Magnus isn’t the Only Carlsen that Plays Chess

Magnus isn’t the Only Carlsen that Plays Chess

Hello everyone I was just browsing the Internet as I usually do and I came across a photo of Carlson’s sister Ingrid On Twitter and whenever I see a photo of her. I think to myself So that’s what Magnus would look like with long hair as they are incredibly similar Which you can see from the photo here So then I thought I know Carlson has three sisters But I never knew if any of them played chess so I checked the database at chess Gamescom it seems both the Ingrid and Ellen play chess Ingrid is rated around 1600 Although she doesn’t play anymore since the database only covers games from 2007 to 2010 so I don’t think she’s an active player and Ellen is the rate at the around 1950 So since no YouTube channel ever showed a game by Ingrid Carson died I decided to show one it was played in 2010 it is the Gibraltar Open tournament, and she has the white pieces against Nadia Reci from Switzerland So let’s see this game e4 e5 Knight to f3 d6 the Philidor defense We have d4 and in this position I’m sure you’ll remember Bishop to b — Bishop to g4 is the Opera House move one of the most criticized moves in chess history So in the game we have e captures on d4 which isn’t a mistake, but this is generally something. You don’t want to do ever Because by capturing you allow Knight captures on d5 and you only allow the white to improve the position of his night He was on f3 now. He’s closer to the center, and it’s a it’s much much nicer square for the knight Better in this position then capturing on d4 would be something like Knight to d7 or Knight to f6 and continuing the game You know it’s the best to always follow that all saying to take is a mistake if you don’t gain anything by capturing don’t capture But okay in the game We have e captures on d4 Knight captures on d4 and Knight to f6 developing a piece with a tempo attacking the e4 pawn Knight to c3 defending, bishop to e7 preparing to Castle Bishop to e2 also preparing to castle Nadia castles Bishop to e3 now Bishop to e6 and Ingrid castles Queen to d7 is played and Here Ingrid captures the Bishop Knight captures on e6 which again isn’t isn’t a mistake or anything You know you grabbed a bishop with a Knight, Now you have the bishop prepare white still has a very comfortable game But maybe something other than capturing the bishop an interesting line would be f4 now threatening of course f5 to Trap this bishop on e6 and after something like Bishop to g4 Push e5 and after Bishop captures Bishop Queen captures Bishop D captures on e5 f captures on e5 and Knight to d5 White has this interesting idea of rook captures on f7 if you capture the rook you get e6 The knight is protecting the pawn on e6 and after something like Knight captures on c3 e captures on f7 would check King captures and B captures on c3 White would have a very comfortable game here the queen is coming to c4 which with great tempo the rook is coming to f1 This would be this would be great for white But okay in the game after Queen d7 Knight captures and e6 was played and now It does seem more appropriate to capture with the Queen. You don’t want to mess up the defense of your King But Nadia plays f Captures on e6 and okay you do now get another central pawn you open up the F file for your rook, but it might have been better to capture with Queen captures on e6 now Ingrid plays f4 We have E. 5 and f5 Here Knight to c6 Bishop to f3 adding more protection d4 pawn So Knight to d5 can be played so this is like a preparation move a6 and now G for preparing G v H6 was played and now Knight to d5 Here you definitely want to capture this knight on d5 is it’s an extremely powerful piece You don’t want to allow a knight captures on e7 so something like knight captures on d5 Queen captures on d5 with check King h7 and It’s a much more comfortable position for white, but but black can hold this but after Knight to d5 and Nadia decided to go for for for an ambitious move Knight to h7 Probably preparing something like Bishop to g5 to exchange the dark square bishop But of course this isn’t allowed Knight captures on e7 with Check Queen captures on e7 and c3 Controlling that Knight, so the knight can’t really jump into play king to h8 Probably probably getting the king out of this Diagonal so the Queen can to jump to d5 with tempo, maybe if this Knight moves the b7 pawn would be vulnerable And maybe would ideas of rook to g8 who knows 21 now preparing Queen to g3 Knight the d8 trying to get the night to help out with the defense of the king H4 now and h4 is the strongest move recommended by the engine Knights to f7 But already this Knight to f7 move is looking for trouble you have a knight on f7 and you have a night on h7 This pawn is coming coming to g6 Queen to g3 Now preparing g5 King to g8 and this is this is a weird move. I don’t really understand this move Maybe making room for the night an h-shaped, but but who knows maybe Maybe a better move here for black wouldn’t be something like rook the g8 to Maybe try and open up the position with the g6 and capture on f5 but but okay Queen to rook earth King today, it was played And now King to h1 by Ingrid preparing the work to come to the G file And here c5 was played and the C file doesn’t really stop any of White’s plans on the King side a better choice would be something like d 5 the white is attacking and King said you don’t want to break open the center and after something like rook a to d1 and rook a to d8 If he captor son d5 then Knight to d6 Preparing the pawn pawn to e4 move and maybe black would get some counter play white is better of course but Definitely better than this c5 move so rook to g1 Adding more pressure to the G file and Queen to f6 now And this is this is of course the mistake that cost Nadia the game Here probably was was the last tried to go for something like d5 And after g5h captures h captures and after Knight to d6 black would have a very very hard game after f6 But black is falling apart here, so neither didn’t go for this slightly better defense after rook to g1 she played the Queen to f6 And this allows the immediate the g5 This now comes with a temple on the Queen so after H captures and g5 + H captures on g5 in this position neither resigned the game As of course as I mentioned that night to f7 was looking for trouble after Queen to e7 G6 would have been played and one of the Knights is is going down with check So this never happened after this HK % g5 Neither resigned the game and Ingrid won this this nice game in 23 moves So yeah like I said No channel ever show the game by a cost and sister so so I decided to show one and if any of you are interested Like I said an idea of no Ellen is a higher rated around 1950 so if any of you feel like investigating chess games comm If you can find an interesting game by Ellen feel free to suggest and I will show that one as well So that’s the game I do. Hope you enjoyed it And I am getting fairly close to fifty fifty thousand subscribers I will definitely make make some kind of an interesting stream on Saturday And maybe I will try to prepare a chess quiz as a lot of you have been asking for a chess quiz So I’m planning a tournament Also, if I will be able to prepare a chess quiz in a way for it to work because last time we did has some problems because some Some people have faster internet, so they get they get the question sooner than than the other players. I have no idea how this happens it’s just that it just does but it it’s the guy who won the quiz was actually Tom from Slovenia, and he actually won a lot of chess quizzes So I don’t think the problem was really in his internet connection He really he said he knew all the questions except two, but you know there weren’t pretty easy questions So yeah, I just wanted you to know that and I am seriously taking suggestions on what to do for the giveaway as you know it would be okay to do a nice giveaway for the 50,000 subscribers milestone So if you have any any suggestions feel free to share in the comment section So yeah, I would like to thank John Carter for your contribution to my channel Thank you a lot – really appreciate it as usual you can check two of my previous videos here Thank you all for watching, and I will see you soon

