Magnus Carlsen’s amazing Chess double bishop sacrifice Mikhail Tal like chess game at the age of 12!

Magnus Carlsen’s amazing Chess double bishop sacrifice Mikhail Tal like chess game at the age of 12!

Hi all. I have an absolutely amazing
magnus carlsen game to show you when he was a child prodigy by my calculations
at the time of this game he was twelve years six months and eight days old his
opponent was Dennis Rylander a FIDE 2348 (rated) so strong FM
standard magnus carlsen was 2356 so just over the FM level which
is 2300 so this is I think an IM norm tournament played in stockholm the salon
Kerner’s IM tournament and sup a look maintenance kicked off with D for Dennis
Rylander played very aggressively the Dutch defense and he chooses in fact one
of the most aggressive variations the Leningrad Dutch defense where black fin
chato’s the bishop so so far this is Stanley looking Leningrad Dutch c4 very
standard this position grave heretical Knight c3 knight c6 was chosen d5 Knight
e5 what usually does take on e5 and I’ve played the position with black hair very
dynamic position a common move is Queen B free hair to try and play for c5 get
some Queen side pressure going could be awkward for black often move Knight b5
is also annoying because the Queen’s like that c7 is a bit vulnerable hair
Magnus actually chose the second most common move in the position which is a
major efore and often plasma black will play f4 hair positional pawn sacrifice
and that was played here Magnus took this and now there’s two
main choices here either Knight h5 which I played before a couple of times at
least or e tanks F for the opponent here played eat X F for this is actually a
little bit more played fuzzy free games in my book compared to night eh 524
games so it’s interesting this position so here you might wonder well why
doesn’t white play Bishop tanks f4 this could lead to advantage actually for
white after Knight takes e4 in this position
white has analyst affairs pressure and expose the tack on the bishop
there’s 92 apparently this this is okay for white we’ve got an attack on the
knight now someone’s black to say like these six c5 it’s quite comfortable for
white so yes after a takes F for though Magnus
chooses what is seems to be the main move e5 so not taking on that form to
spain fifa Shing this wedge in center of pawns actually soon after a six will be
played and this cuts off blacks army really into – this is porn wedge but
there’s a downside to it an obvious downside
isn’t that f3 on the cards squishing the bishop is e sex really that good what
eise ex was played so we have a disconnected army on one hand and trap
bishop lily on the other hand very interesting salario indeed but every
immediately actually bishop takes after is possible so Knight e5 prepares f3
okay and it also hits are potentially that might be useful as well taking on
c4 but the principle for answer is f free so although the black army is
disconnected is this double-edged well a very
interesting position indeed it has to be said the engine choice is actually rook
e1 this gives the bishop a Square and it doesn’t doesn’t really care about this
at the c4 pawn will get some play if black takes on c4 but if every we get
the square Bashar f1 the way Magnus plays it is nothing short of total
genius it seems bull this game is really quite
shocking what your witness here from the twelve-year-old
magnus carlsen so that would be a normal-looking movavi one just to give
the bishop f one another one which might be sort of normal is queen bee frame
because maybe after f frame we can play Bishop h3 and the bishop isn’t too bad
now there that’s better than putting it in prison on h1 this position though
could actually favor black after b6 Orval idea of Bishop a6 and this is all
a bit awkward actually this bishops kind of out of place it’s actually blocked in
a little bit it’s not really got scope this pawns really doing a good job
black’s pieces could be springing to life pretty soon so the move Magnus
played was actually c5 though here and allowing that f3 I move like f3 you
might think that it really blocks in and the bishop so Knight takes e4 this is
just better for black so yes after every Bishop h3 at least the bishop has got
some squares for the moment but now after g5 isn’t g4 a huge problem here
just to win that Bishop and this is where the game becomes absolutely
unbelievable white plays in this position
well can you guess what Magnus Carlsen played in this position here if I give
you five seconds to pause the video starting from now okay he played that to the king h1
inviting the bishop to be trapped so this is a virtual Bishop sacrifice and
things get absolutely spectacular now so black plays this g4 move and it looks
ridiculous white okay white on one hand is disconnected the black rocks but he’s
losing an entire ship shortly is it something to do this G file is there
some genius on this G file well now a very very powerful incisive move which
stockfish does come up with in this position is played what would you play
here if I give you five seconds starting from now okay Magnus puts his queen where it can be
potentially discovered attacks from the bishop queen d4 black now took on h3 so
there’s a potential G file usage but it’s not so clear surely this is not so
clear because if we played a move like rook g1 here then hasn’t black just got
Knight g6 unpinning the bishop hitting the Queen this is much better for black
the thing is Magnus has a fantastic resource up his sleeve in this position
can you spot it if I give you five seconds to pause the video here starting
from now right here actually pins this night
actually rivers next mofo fantastic tactical move unbelievable
Bishop h6 so it’s already sacrificed one Bishop and he’s prepared to sacrifice
another it pins the light you know if Knight g6 we can play Queen takes g7
checkmate so the Queen is beautifully centralized here and the rooks are ready
to roll for the G file blacks defensive resources seam traps at the moments in
their initial squares spectator pieces if he must say the expression spectator
pieces comes into mind what does black do hair there’s limited options there
really are limited options you know if black drops the bishop back
that doesn’t look too healthy white could secure an advantage here by taking
on f8 using G filerock g1 in this position even if there’s like g6 Queenie
for this is dangerous for black apparently this is slightly benefit
black sorry slightly better for white it’s dangerous for black white is able
to actually double the rocks say like this and either double the rooks and
start playing rook takes a free it becomes very unpleasant indeed very very
quickly something like this there’s rook takes g6 for example it’s
not so easy black could end up in a clearly worse position so very difficult
position have this second bishop sacrifice has being offered after Bishop
h6 black take set is there a raf of the GFL hair coming up well again rook g1
check immediately x’ is harmless Knight g6 black will be winning know that
Knights must be taken now suspending the check it’s getting rid of that defense
so rook g1 check looks very dangerous coming up can black defend this well
