64 thoughts on “Magic Tutorial – Card To Box

  1. I am here, ready to learn some good stuff 9♧

    still waiting for some old school street magic

  2. I haven't even seen the tutorial portion of this video yet and was able to follow what was happening. Pardon my language. FRACKING BEAUTIFUL! I completely flipped out on watching it and how deceptive it it. Well done!

  3. I, TRULY, cannot say how HONORED I am/was to be included in this video & sleight. I love(d) it Madison! And as you easily know from our friendship, I’d say that even if you’d used any others’ card (eg, our J♥️, K♣️, Q♣️, or even CP’s Q♦️back to back 😉), but it was/is an ENORMOUS HONOR! Mad love Madison! 3♥️/9♣️

  4. You should call that move a double lift slide. If u know what move I'm talking about then that should be it's name. That move is gorgeous. I think magic, Illusions, & sleight-of-hand are some of the most beautiful things on this planet. Keep up the good work. .

  5. ABC – Always Be Copping. I would love to see a video of Daniel walking about town, buying the paper, getting a cup of coffee all while holding a GC.

  6. Is it just me or are the best parts of the tutorials the performance at the beginning? Seriously love your sleight of hand, exposed, and performance videos! Keep em coming!

  7. I love that you're releasing so many of your classic moves, I love bold things that happen so blatantly and yet so deceptively

  8. Super happy to see that sleight on your channel since I’m using this one, except the card to box, a lot.
    Love it! But I can remember you’ve taught a different version which you prefer a while ago.

    Keep it up, I love it

  9. What a really neat approach to this.
    Ballsy as hell!
    Well played!
    That 9C on your King is a really nice touch on that artwork.
    Fanx for sharing

  10. Fun fact Daniel, you and I have something called 'th fronting' which means we pronounce th as either f or v in words, such as with thankyou (fank you) or bathe (bave).

  11. Daniel Madison back at it again!!!!!! Just amazing work man i appreciate your effort for magic and us the audience, i would love to meet you one day!

  12. While u were teaching the turnover move, I just thought, why not just do a second deal, turn the deck face up and fiinish by copping the card face up?

  13. 🙊🙊🙊What the heck😂😂😂 I had to watch that mice like 3 times. That was awesome. I like the get ready to GC. It's so… Deceptive. That was awesome😄🙌🙌🙌🙌

  14. Another wonderfully edited video and another 3 cop moves. Is nice to see something being brought back from a cop, especially in such a daring way. Madcool.

  15. Appreciate you going the trouble to teach the turn over (tres cool ;n) only to juxtapose it with the minimalist switch. The turn over can allow me to build some guts as it’s so angle resistant then perhaps slide in the straight cop more and more as bravery allows.

  16. Dear, madison sir: i love your sleights and moves alot ! you was my very first sleights of hand teaching teacher.At the past i hate your tutorials because they are too long and long but once i have seen your vids completely hopefully i"ll say that your tutorials are gems for me…
    thanks for everything,sir… sorry for my silly english _ love from Tamilnadu, india:-}

  17. Hi ! I love your sleight of hands and your tutorial. I'm really enjoy watching your old sleight of hand video like Gamble and the one recently for the EPH Playing Cards. Could you do some more video like those. I love watching sleight of hands.
    Hopefully you can read this. Sorry for any mistake. I'm not really good at english.
    Mad LOVE.

  18. I think it would be a nice touch if you also closed the box after sliding the card in. To me, this feels quite natural as the hand is already that close to the box anyways. Also, it gives you the opportunity of using the method where the card 'appears' in the box while shaking. Great tutorial as always, happy you're back from the break 🙂

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