you know redundant news segment civilized analyzed to the
editor different links right now they look like teachers the
clubs set those aside and then get the six inch pieces in your three t joints
you’re going to want to put six inch pieces opposite each other h_t_t_p_ t join tonight three exactly the same thing that looks like
this and figure four in caps and put them on the ends to louise jim on and they look like that on the last four you’re going to take
your one-foot peace engineer and just cut it a little bit too avalanche out so you have some like this land
search interested and you’ll get from this
piece of a serious taking a year internal peace off as they get those two pieces is that is what makes a good base their
decision entire lights and prepare basically
disassembled so you can the transport it med-tech who filled the stands and want
to take the peace with the insert detach the other two sides like this answer based right there this is a really lies then on to for the spring we coupler reach peace
pamela polly wanna unofficially thoroughness of both the
basic lights ten sports tonight there perceived as well a foot in the air
suppose you want to go to feed will need to take to fit peace gallery into first and you go all the
way up to seven feet you want three feet you can add this without notice one do you want to four feet at another
two-foot segment of part of this they have this in your five feet and so on up the up to seventy that’s the basis of uh… this whole
system announced show you of we can do is it
one way to the narrowness maybe away didn’t think of if you’re out of work late to the top
understand it’s very easy to said one of these uh… nifty little and capturing
here same side of the others you’ve been use
on your base and it is fits right on top real life span here’s how you hand clam plates clever to the polls and reinforcing the
sprinkler for selecting me wrong now much the same
way only it’ll take to spring clamps one all that on top and one on one on the bottom this might not even be enough to escape
route from sliding up and down in which case you can add a small spring clamp underneath the bottom one to keep it from falling horrify road race for a minute and i
really like this kind of flap to the ground design because uh… result if you need to stabilize or throw weight on the on the base for a
year unionists and rating is anything to surround toddler like that that’ll help people holiness table
anything attach the post right here hurricane flat object styles like this
because unlike a pro stand you can go a right to the ground was
done in your life for a little hectic her life from down below making new investments filed stand so can you can do with the first and
which is uh… looks more like a tripod that’s pretty good for basic words and i
think that if you want to add a few simple excess three should make the
thing to even more for successor part of this arvo joint a
three-quarter inch elbow within answered attached they can get these but camera was a
notice of one yr want the links worries francis crafter works there the sad part is the city join she
actually has a larger end one and three quarter inch clinton uh… slide your segments were an adjusted to build something like
genius easton shall show you in just a second growing out of this error hinged joint
right here conflict have shown the three-quarter inch p_v_c_ pipe in an area of the three-quarter inch and
at the which school is very near continue this so let’s supposing i want your stand to
be as while they’re busy while we we build up to seventeen trang allied on it you know i like it but i believe this is
kind of put tilted angle at the lease on a staircase once this was one-way i could get stabilized by enabling it
back since this and hung over the stair for supposedly want to do that well you can take your hinge t and how one for the length an elbow plaxo once the length and put all these
together and give your lights and a third what it
means to me also weighed down potential sonum slide the tedium into the ground and they’ve got a much more stable
surface subtle serving staging canvas and a m
here review and senator however open
phonebook temporally do exact same thing as much more frugal when they’re like about the system is
that if you’re a little bit inventive you can take these basic parts and make
all kinds of anderson contraptions that can help you
in your shoes road and here is a may two foot by four
for the rectangle by stringing together the two six two four links with the for
elbow joints throughout this frame now which just happens to be the same exact
size as a baby’s crib sheet refusal arizona two babies so if you tach this thing onto the frame you’ve built meta twisted to pretty snug fit use a little bit of force and will go on useless to back so now you’ve got this crib sheet on this frame which you can now uses
reflector or diffusion filter for the son of the
rear actors get rid of those harsh shadows and if you had the uh… t joint fitting
on either side exo stature and there you can actually attach either and to to
more stands idle and i don’t have a stands lefty isn’t their light in this e-mail and work on
it such as one of the things you can do with the setup and here’s another one year after the
waste into a c_ span basically by taking sent signals and
running them through that excess treaty joins image in earlier the segments are uses carol rates to
hold up chinese lantern and i want that stabilizer like this one finals only carry all your stands around
here is some kind of a duffel bag this morning about thirty inches wide
theories they will analysts is the link so you can fit the feira six and all the
components right in here that’s how you build your p_c_ lights
never listen five dollars is useful practical and affordable if you like
this to please come to the group filemaker dot com for more and also partisan struggle to put her in
face book sealer

100 thoughts on “Make a PVC Light Stand for Under $5

  1. hello, i watch your …camera jib crane video , i made like yours at my home …..but i dont have tripod ..can you suggest or make a video which tell , how to make a tripod stand ….

  2. Here, TWO professional light stands, under $15 bucks–

    I'm the first guy to advocate for DIY film-making but light stands are just so crucial and so inexpensive.

  3. You are the true living McGiver!
    AWESOME video! It would great if you had a dedicated page for a details parts list associated with your projects…
    Otherwise, Thanks for sharing your creative ideas…

  4. Love your videos and approach to teaching film making. This was an amazing plan and love the pvc idea. I've recorded my first two videos off your set-up and they came out great. I actually have a degree in broadcasting but have been out the field for almost 20 years. YouTube has changed everything in that regard and you've really helped get me back up to speed. Thanks!

