Magician Shin Lim Is Back with Another Amazing Trick!

Magician Shin Lim Is Back with Another Amazing Trick!

I mean, that’s a big win. It’s one thing to win– against all those people. Yeah, it’s crazy. I mean, Susan Boyle,
Darcy Lynne, these guys are all incredible. Yeah. I was going up there in the
finalists, and I was like, OK, I don’t know if I have a shot. This is kind of crazy,
it’s anyone’s game. Yep. It was insane. I don’t know how I did it. I must’ve been lucky. Well, it was magic. I guess so. I mean, you’re amazing. Oh, thank you. You really are incredible. All right, what are you
going to show us today? This is actually the very
first trick I learned. Have a seat. Have a seat. OK. You a favorite
card, or not really? It’s fine. We’ll grab a random one, OK? OK. Let’s see. Just slide any card out. It doesn’t matter if I see. You can– OK. –take a look it,
show it to them. All right. OK. And then we’re going
to make it unique. Write your name right over
there. right at the top. The top? Yep. Awesome. Seven of spades. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] Go ahead and grab that. There’s only one more
card, and I think– I think this one– yeah? Your card. Wow. [CHEERING] That’s crazy. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh yeah, Ellen. [CHEERING] Grab the card. Grab the card. Place it right in the middle. OK, all right. Can I have your other hand? Yes. Give me your hand. Down like this,
and don’t move, OK? Stay very still. Lift it up. Is that your name on
the card right there? Check it out. Is it inside? Yes. It is. And can I have your
hand out like this? All right. Very good. Watch. Can you see it? OK. Up, up, up, up. [CHEERING] Thank you so much– The first trick he learned. –for helping me. Wow. [CHEERING] One more trick after the break. We’ll be back.

100 thoughts on “Magician Shin Lim Is Back with Another Amazing Trick!

  1. What makes him apart from other magicians is that he always goes one more step further when you think he has done enough.

  2. The last part of the trick. He inserted the encased plastic into the card box. The back end was opened. When he asked for Ellen hand the contents fell out unto his feet. See how he touches the table at that moment.

  3. Usually when I watch a magic show I know how 95% of how everything is done (I studied magic). But Shin has taken it to the next level. Don't know how 50% of his stuff is done. He is the future of magic.

  4. There's something beautiful about the way Shin does magic. He let's his own act do the talking and the music just makes it so suspenseful

  5. Möglicherweise Polarisierte Karten und der Desktop ist eine Induktionsspule…. Sieht geil aus, wäre aber einfach nur LCD Physik.
    Super ge"time"t kommt eine verblüffende Illusion heraus. Gut gemacht. Aber wissen tu ich es nicht.
    Verzaubert uns weiterhin, ihr Magier

  6. This is the first trick i learned :::5 minute act with 45 different tricks:::
    _____ – fk u shin… just fk u…

  7. I don't think the card trick is reassuring..if I was Ellen,I'll take a machete and cut his head off,then ask him to grow a new one

  8. Did anyone else noticed at 1:22, a glimpse of the spades appearing on the card and also (still) on his body?

    Still a mind blowing trick though.

  9. I saw him changing the card when he tucks it under his shirt….. He does hold the signed card inside the shirt shows the blank card after rubbing on chest 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. he is nothing vs Dynamo or even Blaine!! he is only some card trickster most and most of this tricks he use own equipment while Dynamo go into crowd or beetween normal peoples and do things with their stuff or on buildings ,statues ,whatever

  11. His shirt has a pocket inside, the first deck had all of the same cards and he switched it with another deck. The tattoo was there from before.

  12. Man.! What is this reaction.!!!!
    I have to go back to watch the much needed reaction to this magic trick of his in AGT.!
    No matter how many times I watch it… it amazes me.!
    I am in love with his talent….
    the audience was not showing any interest.!

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