there’s two main ways it seems either Bishop g7 or Rock f6 rook f6 was played
but even after if Bishop g7 this is apparently is better for white rook g1
Queen F recap six white can actually proceed with an exchange sac here and
this position apparently is very very dangerous
for black for example like this even though white is a bishop down the cheeky
Queen takes c7 here and this is really dangerous stuff very good conversation
for being a bishop down apparently this is a big advantage for white so black
actually are played here rook f6 as though rook g6 will be black salvation
to get that shield pawn on g6 manglers plays rook g1 check we have rook g6 and
now a very strong move indeed is played which seems stronger I’ll keep them okay
what you might think of doing here what our gut reaction would be many of us is
slightly different yeah funk lenses I think celebrating pin
comes to the mind is the clue what would you play here to proceed I mean it’s I
believe it’s the more accurate mo if I give you five seconds here okay Queen h5
this might actually be technically stronger than taking on g6 keeps the
tension it keeps the possibilities very strong black played nail King g7 trying
to hold up g6 Magnus takes on g6 after H gene rook g1 black is only move now is
basically to the FEM with the Queen Queen e 8 so we have a position now
that’s basically our rook and Knight versus rook and two bishops white is a
piece down here but apparently this is a super strong
position for white either either actually it turns out with bagless move
but there’s also other resources in the position here at move 24 technically
might be five it’s actually very dangerous in this position with plus two
advantage magnets actually played ninety four which is also really strong but
just to demonstrate the strength of whites position here Knight d5 has
actually got some very cunning ideas behind it either to take on c7 to
distract the Queen or to cheekily come back here to attack g6 like that
either way it’s affecting the defense of g6 for example Bishop f4 protecting c7
and night changes tax it goes here and now this is just taking here on Knight
h4 is incredibly dangerous like this this is an absolutely winning position
right here blacks having to give up the bishop it’s pretty hopeless for example
like this so the position is actually really crushing there already this this
is just murder for example here winning the Queen so this is an absolutely
killing move Knight b5 main has played an alternate move here so Bishop down
it’s killing move but he played an alternate move Knight e4 and this is
also very very strong for a slightly different maneuver for this maneuver for
the Queen to mate on h8 with the knight coming to f7 potentially potentially so
black played c6 now Queenie 5 check King g8 another smooth Knight g5
and actually believe it or not this is also winning maneuver in the position it
doesn’t really matter what black does here the position is absolutely crushing
from an energy perspective absolutely crushing the principal frets here is
Knight f7 and then Queen h8 checkmate black tried bishop tanks g5 what what
else is black gonna doing here I mean seriously the rook and Bishop are in
prison at the moment there’s no time b6 Knight f7 and if Bishop g7 okay trying
to shield h8 it’s a it’s a forced mating 9 apparently with Queen g5 so we’re just
going to take care let’s let’s follow this through I mean save rook b8 to
speed up things we take care just just to give a token idea well we mate on g7
there if Queen f8 then Queen h5 we’re going to mate on h8 there so it becomes
hopeless that has to give up bits to save the mate so in this position Bishop
takes g5 was play to extinguish that light lens plays now Queen takes g5 very
very strong position rook tank g5 is also winning but listen this is winning
as well even though white is an entire Bishop down believe it or not there’s
just no defense King g7 was played here and now Magnus’s next move betrays h8 as
an issue again he plays rook g4 with the idea of Queen EE 5 check the king going
back an embryo cage for simple strong crude effective black gets desperate
here he gives back a bishop tries to give back a bishop menges is not
interested in details eise X actually that will give some counter play on
White’s back row if d takes a 6 was played
mangas is after the king just the demonstrator if D takes ecigs Luke the
eight blacks apparently is equal hair whites now got an issue of d1 it’s blown
it actually has to go back bailout of the attack and this becomes equal
apparently no Magnus is not the waste his position here he plays Queenie five
Czech forget the bishop the King g8 number page four mate on eight shades
org animating attack yh8 there’s no defense it’s beautiful black play Bishop
takes d5 and got mated and free can you spot it the mountain free if I give you
five seconds to pause the video ok check check and mate unbelievable the whole
thing is actually really sound believe lower off after the initial Bishop sack
some other variations which were mentioned by some some some bits is on
on chess games calm as if there was an improvement here by playing the move b6
at a critical moment I’ll just show you a critical moment here it looks from an
engine perspective as though there might have been something with with the move
b6 to try and get the bishop to do something like this this is still strong
for white check in this position Knight g5 so the idea of Knight f7 again and
this this is just very very strong this position here even if the bishop tries
to salvage the situation why is crudely threatening rook g4 to
age for mating on h8 example rook g4 here
that’s that’s that’s the top engine move giving up the Queen to the fend off
against its otherwise disposition here is a forced mating for that slows it
down yeah rook h4 is on the cards if ever
Queen f8 we just take on g6 Queen h5 mating
what a wonderful attacking game is reminiscent of Mikael towel just just to
enjoy the game now I’ll just play through it again without much comment so
you can see the game Leningrad Dutch I know the theory this is common theory so
far why it establishes the palm wedge doesn’t – Bishop bender h3 c5 securing
the c4 form as well now we have this fantastic conception of
the Bishop sack for another Bishop sack one bishop sack is justified buying a
measure of the bishop sack virtually pinning the night making you to the g
file the faster rooks on the g4 look at blacks crafts stuck at base so this
second bishop sack and now in this position here coming up it seems
incredible to think that this knight can win in both ways it can actually win
either with Knight p5 almighty for from an engine perspective 95 is more
accurate but 94 seems on closer analysis also winning with this idea of Queen e5
Knight g5 Knight f7 that’s how strong the position is this doesn’t help
apparently this move c6 but the position is so strong because basically these
pieces are trapped in negatives conducting this attack absolutely
beautifully forget taking the bishop it’s one of the most beautiful attacking
games I’ve seen of the young Magnus Carlsen I think this is
stuff this game I don’t what you guys think
comments or questions on YouTube thanks very much