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  1. I never saw two Black knights at h7 and f7. This is a really weird position… Maybe Reci was preparing g5 in order to release the pressure but after f5 that wasn't possible because 1. … g5 would of course be followed by 2. fxg6 ep, forking the two poor knights.

  2. chessgames has a game where Magnus' father (Henrik) beats him. maybe you can comment on that game as well as the question of whether his father look like Magnus or Ingrid lol

  3. This was very educational to a player around 1500 like me.. so I enjoyed it very much. Please don't hesitate to make more videos on games by lower rated players

  4. It's great how polite he is being analyzing a low rated game… Struggling to figure out what they were trying to do with bad moves without overtly saying how bad the move was.

  5. Actually, it is difficult to play the Philidor defence as Black with this old move order against a well-prepared killer player with the white pieces. Because the principled, well-meaning moves you mentioned like Nd7 or Nf6 (together trying to reach the ideal Hanham strong-point position) individually are met with potentially devastating problems for Black if White knows precisely what to do. That's why exd4 is the more common move here. Otherwise, Black has to try reaching for the ideal position from another move order like from the Pirc, with some attendant unique problems too like one bloody annoying forcing endgame line by White. So, exd4 (yes, relinquishing the centre) was still okay to play here.

  6. One of the reasons I enjoy watching is for the references to other games and “known” bad moves. In this case, I got to look up the Opera House game.

  7. why u dont show arab and Egyptian players they are amazing many of them beat carlsen like ahmed adly also many arab donate to your channel arab names are distinct and dont forget arabs who invent chess with old rules and then travel to euro though old spain called chetarang (ararb word that then turns to chess )means in arabic the four powers castle,horse night elephant bishop, minister queen what is the meanting of chess ?nothing it is word converted from arab

  8. #suggestion : Hey, thanks for the awesome videos. Enjoy a lot of them. Really liked this one because you talked about opening and mistakes that well known that many non advanced players like me would know know the theory behind. ie) Have more video from lower rated players where the goal is to teach from their mistakes, maybe it can be its own playlist. It would maybe expand your audience to more beginner audiences. Thanks again 🙂

  9. As a 1600 you normally don't calculate that far.. I'm a 1700 on lichess but i basically only play blitz.. so if i were in any of their positions i wouldn't have been able to see like 3-5moves ahead because i don't calculate but rely on instict or people blundering :E

  10. If in the Philidor main line (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4) someone actually plays 3…Nd7, he MUST ABSOLUTELY KNOW what to do next. White's response is 4.Bc4 and this is where it is EXTREMELY EASY TO BLUNDER.

