Logan Paul CAUGHT SMOKING W33D! #DramaAlert Erika Costell Shows SNAKE TAIL! KSI vs Alex Wassabi

Yo it’s the gnome’s theme song. hsksksk april fools what is up dramaalert nation!? I’m your host killer keemstar let’s get righttttttt into the news 😀 Our first story is coming from Logan Paul (eww) Today his buddy ‘Dwarf Mamba’ uploaded a brand new vlog! Titled “I Built Logan Paul’s $6,000 PC”(he shouldve done it himself, lazy) And at exactly 4:07 seconds, you can see Logan Paul, sitting outside with a friend. Next to- Oh. My. God. Logan paul is sitting next to a bowl! *sobs in spanish* A grinder & a bowl! A bowl used to smoke w33d! *gasps* (not surprised looks) (a gnomes mating call) We went too hard on Logan! (no we didnt tf) He’s now turned to drugs! *sobs* We might lose him! Logan just stop! Just say no Also in the news. Logan paul’s brother, Jake Paul, (screw him #cloutgang) uploaded a brand new vlog. Where Erika Costell (snake), showed her ass. (keemstar having a seizure, also did i mention i hate jake paul?) Jake uploaded a video today titled, “ICY HOT MASSAGE PRANK ON MY GIRLFRIEND!! (freak out!!)” (why tf would you do that to your girl?) And at exactly 12:40 seconds, you can see some snake booty. (aint nobody wanna see that) EwWwWwwwWwW UWU Also in the news, Team 10 member known as “Kade” got his youtube channel terminated. (k.) Today his youtube channel says that, “This account has been terminated because we received multiple third party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.” Kade posted on snapchat that he’s gonna get his channel back and that he has to pay off some people or something I don’t know. Also in the news. Today is Easter, happy easter. But it’s also april fools day. And we played an april fools joke last night. We had Scarce host dramaalert. If you know who Scarce is you probably thought it was funny, if you don’t know who Scarce is, you’re probably clueless. But I’m glad that some of you enjoyed it. One group on youtube that pulled an epic april fools prank is the Sidemen. Today the Sidemen uploaded a video. Titled, “SIDEMEN: THE MOVIE (official trailer) And let me tell you guys, this was awesome coming from the Sidemen, here is a small clip. Roll it. (i’m not gonna sub for the trailer smh k) My favorite is when VikStar is Yoda. (vro look like a lil imp) Also in the news. AlexWassabi. Giant youtuber, 10 million subscribers. He called out Deji, ComedyShortsGamer. He uploaded a video, 2 days ago. Titled, “EXPOSING HIM FOR CALLING ME OUT! (it’s all fake)” Now in the video, He says that Deji challenged him to box but like all these boxing matches are fake and they’re not real and everyones fake. And just to hype it up and the Logan Paul and KSI fight is all fake. And all the drama is fake. Well apparently, this video pissed off KSI. Cause today KSI tweeted out this, “You’re an idiot @AlexWassabi.” And then JJ followed up with this. “Me getting jumped was fake huh? Shut the fuck up. Pathetic attempt to get involved. If you wanna get involved so badly, let me fly you over to England so i can spar you and beat the shit out of you. Then we’ll see how “fake” this really is. @AlexWassabi.” Now I gotta be honest I don’t know if Alex really thinks that this is all fake. Or if he was just trying to some views to be involved. Because uh, he does have 10 mil. subscribers. And the video he uploaded 2 days ago, only has 280,000 views. Damn! His shit is dead. (lmao) 10 mil subs? 280,000 views! Like, that’s dead dead. You need some CPR bro. Also in the news, Two dramaalerts ago we talked about markiplier selling his nudes. A nude calender for charity. And apparently the whole process was big success! Markiplier tweeted out this. “So the sale of the Tasteful Nudes calendar has concluded and we’ve raised about $382,000 for the Cancer Research Institute! THAT’S INCREDIBLE!! And what’s even more incredible is the number might actually be higher than that! Will know for sure next week! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” Congrats Markiplier! Showing your dick for charity. Okay I don’t really think he showed his dick. Also in the news. Fortnite has finally beat minecraft on youtube. The numbers have come in that Fortnite is now receiving more views on youtube than Minecraft. Congrats to everyone at Epic Games. And now for our final story. Ninja, he is a big star but he has incredible powers. I’m not talking his gameplay. I’m talking about this. A ninja fan asked a girl to prom with a sign that said, “Make my solo a duo on prom-nite.” “Obviously I had to say yes because he was offering a Ninja shirt.” Ladies and Gentleman that is it for the news. If you’re new here and you wanna keep up to date with what’s going on in the community, sub notifs on. If you’re just subbed and don’t have my notifs, you won’t get my videos. I’m sorry. Basically, go like his videos and help him with his subs 🙂 clout gang bois. Drama Alert nation now over 3,600,000 subscribers. (go sub to keem he’s daddy)

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