100 thoughts on “Magnus Carlsen’s amazing Chess double bishop sacrifice Mikhail Tal like chess game at the age of 12!

  1. I once beat Magnus at Chess, however it was Swedish stong-man competitor Magnus Samuelsson.
    But seriously, very well done and enthusiastic presentation; it puts me in the mood to sac some Bishops.

  2. 14…f3 & 15…b6 might have turned it into a hypermordern positional masterpiece featuring the collapse of the overextended pawn centre

  3. Fellows, but what's wrong with 16. Bxg5 Qe8 17. Rg1
    My computer evaluates this as +3.3, which (although indeed slower than the actual game continuation), should still lead to a very big plus for white, more than enough to win the game. I sincerely doubt that Magnus would still play 16. Kh1 these days, as he evolved into a calculator, rather than spectacular player.

  4. After white playing Ng5, why black needs to take it, black could have played Bg7 attacking white's queen, and for sure would gain a very strong position….

  5. Bad form to have the name "Carlsen" in text in the center on the black side when he plays white. Think, man, about how it looks to a viewer. A graphics blunder says Deep Blue.

  6. paul morphy was mikhail tal b4 mikhail tal was mikhail tal. so when theres a sacrifice and its not mikhail tals, they must say its a morphy like sacrifice or a miktail tal. now if mikhail tal…

  7. Magnus will be world champion for a long time…longer than a piece of string extended to the moon and back by an army of feline dwarves.

