LIVE Blitz #3731 (Speed) Chess Game: vs Grandmaster – The Bird’s the Word – YARDBIRD!

LIVE Blitz #3731 (Speed) Chess Game: vs Grandmaster – The Bird’s the Word – YARDBIRD!

Welcome to another mega exciting 5-minute auto-pairing. so (GM) YARDBIRD – a pretty strong opponent to start the morning off .. the morning session off – yeah very dangerous opponent okay – reverse French
defense – I’d rather not take that pawn I’m wondering how comfortable he is with this sort of position … so he’s really gone for reverse Okay I got him thinking anyway … try and stop this b5 of course maybe I’m
a bit concerned about my plan here actually
like – what is the plan here ?! is it sort of to reshuffle the knights to try an exchange
off the bishop there – what is the actual plan here ?! I guess I could still seal b6
– that’s the inverse I think sealing b6 is sometimes good – as long as I can stabilise the kingside – if the King side is stable then a5-Na4-Nb6
might be good – Nd2-b1 Bd2 okay he’s going for it over there – trying
to discourage f4 this move also Na3 Bd2 and can Castle queenside (0-0-0) and then I can challenge that (threat of Nb4) with Nc2 maybe okay he can try and break open that
side I guess – how dangerous is that?! isn’t a piece hanging ?! – that was a bit abrupt! I beat Yardbird with the reverse French – okay I’m pioneering this system – I know it’s amazing –
oh wow he said ‘thank you’ – ah well sometimes being different in blitz even
against apparently a 2439 GM that usually spanks you nine out of ten – 99
out of 100 times is … okay.. delayed iron fists (Mikhail Botvinnik reference) … it’s a technicality – I got him on a technicality
I got him on a technicality but I’m trying to think in Reverse – it’s a
good – I don’t know if it’s like a mental exercise to try and think in Reverse but
I was hoping that in reverse a4 is actually given – the reason is really I
was thinking if he took and then b5 he could play something like Bishop e6
later so that might not be about c5 – c5 might be wrong – I was just thinking
about marking the (b6 square) because sometimes in the French that – it’s just closed on the
Queenside – f3 is asking for trouble of course this forcing moves on here
but it seems totally pointless here but you know I do actually have that
that pin oh – well not much to say about this game – a bit short isn’t it?! comments
questions likes, shares appreciated thanks very much

22 thoughts on “LIVE Blitz #3731 (Speed) Chess Game: vs Grandmaster – The Bird’s the Word – YARDBIRD!

  1. Closed captions are available if anyone is struggling with my pronunciation – and avoids Google's unfortunate automation – also helps if you want to play this video in a quiet library etc. Cheers, K

  2. Hooray I saw the knight hanging before the mighty KC !! I'm thinking why not just take that knight.. lowly 1400 player lol

  3. Was a fun game 😂 but that indicate how quick you are in finding these blunders

    Thanks for posting these videos

  4. In hindsight would you consider an earlier a5 more palatable to lock down the queenside? or did think a more open position would play more accordingly to your style..
    On a side note; ever thought about going back to uploading two 5min Blitz games? 😉 Cheers

  5. you have been slaying these GM's recently KC, the iron fits crack me up every time, keep it up man !

  6. Wow well played, great to bear witnes thanks for all your efforts. The 2 handed fist pump is a special day indeed

  7. I really liked your approach until c4-c5. Locking the b6 square was also possible with a4-a5, while keeping the tension in the center. Closing it removes some of the sting, he had a hard time developing. I think if he had not blundered the knight blacks kingside initiative and pawn storm would start to hurt eventually. Nonetheless, I think with this system you start the mental game 1-0 up. Almost all players somewhat fear the french opening, let alone with an extra tempo because its with the white pieces 😉

  8. Not the first time you beat YARDBIRD- don't sell yourself short Tryfon you have many famous victories against him.

  9. Did you recently adjust the sounds in your settings? Because it's pretty loud (and annoying) any time a piece is moved.

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