Ludo Star Unlimited Gems Hack Working July 2017

Ludo Star Unlimited Gems Hack Working July 2017

Welcome Back to another from Tips And Tricks For All Games today. I’m going to show you I can get you know like 10k or you can say Unlimited gems that you can help you in ludo the star that’s a brand new game And I’m going to show you how you can do it so first of all you need to do is that you’re going to you’re going to delete your Original little star that you have downloaded from play store, and will show you and that already deleted that Bought a new one. I’m going to give the link in the description, and you just download that one you can see it With the star this is not the one i downloaded from the Google Play store the other one and that after that you need is that you? You’re going to uninstall your Facebook yeah, there you And after installing your Facebook you need to now go to your Before you know I mean The original one you need to sign out your account Then I’m going to show you thunders and mentally put uninstall Facebook and Simply Uninstall the I mean find out the latest our account you guys went download the app ecologist mostly up steam the Google Chrome browsers users and it doesn’t work so you can just go for puffin browser, or the other ones Like Uc browser now. Here you go to down load. This is the load of star like ten thousand free gems How that works? It’s pretty simple now follow the steps As you had uninstalled your Facebook and you’ll know the star And not show you where now you’re going to click on log in with Facebook now if you click on that you’re going to take you to another page Facebook on there if you have polar into Facebook It is already not in there now. They will ask you to continue with your Facebook courses need to continue that I Just click the yes, you continue, button and then mutually together steps So I’m going to tell you that this hack. I mean trick You need to tell us or you know you can have many if you have but should be 3 plus or 3 now you can see guys I upon just two gems and Now I have to get it home limitation So now I’m going to click on a dice roll, and I’m just going to roll the dice three times It doesn’t matter any number you get and now you see guys I got Ten thousand gem and those actually works also And we’re showing the game. I have only two gem now. I’m going to show you I’m going to use the Gems I Have are using once Now I use it my next turn also that we wait for that to come Here’s what? 48,000 go get to subscribers so then you’re going to have lots of new brand new wheels and your help pull for you guys and for That stay tuned hit the like button subscribe to my channel and click the notification bar and on thanks for watching you you you

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  1. is it necessary to download apk ? can we install it from play store ?
    didnt understand this tutorial at all !!

  2. It is just a stupid video u posted what's the use of those 10000 gems .. if everytime u close the app ..the gems again becomes zero ..dnt make people fool

  3. Hi. I've downloaded the link from pinned post. Sorry but What to do after uninstalling and log out your game from facebook? It's not clear i can't see what to do next (like you are doing on puffin browser) i m using UC browser. help me plz !! Do I have to Lose my current game progress?

  4. ham fb or ludo ko uninstall kr dy gy jb dubura download kry to wo jo coins ham ny jama keya hai wo wahe k wahe rhy gy k nai sara game reset ho jya ga is sy

  5. Hello dear it work only few minute 1st i got 10k gems i close my game and start jst aftr 5 minute there is nothing plz tell what is this

  6. Yeah it works !! but aj subha mere pas 38 dices they or jb dopeher me maine game open kiya to 0 dices hn or mere frndz bhi show nh horhe online(playing/lobby) kia me dobara agr ye hacked version download krongi to mere golds to 0 nhi honge? plsss help

  7. when you get 10000gems then your current gold is 1550 and when you used gems then your current gold is 48300 blaa… what is this 🤔😑

  8. Kindly new version update krden. Ic main na country name show hta na kci ko add kr skty. Or new version main undo bhi zada hen

  9. yaaahhhh main kiya jo jo jese jese bataya hai wese kiya hai…aur yeah hota hai but close kr ke open kro to gems wohi apne old gems me chale jata hai….sooo finally itx fake….😏😏😏😡😡

  10. Can’t understand because of the video not collaborating with voice. Does this work for iPhones also or is it just for android users?

  11. E version me me league nahi he waste this version don't download agar ap game to close karke open kiyto you loss all gems dont

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