  8. 16:23 why not play Kf8? That would allow the bishop to retreat and block the rook which is coming to h8…

  9. Really nice attack indeed, but if black had played positionally, not grabbing the bishop it would have been white who is in big trouble. Basically after 15…b6! white would have been positionally lost. 16 cxb6 axb6 would be immediately over , so it's difficult to find a move.

  10. Well, kind of false publicity, the second bishop move (Bh6) is not really a sacrifice but a simple exchange (Qxe5)…

  11. Do you think Carslen SAW the moves after the first bishop sac or he FELT that it was strong and just trusted himself to pull it off.Either way its quite incredible.

  12. @kingscrusher – I wish you would add the complete game at the end of the video being played out without any explanation or without any of your own thinking moves, etc. Don't get me wrong. I loved your explanation and your interaction with the viewer with the pausing for 5 seconds, etc., but I just wanted to watch the game silently played step by step without any explanation or showing your moves, etc.

  13. Black had so much time to take e6 pawn with bishop. He would have dropped the bishop but freeing up the rook must surely be worth a dead bishop, no?

  14. What is wrong with Qb5 for black at ? Threatens mate if white's rook is moved to the h-file.

  15. The Nb5 move is crushing? Oh, yes, the threat is crushing, Nc7. But what if black answers Kh7? Now WQ is "en prise", and in order to keep the pressure on g6 the only square (I can see) is g4, but this allows g5 by black (WQ can check, but Nc7 now "only" wins a R (in fact, it deprives W of a good N for a bad R. Nb5 – under this point of view – is not that good (I can be wrong, of course). Ne4 was "the" plan: bring reinforcements into the fry. Concretely: after Ne4, Kh7 was not possible anymore due to Ng5+, Kg7, Nf7 – and this is crushing, much more of Nb5.

  16. what happens if the black square bishop attacks the pawn that was advancing threat the other bishop ? im a shitty player and its probably not a good move but noone talked about it idk 😀 that being bishop from c1 -> g5

  17. C'mon mate…reminiscent to Mikhail Tal u say?? now I do appreciate that Magnus is an awesome playerin his own right but he is defs no Mikhail Tal.

    I do agree Magnus played an extraordinary game especially for his age and is phenomenal in his own right and I take nothing away from him or his achievements. But I do think its a bit rich to compare him to Mihail Tal who holds a positive win/loss record against Fischer and who many people believe would've been the greatest ever if he had looked after his health. Tal even had "the great Kasparov" lose by running out of time after setting him to many problems to figure out on the board in his last game.

    I mean no disrespect, I love your videos and appreciate your thorough analysis of such memorable games and I will sub and will continue to watch your content but imo Magnus is Magnus and Tal is Tal ✌PEACE✌

  18. No comment on how Rylander missed 15… b6, which after 16. cxb6 axb6 would have opened Black up to a Ba6 offensive against White's kingside rook. If White instead replies with 16. Qa4 to stop Black's pawn from leaving the a-file, then White forfeits c5. If White plays 16. Qd4 to precipitate the pawn trade on c5 and advance his queen, he risks 17… Ba6, or worse, 17… Nd3 (which leads to Black trading his knight for White's dark bishop with 18… Nxc1 19. Raxc1, and after 19… Rb8 20. b3 Qd6, Black finds himself in a nice counterattacking position). Either way, White loses his offensive momentum, making 14. c5 a curious positional error by the young Magnus Carlsen, even if it saves the c-file pawn in the short-term.

  19. I was perplexed why the mate I thought I found wasn't the mate shown, but it works for sure you can check it with an engine if you want proof. 1. Qh8+ Kf7 2. Rh7#. Turns out there was yet another faster way that I didn't spot until I checked it with the engine which is after 1. Rh8+ 2. Kf7, instead of 2. Rh7 2. Kf8 3. Qg7#, simply 2. dxe6#. I'm sure Magnus saw all of these as well but I just thought it was interesting to point out.

  20. the most important move in this game was the fact that black never mover his pawn from e7, this is why magnus got away with it

  21. 14:55 black queen saccing at f7 stops the momentum of the play right? even if wqueen to f7, king always has a spot to move to. anyone has an idea on continuing the offensive from here?

  22. So, I guess the assumption is that Magnus saw all (most) of this at the time he enticed black to take the first bishop. ?

  23. Magnus Carlsen is a 12 year old who wins by sacrificing, while I'm a 12 year old who loses by sacrificing XD

  24. Replayable game link:
    Join me or other Youtubers for a game: – Cheers, K

  25. Black bishop should have took pond before he moved his king he would have been threatening the white Rook

  26. amazing game and a big fan of your commentary and analysis, sadly i failed to spot the moves even by stopping and thinking for a while.

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