Magnus carlsen Vs Viswanathan Anand | Grenke Chess Classic (2019) | Round-3

Hello and welcome to my youtube channel, today we are going to analyze a game played between Magus Carlsen & Viswanathan Anand. In the Grenke Chess 2019, So Carlsen Playing white, he plays, He plays c4 and anand replies with e5 g3 by Carlsen, qe2 because and please III and c5 Anna now godson Castle
queenside Q isn’t on it I find a backing the Bishop Bishop d7 G food and add six
now you constantly edge for and Anand castle spins ig5 attacking the night
nitrogen 9852 no H into g5 and agentachieve r9 c 700 now Knight to g4
playing a concert now Papa g8 on a plane stoop to G and calls and replies with
rope to etch it now Q into everyt my honor now doubling the patient sorry the
plaintiff and please be kb 8 before and pass it on straight down Knight to c8 no
King please eat like no increase now Bishop please no I took green from strictly each one
smile and cheese eggs no constantly stop green at 6:00 and anything by night easy Bishop e3 black king please
he said King Faisal inspire and why please Bishop Pucci and please b6 now Knight d7 a9 Bishop
takes Bishop d7 here honor please just can’t see it King no Knight d6 attacking the Queen no
on please Queen to g8 Bishop g3 attacking the FY takes takes
on an odd speed of the please now consider price with Q into e2 so now on
at least knight c6 Bishop takes six here and 26 now constantly into edge to
attacking the e5 pawn now honestly is came to zero King – Ella – one takes the e4 pawn
constant takes a pipe on check now King moves to see it change three check
because one place between two came to d8 no Queen H a check into this error constant again please twin twist recheck
here other place came to eat so the game was drawn you

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