MAESTRAL | L’aventure en pleine tempête des frères Teulade

MAESTRAL | L’aventure en pleine tempête des frères Teulade

Mediterranean Sea Through some boat trips I have been through extreme experiences – Sunday, May 12, 2019 –
I’ve already seen the sea not very welcoming but nothing to do with what we’re going to experience tomorrow and we were not going to go there voluntarily we’ve encountered moments of depression that have caused us to have to go inside and suffer but tomorrow we’re coming voluntarily to face something which is a big challenge for the athletes but also for all the crew who will be on the boat Oxbow present MAESTRAL – The Teulade brothers’ storm adventure. As many people ask us the relashionship with Jé is special I have been with him since I was a child but for the last 5 years we have lived together alsmost every day. We started Stand up together we were motivated to do our first competitions together we realize all our projects together we complete each other we have our owns ideas different character but I think we complete each other well which is why we are here today to live from our passion and travel around the world to do races and to promote our sport which is today our true passion. We started doing well in downwind two years ago we did the downwind of the pond of Berre in the south of France and we trained almost every day on the Blue Coast and we thought one day that it would be crazy with all these blows of Mistral to be able to go offshore and either a boat recovers you or you arrive on land and then we thought it would be crazy to arrive in Corsica the Mediterranean is famous for the strong Mistral wind big hollows, tight periods which is good for taking bumps in paddle and to really surf We thougt it would be incredible to realize that we really thought about it a year and a half ago and we proposed it to our various partners Oxbow Toms they were up for it and we built everything with them In relation to the plastic cause, what we did with Ludo was to set up a crowfunding we had a lot of donors, thanks to them, we managed to raise 3500 euros and TOMS one of our partners they gave 1000 euros to the WaterFamily association which is an association that raises awareness among children in schools about the protection of the environment linked mainly to the ocean So for the training, do you row in pairs or is there only one guy ? We’ll do the relay work, we’ll get into condition and we’ll hang the SLED before the downwind we’ll prepare the boards, we’ll strap them up and then we’ll put ourselves in a wetsuit and warm up one of us goes in the water then we’ll do quick relay takes with the helmet, the microphone, to really put ourselves in condition So now the goal is to test if you stay at the boat level ? Yes, because there will be 30-35 knots I think You’re on the paddle, Jeremy comes with the line on the paddle Swimming ? Yes you make the change by swimming He throws himself off the boat We’re grabbing each other He goes off,he comes on the paddle with you so you are two on the board then you take the line and he leaves it can be a solution The further away from the coast we will go
and the more the sounds you will hear will stress you out Great ! we’re much better in the water than on the boat, I’m telling you! Ludo, how long do you paddle ? There are some good bumps, there are 30 knots now, tomorrow it will be much bigger than that what was important was the takeover and everything is fine, the line, the safety and the jet ski sled security, perfect And Ludo’s going to have fun there! So tomorrow departure at 4:40 am from the port to be able to protect ourself behind the cliff of La Ciotat and then we will leave from there around 5:00am. With Ludo we will wake up at 3:30am
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to stretch, have a good breakfast and get ready and you as you want but at 4:40am we take off from the harbour. So, for the wind direction etc. Tomorrow morning we’re going to be straight into the big flow, in the red as you can see on the map here, there will be indeed an established 40 knots gusts to 50 knots, heavy sea… it’s a little bit oriented too north to catch Corsica directly Here the axis is really south Corsica, if we start from here and follow the wind, it’s south Corsica. it will turn North as we progress in the hours Anyway we won’t be able to orient ourselves in relation to the wind because with 50 knots we can’t orient the board so we’ll follow the wind, try to stay in the flow and then we’ll decide what it is, if it’s possible or not to arrive in Corsica because we are on more than 300km… The wind is not optimal but a good flow was forecast the best would have been during that night, like at midnight it will be perfect it’s turning but it’s still great that we have this. Normally there is no one at sea tomorrow, So it’s a big opportunity to discover a territory that is a little unknown to me, because I’m rarely used to go out at sea in this kind of conditions the 110km/h wind over it, normally I’m not in there. The one leaves at night takes the big swell too. For him it’s a double punishment ! He leaves at night and then takes the big swell. Don’t hurt yourself ! Don’t fall into cold water ! Because it’s cold !
But you are still going to fall… In rhythm ! I’m the one who plays the guitar. Chef and guitarist ! 80 nautical miles from point 1 to Propriano. and 70 nautical miles from point 1 to Ajaccio. you have a diference of 10 nautical miles. That’s the axis, you change it I’m ready ! See you in a bit !
Wake up in three hours. 3, 2, 1, go ! The ventilator is on ! We had a little fear when we left we had a little half an hour, at 5:30 there was only 15-20 knots but as soon as the sun appeared it got stronger we’re at 40 knots established there, Jé start surfing well we had a little paddle problem, we had to change it, now it’ ok it’s been a big hour that it is in the water and there it goes well ! I was feeling great the swell was getting bigger, there were some pretty big walls behind i could see the boat going surfing it was hollow and steep i felt like I was charging a big wave,
exactly the same feeling the two hours were coming I wasn’t aware, I didn’t know Jé wasn’t feeling well. Ludo made the movement for the relay
I told him I was too cold so we decided together that he would
paddle an hour longer because he felt fine that I would go shower, change, warm up so I could start again finally I really couldn’t warm up and it would have been dangerous and
an unnecessary risk to want to continue. After 6 hours of intense crossing, the adventure stops. Honestly I felt ready to paddle a little longer the problem was that I was going to do 20, 30km we were going to go too far south with the boat Julien checked the cape, the distance and told us that
it would take at least 15 hours to reach Corsica and given the state in which we were and the state
of the sea,it was impossible. I appreciated the fact that they were able to put the brakes on to say to stop i think it’s entirely to their credit. When I see what they realised always with a smile Jeremy threw up on the boat and within 10 seconds he was taking care of his brother
to get him back on board. For me it was completely crazy it was completely crazy, 40 km that I may not
be able to relive in my life. We think it’s better to try than not to try and we don’t regret anything, we’ve had fun.

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  1. Bravo pour la tentative, il fallait déjà faire ça pour aller plus loin la prochaine fois. Merci OXBOW pour les moyens mis en oeuvre, les images sont superbes !!

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