    4…Nf6? to develop the kingside is a mistake which loses a pawn with best play. The best line is 5.dxe5 Nxe5 6.Nxe5 dxe5 7.Bxf7! Kxf7! 8.Qxd8 Bb4+ 9.Qd7 Bxd7 10.Nxd7 and white is a clear pawn up. On black's fifth move, if 5…dxe5? then 6.Ng5 is devastating, the f7 cannot be protected because the d7 knight blocks the black queen's bishop. On the other hand, if 5…Nxe4?? then 6.Qd5 picks up the knight with a queen fork.

    4…Be7? to develop the kingside is also a mistake and also loses a pawn. 5.dxe5 Nxe5 6.Nxe5 dxe5 7.Qh5 g6 8.Qxe5 Nf6 9.Bh6 is the best line but even there black is down a pawn and white is dominating the board. Black cannot even castle. If 5…dxe5? then 6.Qd5 is the killer move. Black is forced to give up a minor piece immediately to avoid getting mated on f7. For example 6…Nh6 7.Bxh6 O-O 8.Be3.

    4…h6? to take away the g5 square is also a mistake and also loses two pawns with best play according to my analysis. White sacrifices the bishop for two pawns and gains a tremendous attack. 5.Bxf7 Kxf7 6.Nxe5. Capturing the knight with 6…Nxe5? isn't option because it loses the queen: the knight is pinned after king moved to f7. So the king must move to one of the four available squares. If 6…Ke7 then 7.Ng6+ forks the rook in the corner. 6…Ke6 and 6…Ke8 lead to a forced mate in six and seven moves respectively. So the best move for black is actually the awkward 6…Kf6: he is still up a bishop for two pawns but the position is terrible for black. The position is complicated but the best line as far as I know is 7.Nc3 Bb4 8.Qd4! Bxc3+ 9.bxc3 Qe8! 10.Nxd7+ Kg6. White won his piece back and is now up two pawns with much better king safety.

    4…c6 is the best move but it may be difficult to find. After 5.O-O black still needs to be very careful because 5…Ngf6? is a mistake again. 6.dxe5 Nxe5 (6…dxe5? 7.Ng5) 7.Nxe5 dxe5 8.Bxf7+ Ke7 9.Bb3 and white is up a pawn and black king's position is ruined. 5…Be7 works, though. An interesting line is 5…Be7 6.dxe5 dxe5 7.Ng5! Bxg5 9.Qh4 Qe7 10.Qxg5. White leads in development and has a bishop pair, but there isn't any decisive tactics to win the game right away.

    After 4…c6 white might capture with 5.dxe5, though. Black has a few options of which 5…Nxe5 is probably the safest choice: 6.Nxe5 Qa5+ 7.Nc3 Qxe5. If 5…dxe5 then we enter into a very interesting line. 6.Ng5 forces 6…Nh6. White can castle with 7.O-O and black needs to be careful again. 7…Be7? is a mistake which has been played in master play several times. 8.Ne6!! is a stunningly beautiful move. Black has to take with 8…fxe6 and white grabs the knight with 9.Bxh6. Black cannot recapture because he would get mated due to his open king's diagonal. The game could continue with 9…Nb6 after which both white bishops are threatened. White saves them with a zwischenzug: 10.Qh5+ g6 11.Qe2. We reach a position where material is equal, but white has a much better position.

    tl;dr: Self-blocking the queen's bishop with 3…Nd7 against a tactically-aware player is very dangerous if you didn't read what I wrote.



    ♡IF U LIKE IT DIG IT. IF U DIG IT, LIKE IT 👽🤓😎♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆

  12. Chess causes heart attack and stroke.. 90% of chess grandmasters and masters have died of heart attack.. im scared.

  13. “If you don’t gain anything from taking, don’t take”

    That’s actually pretty good, I’ll try to apply that…

  14. 🌙

  15. I'm sorry, english isn't my native language, but most parts I can understand pretty well, but help me with one thing guys, he says ''Ellen'' but who the heck is Ellen? Did I understand it right?
    Nice video man! ty

  16. Apparently he started to play chess to beat his sister who started playing. If she never played, maybe carlsen wouldn't be world champion in chess. pretty crazy 😀

  17. #suggestion
    Great game and analysis, but please consider using gender neutral language. You often say what will ‘he’ when you are talking about alternative lines—something that really stands out in games played by engines and female players. What white and black would do works well as alternatives 🙂 Also thanks for such great coverage of the wcc!

  18. I thought it said Magnus Carlsen isn’t the only person that plays chess and I was like duh there is still other people that’s plays chess but then I read it again and I was like ohhh

  19. I first beat my sister at age 8. I started to spend hours in front of the chessboard and read my fathers chess books. Better refresh your reading list before you challenge me at eight.

  20. 5:38 "H4 is the strongest move recommended by the engine", why I do feel like you sound a bit patronising here haha

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