Magnus Carlsen’s top secret English Opening Novelty unveiled against Anish Giri – Gashimov Mem. 2019

Magnus Carlsen’s top secret English Opening Novelty unveiled against Anish Giri – Gashimov Mem. 2019

Hi all. Magnus Carlsen has been playing
some brilliant chess recently let’s have a look at one of his recent games
this is against Anish Giri. So they had a lot of banter on Twitter
over the last few years let’s have a look the score of Anish Giri has been
very good compared to other grandmasters very very difficult to for Magnus to beat Anish Giri at the classical time
control historically so that’s also interesting c4 from Magnus so English
opening e5 we have Nc3 Nf6 Knight f3 knight c6 so this is the
English Four knights opening because the four knights have come out and about okay so g3 d5 cxd5 N takes d5 Bishop g2 and Bishop c5 this has become a trendy move
recently in the past Knight b6 was kind of the routine move for example white
castles this position might plays for b4 which gives that Bishop b2 potential as
well as b5. And here this is thought to be about even so this is an interesting kind of idea in this line White castles, black castles d3 h6
another move here seen here quite a lot is rook e8 for example Bishop d2 Knight
takes Bishop takes Knight d4 b4 this is thought to be about equal so h6 Knight
takes Queen takes a3 a5 Bishop d2 Queen e6 we have rook c1 hitting the bishop
which is protected bishop c3 now Knight d4 so in fact now after e3
all the knights have disappeared from the position leaving just the bishops that’s
quite an interesting scenario the Knights are quite versatile – they can hit
both colors of squares the the bishops are more simple in nature you know where you are more without the tricky knights so is there enough dynamic potential
for white to gain a significant advantage? Now this next move Bishop
d6 appears to be mainly designed against d4 you know if d4 here maybe e4 is possible so it’s interesting though that the
central tension is kept with quite an aggressive looking move Queen h5 we have now quite a bit of pressure on the black position c6 is play which blunts
that Bishop takes away the d5 square but now a really interesting move indeed the
kind of iconic move of this game I wonder if you can guess what Magnus
plays if you haven’t seen this game before you might want to pause the video
here okay f4 this does weaken e3 and also you might think d3 is weak as
well black took there’s some interesting alternatives to taking here f6 I believe
we can rule out white can play f takes taking here and after these exchanges
there’s rook c5 and this leads white to a big advantage so that’s too dangerous
for black to entertain f6 – e4 I believe we can also rule out it’s only got a
little tactical trick – if dxe4 takes that’s a big advantage of white does take care
then okay fine this position is fine for black but the move which really
might be quite serious are to consider is f5 which stops this F pawn it does
block in the c8 bishop so this position maybe you have Queen f7 this
should be about equal however in the game it seems Anish was interested in
winning some material he played he takes exf4 and Magnus doesn’t play exf4 here
Rather with the G pawn which does have a big upside that the G file is
opens up if you use the G pawn this is quite an aggressive G file so very
interesting position G takes let’s have a quick look at a e takes –
check and in fact here okay this is poison or is it yes it is but black
doesn’t have to play Queen e3 check so if black does something else sorry
after e takes instead of check.Black does something else it should be okay
here there isn’t too much danger for black
perhaps a move like f5 for Queen f7 again might be plausible so what
happened then the game is really this quite exciting G file has been created
this road to the black King but yes e3 is hanging that is taken and here it’s
far too dangerous to take on d3 rook d8 was played if Queen takes d3
then rook rcd1 and just winning the bishop on d6 so here rook d8 was played
Rce1 Queen c5 challenging the Queen the Queen’s before we get into Queen c5
and we just re examine Queen takes d3 here then f5 is dangerous for
example Bishop f8 and here this is absolutely winning – this is skewering the
Queen and the rook so that that is far too dangerous and here if say Queen c4
then actually that F pawn is becoming a very dangerous thorn form and absolutely
winning in these lines with it especially with the G file it’s like for
example here double check and mate so it can be absolutely lethal this position
so black dare not take on d3 so queen c5 Magnus keeps the key Queens on with f5 and also of course this f6 as a continual idea Bishop f8 – blacks is on
the defensive Bishop e4 supports both d3 and f5 Rd5 trying to offer the
exchange sacrifice to try and defend Magnus refuses with a beautiful-looking
move Rf3 – this means not only keeping a support of f5 but the rooks
can potentially double with rook g1 rook fg3 later – the alternative if
White had taken the exchange bishop takes d5 this position is actually White has
only got a small edge although the exchange up black is pretty solid here
with the extra pawn as well and the bishop pair so rook f3 avoiding
winning that exchange that’s offered or on taking the exchange that offered b5
sometimes is the idea of b4. Black is kind of cramped as well in this position
that c8 bishop wants to do something rook g1 now white here looks as though
there are threats like Queen takes h6 but with the Queen eyeing g1 in alignment
with g1 this is not really possible rook a7 was played all right let’s have a
look at a few options here though one or two b4 there is actually in this
position bishop tanks g7 for Rfg3 and then this crashes through for
white absolutely crushing as an example here if we follow this instead of King
f8 if Queen f8 you can see how powerful the attack is after Queen takes h6
this is crashing through so uh rook a7 and it’s here it’s important not to play
