Magnus Carlsen Beats Hou Yifan | Tata Steel Chess Masters 2015

Magnus Carlsen Beats Hou Yifan | Tata Steel Chess Masters 2015

t5 takes d6 was good enough for Magnus this move rook g4 is an added finesse I can imagine I can understand the move in the sense that Magnus might think to himself well the knight is going to come to d4 or perhaps even c3 and then my rook on g3 would be a target so I put my rook nicely on g4 I permanently end any ideas of black of playing Queen takes e4 but I’m not sure I just think that he could have just gone directly ahead he did play the move rook g4 Knight c3 okay just uh-huh so obvious ideas of some sources of counter play here with e42 but let’s see again what is it in particular that Magnus is unhappy about after c5 takes d6 I do not know again this is a an atomic bomb like threat of Queen takes f7 check in the position followed by Knight takes e5 winning at runs hmm and let me just say that I’m less impressed than I ever was before about the move Queen takes h6 greentech c4 I feel like definitely in this case the rook meant whoops what’s going on sorry ah no this is something I was this was Queen takes h6 sorry Jackson so what has happened no I need to update on the moves I think I’ve got the wrong position no I have the right position rook g4 Knight c3 okay once more let’s do it again Queen takes h6 now looks less good because of Queen takes e4 I can’t take the Queen because the trade gives all kinds of health or hope sorry to black but let’s see this again why isn’t this just over what is it that Magnus sees that I am not seeing at the moment see five takes d6 now again I’m really struggling here but Knight takes e5 oh no that would be you know this I I just want to point out that the unstoppable checkmate is May is met by checkmate first so Knight takes e5 you just maybe double-checking that how convincing is this actually there is a rookie seven with these ideas of check and ninety-two hmm something strange I mean I was loading Magnus a moment ago for his precise and relentless relentless precision and then this hiccup with rook g4 just at the moment of victory I thought c5 takes d6 was good enough rook g4 maybe a bit of an over finesse Knight c3 and now I’m almost feeling like it’s time to win the game all over again and a little bit hurriedly I haven’t been paying attention at the time but a little bit currently Magnus oh my has gone down to three minutes and three minutes on his clock and who you fun is again she’s putting up heroic resistance in the face of disaster imminent disaster striking and I think she’s got this great shot Queen takes e4 let me go back here for a second clearly any resolution that ends up with a knight arriving on e5 is a no brainer you can’t go there with that but this move Queen takes e4 threatening Queen takes g4 let me get my there we go so I think we takes g4 the Queen needs the rook to keep the pawn and if rook takes pawn takes again where there’s life there’s hope a bit uneasy Thank You Thomas that I echoing my thoughts concisely a bit uneasy and you can see it in his body language that Magnus has a zared he slips somewhere who Yvonne did not play the move Queen takes e4 she played Knight takes e4 oh I’m sure this comes as a fantastic relief for Magnus Knight takes e4 whoa Knight takes e4 why doesn’t this get refuted at once Queen takes c6 Knight takes e5 so gosh darn it I’m blind I hope I saw this very nice opportunity of maybe playing you’re forgetting oops about Queen takes f2 check but this looks like there should be some imminent disaster associated with it I’ll find it in a second just a second oh my ooh oh there it is terrible Queen takes a six night day night oh this is this is so bad it’s it’s horrifying Knight takes e5 forking the Queen and the rook and there’s no DS the deep honest Ben that’s what I want to say and that is a blow for sure ooh so Queen takes a six Magnus considering a situation any other nasty tactics that he can deliver no he decided that Queen takes a six again let me just Tech he took some time on that move he didn’t have a lot of time okay where are you one minute and fifty nine so his clock had gone from three minutes to basically a minute and a half before the bonus kicked in and gave him a little bit more time to take c6 so Magnus even though he’s in the driver seat he’s still feeling the pressure no pushover this woman this lady’s Women’s Champion who you found doing our absolute best to going toe-to-toe with world champion Magnus Carlsen and Magnus is feeling the heat but if he gets the variation that I pointed out a moment ago this he can play in asleep this he can he can move very very rapidly I mean to say he’s a pawn to the good with the pawn on a5 falling and he will play this very very quickly like a good blitz player would and real the point home in record time I don’t think that that offers the woman was world champion anything but on the other hand what can she do if she doesn’t play Knight takes e5 bad things are happening very bad things are happening Knight takes e5 and other things Knight takes f2 okay a little bit desperado Knight takes f2 [Music] I understand what she’s trying to do unfortunately it simply doesn’t work she’s she’s hoping that after Knight takes e5 Knight takes h3 the Magnus will blunder what G takes h3 so she can check and recapture and stay in the game but unfortunately for who you fought after Knight takes e5 Knight takes h3 it’s the King move the King side steps all of the ticke the tricks and king h2 is a cold winner by the way I do believe Knight takes e5 has been played on the board yes we have this position again the D pawn is pinned deep on d6 take c5 Queen takes c6 thank you very much signing the score sheets f7 is hanging the rook is hanging the Queen is hanging the knight is not hanging it’s protected Knight takes h3 king h2 and Magnus will be relieved that he has finally won this game and probably wondering how she resisted so well in a difficult position some some serious errors came from who – I think this was the moment where she missed her last opportunity to put up heroic resistance and that could have only had been achieved with the move Queen takes e4 and I’m sure Magnus would have been really really annoyed has he done that I mean missed opportunity what had happened instead was oops sorry let me let me just clear the missed opportunity back here Queen h6 not not Queen takes e4 but Knight takes e4 and now the world champion will be very very pleased to be sharing first as we reach a little bit past the halfway point this being the end of round 7 the vikon’s HS festival is a marathon event 14 players single round-robin fortunately not the double round-robin single round-robin of 13 games and will be here with you live streaming all of them my own personal schedule I’m going to be here this weekend and the final weekend but somewhere in between we’ll have other hosts and commentators and the players of course joining and we’ll also have it a round that will be played in The Hague the political capital of Holland Holland is a country that has two capitals Amsterdam and The Hague The Hague is the seat of the central government Yvonne Chuck may be losing oh my gosh now that would be a result where we’re keeping our eye on the webcam because I think that who Yvonne is reconciling herself we see night takes h3 check King h2 very quickly by Magnus and I thought I I thought I saw a hand Oh because Magnus was writing down the move king h2 she was waiting I thought she was going to resign and then I thought she was reaching to make a move but congratulations to Magnus and really a very good effort by women’s world champion Huy Fonda hold she certainly made Magnus’s life difficult I saw a comment tough kit right on that is the case so salute to both players moving to Yvonne shock oops wrong board wrong board I’ll find it and I think I’m on it now whoa this was essentially the only way that Amish King King f8 I thought that okay

