Ludo game with friends| Hindi Comedy | Funny Situation moments

This game should not affect our Friendship Our Friendship will always be unbreakable Let’s Start Why do you want to play this game in Mobile Lets Play with the Board You Have Got the Board! I’ m gonna play with Red Colour As if you always win when you have Red Colour Lets see… He Got Six! Well Played.. Good Going Mate. Hard Luck ! You Play You are not capable of getting Six You are also not capable of getting six Why am i so unlucky Yes! You are Behind Devil,
Devil is Behind you Too Much Fun You aren’t Taking out Your Coin
– He is trying to save his coin Sachin!
– Yes, tell You remembered that i had planned your Last Birthday I even gave you my formal Shoes for your Presentation and i paid for your Snacks last time, i hope you remember. Don’t Butter me up;
It’s a long game Let me play first then do your begging.
” Don’t kill my coin , Don’t kill…” Mate! Please Don’t Kill Is our Friendship more than the Game Ohh Shit!
He shouldn’t See my Coin Shouldn’t See it,
Shouldn’t See it I survived Somebody is taking advantage
of our fight Silently and hiding,
Somebody is going ahead Without Getting Notice Come on Guys, I’m just playing game,
Why are you turning Serious Now we will also only play Game Come on guys, it’s like starting the whole Game Again Tell me My Friend
How Important it is for you to win? It’s just a game;
We all are friends Wining and losing are part of game whoever wins. what does it matter? I don’t Know about winning and losing
but if you give us a treat in evening Then i will spare your coin
– Treat, not to everyone but only you. Done? You have to Treat everybody only then i will save your Coin Done! i will Treat Everybody Today, the treat is on Jayesh for winning
the Ludo Game Let me win First Mate, Call me for the party
when you guys are done playing. Should i roll the dice twice?
– I m leaving mate Yes! Thank you, Enjoy All the Best

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