This is unbearable Hi Pepitoss! Today I’m going to answer a comment which says: “Ludovik, you’re a genius Middle school must’ve been easy as pie for you! Can you tell us about it?” I used to goof around at the time Wow, I sooo want to invite him to my party He’s gonna be sooo sexy at 30 LUDOVIK IN MIDDLE SCHOOL I don’t believe in Internet Do you have your home-school liaison book? Do you have my coffee? Of course Ludovik. Americano, no sugar, with your name written in the foam? Yes Here Thanks Monday, April 18, 2000 That’s why no one will ever be able to go on the moon Bullshit You can say that again Hi guys Good morning Ludovik Ludovik, late again… No Naomi, you’re the one who’s early Oh yes that’s true Oooooh they’re in love Silence We’re in French class and we’re here to learn Would you like to recite the poem Ludovik? I’d rather improvise something Great, go ahead But I’m a bit worried about my new shoes I paid them 200 Francs I don’t want to ruin them Quick quick A flower that cries is a country that dies There Wow Thanks Well done Ludovik Ludovik, in my office immediately! Now! Ludovik ! This can’t go on I’m a lousy education adviser Shhh Don’t say that Keep giving detention so they can fuck off Right Thanks Ludovik Back to work! Way to go, cute ass! Cute-ass-Jonathan! That’s me! For fuck’s sake Jonathan! Hey! No walking in the corridors! This indestructible metal was used to build the World Trade Center In 300 years from now it will still be standing Fascinating Ludovik you’re 45 minutes late Yeah Go and sit next to your classmate Naomi! Coming next to me Ludo? No, I’d rather sit next to Timeo Because of what he’s going through He needs an efficient study partner Fucking leukemia Yeah So what do you get by mixing nitrogen? What are you doing Ludovik? You are mixing extremely dangerous products I’m just trying something No Ludovik no! Unbelievable! Vegan protein, perfect to stay in shape Wow He isn’t sick anymore Ludovik you just cured Timeo That’s an A Alan That’s an A+ Thanks Cheers 58, 59, 60 The teacher is officially late The class is cancelled We can go home and play video games Excuse-me children, sorry, let me through I’m a bit late, I had a problem with my travel card on the train Late just like your career, Mr. Plantier? Ludovik calm down, I am… …Just a teacher Mr. Plantier Right Ludovik, I believe I am the person with the largest income here in this corridor Oh no Oh yes Oh no In this corridor the person with the largest income is the plumber Yes, I earn more, I love money Ludovik watch your tone, I have a career Technology teacher Mr. Plantier My classes will give you knowledge Soldering iron Mr. Plantier You dreamt of being Indiana Jones the archeology teacher But you’re just Mr. Plantier the technology teacher Even standing at your podium you’re smaller than us sitting Your dream of adventure, your reality Shit You’re shit Mr. Plantier There you go, Pepitoss That’s more or less how it went If you have any questions leave a comment And I will answer them in a next video Come on now Hi, how much for a T-shirt? They’re awesome A flower that cries is a country that dies One T-shirt for 10 euros, two for 20 I’ll take two Perfect I’d like a mug please No problem, here you are Thanks Ciao ciao

100 thoughts on “LUDOVIK au COLLÈGE

  1. Ludokdo c’est con mais même sa c’est bien trouver

    Ton humour c’est vraiment original tu es pour moi le plus fort en humour sur YouTube toi et mister v vous vêtes vraiment au dessus de tous


  3. le meilleur clash de la vidéo:

    Prof:doucement moi j'ai une carrière!
    Ludovik:prof de techno monsieur Plantier?😕

  4. Salut Ludo, j'avais une question, combien font 23 + 4 ? Dépêche de répondre stp parce que je dois rendre le dm pour demain et sophie réponds pas…

  5. C'est moi ou bien le nombre d'abonnés diminue? Je trouve cette vidéo géniale. Tous les détails me plaisent, la manière dont c'est filmé etc…

  6. 0:48 mais que fais le grand Alchimiste Fullmetal dans le rôle d’un surveillant avec Bac+6 Cappuccino 😂😂 Big up à ceux qui ont la réf 👊🏻 Et merci à Ludovic pour cette Grande Classe 😉😂

  7. J’ai pas sourit une seule fois, le clash contre le prof de techno est complètement inadmissible, ludovik stop l’absurde stp refais des micros trottoirs

  8. Ce qui est fou c'est que l'humour de Ludovik est hyper peu représenté sur youtube ! Et comment on peut acheter les t-shirts ?? :))

  9. Haha le manque de figurants.
    Y a 2 élèves habillées en jaune sur la rangée de droite qui sont réutilisées ds la rangée de gauche de 2:44 à 2:50

  10. 2:30 "métal indestructible qui a servie à construire le world traid center dans 300 ans il sera en la." le 11 septembre le métal il a pas tenue

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