50 thoughts on “Magnus Carlsen Beats Hou Yifan | Tata Steel Chess Masters 2015

  1. Only proves that Yifan was quite justifiably angry for being matched up with only weak players.

  2. Hou Yi-Fan, congratulations! You put up a good fight with a male champion… Yeah, good fight. Now, be happy and get back to kitchen! 😀

  3. there is no such thing as Women world Chess Champion the world has a champion and that's magnus carlsen at the moment !!

  4. When there is a great game of chess being played please stop talking there is no need to commentate a chess game just let us watch the game.

  5. Chess is not only a sexist game with all that separation of the
    'second-class' women's league from the men's championship, it is also
    highly racist! Just think about the whites having the right to move
    first, always! What does it imply?! That our African-American brothers
    and sisters are slow, dim-witted and inferior to the whites?! Oh, no,
    that's all bullshit! The Lord Almighty has created us all equal! So,
    Let's change the rules, let the black side of the chessboard make their
    move first, at last! Either equal rights or fuck the game! Hallelujah!!!

  6. Magnus easily beat her. He wasn't really trying you can see. The announcer is simply patronizing because she is woman and that is insulting.  I saw a video of Aronian playing her and he beat her in 18 moves.

  7. Women have a harder time thinking ahead then men do (biologically speaking), I'll give her props for getting as far as she has at such a high level.

  8. Do women have a separate rank list because they are less inteligent than men? I understand that in athletics they have separate classification because they are weaker than men, but what about chess?

  9. It takes humility and passion for self improvement to ask your opponent how you could have done better after losing the game to him. I appreciate that in her.

  10. I hate these videos where they start playing around with the board instead of just showing the situation between the players. Chess followers don't need it. Just show the game and stop moving the pieces around with moves they could make!

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