  5. Thank you very much.
    This would definitely help me to put my first green screen video live.
    Lots of love.

  6. This is better than the more complex and more expensive Film Riot stand. You really hit it with this one! Definitely gonna make these! thanks so much!!!

  7. This is great. Here in Argentina the cheapest reflector stand/holder (that in USA you would pay 20/30 USD) will cost no less then 100 USD. Translated in local currency is a LOT. But PVC pipes should be cheap and prefect for the job.

  8. What are the measurements for those "T" joint fittings? Do you have a tutorial for those? 🙂

  9. You're link to the Harbor Freight PVC cutter is out of date. Here are some links to what appears to be the same tool:

  10. Hello, do you think we make this :// with pvc pipes? If so, will you do a tutorial on how to make? Thank you

  11. your brilliant thanks… I'm interested in doing small films and a home photography studio and this is a great way to save money with equipment

  12. Pretty good idea. I am thinking about building one for my back drops. I just do still photography… Then I can use the light stand that I have currently holding the backdrop for something else.. 😉

  13. I love inexpensive DIY projects! Well done video. I don't enjoy videos where the presenter spends too much time just talking and not showing, or taking up valuable time in the beginning with a fancy introduction. This was well paced and right to the point, plus clear and easy to understand.

  14. hello thank you very much. i built this in Cyprus for about 16 euros. i built this for a dslr off camera flash.. i think with a bit of counterweight it will be perfect.

  15. Would a 1-1/2 version of these PVC pipes be strong enough to hold a 75lb traffic light? Or should I stick with metal pipes?

  16. You can use PVC pipes to replace alot of stands and you can spray paint the tubes flat black and the joints glossy yellow if you want a REALLY sweet finish. I did this to make a stand for my reef tank light and it looks amazing painted

  17. I have just started this interest in doing someLive Streaming, and I am being very carefol as to not spend alot of money until I learn more as I go. I am very familiar with PVC pipe and fitting, and have thought about using it in some way. NOW you have my mind spinning with ideas! I am thinking not only stands, but a truss, as well as a boom arm for lights and audio! Thanks for the ideas and giving me something to think on!

  18. I'll bet soon we'll see people selling these as packages.. (hint, hint) painting them black makes them look more pro – I love the creativity and flexibility of this option – I'm working on building my whole filmmaking kit – just starting out I could spend the money on audio equipment rather than light stands

  19. which size pipes did you use? today i tried 20mm pipe joint to 25mm T-joint…and it doest not fit..actually t joint is big…so how did you figure out..please inform me /..thanks

  20. Well, actually, I think you do want to glue together the base. Relying on friction with all your equipment lying around is inadvisable.

  21. I love your videos. Easy instructions with occasional hilarious
    commentary. "I have a bunch of these bed sheets cause I had a couple

    How do you install the work light screw into the PVC end cap?

  22. That is a really easy, good and cheap PVC stand… BUT… In fcking Serbia, for example that T part, that can connect 3 pipes, has almost the same diameter like pipes… So, there is no way to connect 2 or more pipes because it can only be done with an iron… If you take a next bigger T part, with bigger diameter than it is 3 times bigger than the pipe… If you are damned to live in Serbia do not even try to make it without plumber tools!

  23. You're missing a parts list, so I made it for those who like to cut and paste their shopping list. Feel free to throw it in your notes if you wish.

    1x ¾” PVC pipe 10’ in length to cut to:
    3x ¾" PVC pipe 2’ in length
    6x ¾" PVC pipe 6" in length
    1x ¾" PVC pipe 1 1/2" in length
    1x ¾" PVC pipe remainder" in length
    4x ¾” PVC end caps
    3x ¾” PVC T-joints
    4x ¾” PVC couplers

  24. This is really great. I want to set up some simple and frugal lighting for doing computer tutorials from my webcam. This could be the ticket! And I have some baby crib sheets lying around 🙂

  25. Thank you so much for this great video. At 4:36– what did you do to the end cap to allow it to nicely receive the bolt from the work light? Thanks.

  26. Need help finding out how to build a mobile model stand so I can video while moving my models kind of like the one you did with the the sliding camera but one for holding models if you could help me I'd be really grateful

  27. I realize this is from 2010, but it is still timely. I am so incompetent with this kind of stuff, but even I can follow this tutorial! Thanks so much! Excellent!

  28. Nice, 😁🅰🅰😁😁😁😁😁

  29. .. as a public service announcement: notice date of posting. (PVC is now a tad more expensive, mostly because this guy told everybody about PVC!!) lol :)) good vid!

  30. Newbie here! I love the idea behind the crib sheet and pvc piping. I am guessing this would be used as a soft box. How exactly should I be attaching the frame of it to the stand that I create? With one of those half moon pieces (where you can fit the pvc into it)? Also, do I cut out a hole through the cloth on one side or create an actual box to put the framed crib sheet in? Any help clarifying this would be greatly appreciated. Thank in advance!

  31. This is exactly what I was looking for! Need 3-4 lantern stands for camping and didn’t want to spend $150+ on Coleman stands. This is cheap and easy 👍 Thanks!!

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