Queen takes here. Bishop f6 was played if Queen takes h6 – then there’s can you see
what black plays in this position? okay Queen takes g1 check takes away
that pinner of the pawn for black to be winning so White has to tread
carefully Bishop f6 constrains the F pawn as well and can start to build up
the pressure again g6 is played here if b4 then actually in this position rook
takes and queen g4 for Rg3 converging on g7 without any F pawn
because that cramping Bishop f6 so this rook cannot indirectly defend this position
is absolutely devastating White’s getting a big advantage so g6 was
tried trying to exploit the pinned pawn on f5 so now the Queen drops back there is
actually a combinatory solution but it requires extreme accuracy here – the
combinatory solution instead of dropping the Queen to h4 is rook takes g6 after
this white – let’s say rook g7 – Bishop takes this is crushing because of g7
winning the exchange being the exchange up absolutely winning position but there’s
some tricks here on Bishop g7 White has to find it seems Bishop c3 here –
that renews ideas of f6 but White has to find this if white plays for example
Bishop h4 this gives counterplay after the check this position Queens takes b2
check for example Queen e5 and there is counterplay here for example f6
there’s actually Queen g5 check so this is showing black has some resources
behind the scenes so rook takes g6 would have to be calculated very carefully and
accurately so Queen h4 instead is more practical
we have rook d6 Queen h4 pressures still hugely on. Here
if d4 rook takes this position – White is also getting a big advantage that’s also
interesting for d4 maybe. Rook tanks fxg6 – on Bishop takes h3 you might think
there’s actually G takes a wonderful tactic the King’s taken out of its cave
and then as discovered a check yeah Bishop takes d4 so I ends up with a big
advantage there so yeah it’s interesting this d4
resource as well here so Queen h4 though it was played – and Anish gives up the
exchange rook takes f6 if Rad7 fxg6 fxg6 Rxg6 – Queen takes
this position White is getting a big advantage again yeah it’s really quite
crushing attack so rook takes f6 Queen takes Bishop e7 and now here
there’s no solution with a combination for rook takes g6 but there is a just
picking up this pawn for a winning endgame which is what Magnus Carlsen did. Queen
takes c6 have a brief look at Rook takes here
the king is escaping basically.Black is getting a big advantage there’s nothing
much going on there there’s too much counterplay in this
position as well with that active Queen so Queen takes c6 get the Queen’s off
and this is the exchange up this position of course and in fact after F
takes g6 – are fixed there’s another target that g6 pawn so a4 d5 b4 for
Bishop e8 targeting the g6 pawn now here also there’s an idea of rook f7
check and then that’s potentially leading to other good things so in fact
g5 wasn’t played but in fact Bishop g5 shielding f7 but now
tactical move h4 so the bishop can’t go to e7 without allowing rook f7 and also
it’s shielding g6 at the moment so black grabs this pawn rook takes g6 check King
h7 rook c6 and there’s not many places useful for that Bishop here the bishop
goes to g4 if it interferes with the rank then check is crushing it’s going
to be taking off that Bishop soon so Bishop g4 but again these are loose
pieces now in the position if the bishop had gone to b7 by the way then again
check and then in fact there’s a kind of mating that here threatening rook h5
mating so I Black would have to give up the bishop that’s hopeless.
so yeah it’s become a pretty hopeless position Bishop g4 rook f4 yeah
targeting these bishops Rg7 and the game ended that I believe that Anish Giri
lost on time but it is a lost position An example continuation forcing things
further off would be Bishop g6 check. Rook takes rook takes King takes rook takes g4
– the exchange up mopping up these pawns it’s all over
bar the shouting – so yeah a nice attacking game from Magnus Carlsen there. The dynamism of the position despite the Knights coming off was quite interesting
and I believe both players discussed that a little bit in the post-mortem how
maybe they weren’t expecting it to be that exciting after the four Knights of
this variation all got swapped off and yet white with this kind of dynamic
attacking gambit created huge pressure on the black position I hope you enjoyed
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  1. Q.Can there be still major opening novelties at the Super Grandmaster level ? 🤔😀😎🌍 Video:

    Replayable game:

    Puzzle book for variations in video: Login at and Head for Improve menu .. Puzzle books

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  2. I feel like Magnus is one of the few, if not only, players who plays like an engine. He knows the theory and what is strong, and isn't afraid to crash positions and make mayhem into scenarios where his intuition leads him to the win. I love watching him play, it has made me more adaptive at my game rather than reactive. When he knows he is winning, he goes for the jugular. He's like Chess Joker from Batman, disrupt the established order, create chaos, and win through natural intuition in the moment.

  3. Going into that white pawn structure at 5:29 is why Carlsen is the champ. He follows the story of the game and stays within the plot more than his peers. Diced pawns make my head hurt.

  4. I refer you to game in 2000 Fischer vs Short:

    I let some of the latest engines (Stockfish 9, Rybka…) analyze the game: 80-90% of "Fischer´s" moves are NOT suggested by the engines (mostly not even as 2nd or 3rd alternatives).

    Fischer completely changed chess. If it wasn't for him, how many of us would not be chess players?

    Bobby Fischer is the best player ever in the history.
    Even Magnus, cant achieve his level.

  5. i got the move! im on to your wise man tactics crusher it's almost always a pawn move when you get us to guess the next move , i cans be good at chess 2 then?….

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