LIVE Blitz #3728 (Speed) Chess Game: Black vs IM PrincePanic in French: advance variation

LIVE Blitz #3728 (Speed) Chess Game: Black vs IM PrincePanic in French: advance variation

welcome to another very exciting 5-minute one surprise so Ron French right I will try with this system twist up not on that you can see I will try and get rid of these bitches if I can having lights e75 later you know my starts car as we can know about oklet’s this d5 Castle queenside or even castle I see since the liability go away I want to take a road block yeah for not anyway Bishop g7 and console Queenslander 96 Kim yang because he got taking Brooksie six books he was to works for the Queen might not be that great to write to the Queen what why am I going in tonight these sakes okay okay yeah King b8 would have been more sensible if I take it we’ve got 95 Arthur that would give me Roxy a potentially if I played a six last night these six needs to be handled so what seeing here is not be five on the cards yeah gob – it’s for the Queen there if he’s not gonna let me play Roxy right now because be five I can then take the works are connected but t works work we might not be entirely terrible I’ve got a nice blockading night after sevens okay tomorrow if I think best trick is that mmm whatever f72 point nothing and unite these sects as a pain if it takes this port hoping to get some can play against his King they have my teeth take see Frank Queen B 5 well that was that was the dream anyway I don’t know have the reality find out so if I take my queen d5 hmm bitter g5 Butchie five well Gordon thinking which is good enough five it again taking quite the stag twice position I’m not saying I know he’s protecting GTA walk like that okay c6 is on the far now go away look don’t go light is gonna yeah just b5 is a pain but I’m pen so I can at least not be killed totally with b5 immediately anyway right that III looks horrible okay can have in mind well okay I can take the machi pain it’s been you since there’s not the only thousand oh man all right it’s still got things under control unfortunately I think I can always take one see one if he takes [Music] yeah it’s called Quincy one then – it’s between there jack hmm it’s still not very promising is that were these massive gigantic passed pawns coming at me time morning mm-hmm yeah I think two queens is very efficient oh well it’s been pretty hard lost a few games the awful this was normal for about anything that queen of free was really interesting I don’t know what to do about it really because here you know it starts to look a bit nasty I think I think this is a helpful so it was a bit desperate really awesome yeah living is changing anything really we’ve got loads of passed pawns in the center oh well pin too much

4 thoughts on “LIVE Blitz #3728 (Speed) Chess Game: Black vs IM PrincePanic in French: advance variation

  1. Your mood has improved as of late it seems & it's reflecting positively in your Chess too.

    I feel you have to have some penetration into the opponents side of the board as black here to create space to move or things can get very cramped quite quickly.

  2. KC, I added community subtitles in Spanish to the video, It would mean a lot to me if you could check it out and let me know if you would want me to do this for future blitz games. Also, just wanted to thank you for the always informative games.

  3. Hurts almost to watch you give up a few pawns on weak side…remember that is where the push ends up..or as I like to say they get crammed through.
    Great games to keep watching all the same.

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