LIVE Blitz #3725 (Speed) Chess Game vs 2487 Grandmaster Bochkarev (aka “Heffalump”)

LIVE Blitz #3725 (Speed) Chess Game vs 2487 Grandmaster Bochkarev (aka “Heffalump”)

Welcome to another mega-exciting 5-minute autopairing – so
Bochkarev okay play sensibly for a change … I hope … I don’t want to release the tension either Maybe I should have maybe try to get
his Bishop with Nh4 – I just realised I don’t think this is anything for white
– if I tried to get his Bishop like the GMs do I might have had something
maybe … but this way I’ve got nothing if okay … have I got nothing ?! He’s committed to h6 though which means there is something I’m thinking about this that if he exchanges and I play for
e4 you see yeah that’s why he’s left that that’s looking a little bit
controversial that structure … I’m wondering if he didn’t like e4 from
White but isn’t this structure a little bit diced doesn’t seem that bad for me here .. he has sort of rippled some dark square weaknesses there – maybe Nc5 to try
to open up against the dark squares even as a pawn sac here starts to be nearly
interesting – with this might be better for trying to win d5 after …
open up this diagonal and try and win d5 on takes takes unless he’s got f4
tactically – maybe that’s his point Can I try and stop the attack with ehh Maybe exf4 or Ne5 … emm …
Maybe Ne5 just that take the sting out of things – there’s a pawn sac … no … Nc5 b4 for Nc5 … or Ne5 … I think b4 is
interesting – I have this idea that if he takes I can play Ne5 and sort of lockdown
I hope his dynamic potential – or I could be just throwing away a pawn for no
apparent reason – that’s the other perspective on b4 – can I use the F file ?! He’s going for some sort of attack … Is Ne5 here any good?!
No what about just trying to use this F file ?! Or exchange off his Knight – would that
be too sensible ?! somehow I’ve not given myself an active
position this looks as though I’m tied down to this backward pawn here – yeah that funny backward pawn feeling about this Why don’t I take on a6 out of interest – a6 was just hanging just then that’s interesting
because then there’s Qb5 after … Well … a6 was hanging okay – e3 might be an issue anyway maybe he was threatening Knight g5
he’s clearly wanting to hack me to death over here it seems with this sort of this
trebling – maybe he thinks about a6 now the idea of b5 Nc5 might not be that
bad because I might actually get that diagonal as mentioned before so if I took on a6 – is that crazy?! I
think taking improves his position oh he just goes for Queen h4 if I take
then there is Queen e2 Rxe3 Bxe3 Rxe3 Qg2 – Oh – what about Qf2 there ?! So Queen h4 Queen e2 Re3 Bxe3 Rxe3 Qf2 Qh4 Qe2 Re3 – okay I
think I need to what why does he want a knight involved ?! it takes Bishop h2+
let’s just get this Queen back in advance to g2 or something … If I took there.. If we have simplification I can take on b6 after .. No I can’t take on b6 after … well I can if the rook was leaving b6
Oh Ng5 threatens Nh3 Am I threatening takes rook e1 takes .. No I will play it … Oh there’s Nd5 on Be3 ..Nd5 here … hmmm and the check check There’s Qg6 here .. Kf8 well there’s f7 or at least … he’s resigned … iron fists (of Mikhail Botvinnik) … oh man .. This is not playing for any advantage for me …. What’s the matter with Nh4 ?! Why isn’t the engine
mentioning that?! Is it when e6 is played ?! e6 is played … he doesn’t play e6 .. that’s the thing I’ll tell you what I think is the nuance
here … he didn’t want to do this .. this is amazing it’s like he’s reading my brain here on a tiny aspect of the position which … Maybe it’s just better because he’s
weakened these white squares I’m thinking I’ll play for e4 but he’s
not going to remove castling rights either so what I did maybe is the best
it’s a strange position to allow (doubled pawns) ?! isn’t it ?! Mind you he gets a grip on e4 there – is the backward pawn and he actually made that even well .. potentially backward pawn – he makes even more backward now … Can he not just take ?! Mind you I can take here (on f4) … here it’s not that bad
my idea was actually not that bad … It was this … But coming to think about exf4
is actually a weakness of the last move here … but even this is better for black here … I think I’ve gone wrong here with b4 .. let’s see taking aha this is is good stuff
what did he do here?! Does he try and win a pawn here?! Ahh there is a tactic there’s no Ne6 because of Qh8 – so how did that go ?! that’s the sort of thing I wanted to
exploit – not be on the receiving end of some major attack so that gets rid of
any theoretical backward pawn okay isolates that but it’s a lesser evil
decision then Rc2 just to play Nc5 just to really emphasize these dark
squares – yeah a6 apparently is So Ne5 here – this is a sort of
idea I had as well defensively if I could just sac a pawn to try neutralize
stuff – here … that’s interesting apparently it’s equal if here there’s a
mate in 7 … but that or okay like this .. apparently I’m being mated it looks as I though I should be getting mated …okay so yeah it’s uh he’s essentially got gigantic coordination … backward pawn
I’ve got totally passive position and it looks as though I’m on the receiving end now why didn’t he go for this (Qh4) ?!
I thought this (Qe2) this (Rxe3) this (Bxe3) this (Rxe3) … Queen f2 but black is better … no equal okay He should have done that
that’s I was saying … Bf4 is given as the strongest … Black’s better . so even
this though .. blacks slightly better in this continuation so trying to drag the Queen
away from h3 – yeah so if it takes Queen h2 (mate) – so that’s the point I was looking at so I thought this was okay but yeah apparently blacks is actually …
now okay okay so Nf6 and all of a sudden … He has kind of left d5 behind in all
this .. he threatens Nh3 .. I parry that you know Nxd5 that gets
a bit crazy – he has weakened g6 my queen is on that g-file – he does sack the
exchange which is the sort of thing GM’s do spectacularly to crush with my f2 but
there’s one slight fly in the ointment here now Nxf2+ Qxf2 .. hold on a sec … There’s Rxe8 check here first
well it doesn’t matter even if there isn’t yeah there’s a slight fly in the
ointment here and it’s time pressure so here Qg7 … here oh I was thinking
Qg7 – there’s actually a mate in one with Bh6 – I was thinking this – and
now that’s not needed in fact unnecessary complications – Re8 check – oh win the Queen anyway that okay there’s other
ways of ‘skinning the cat’ here – okay … so anyway I got a bit lucky there I was on the receiving
end against a 2487 ICC autopairing GM which usually is the death sentence
but I got a bit lucky there okay comments questions likes shares
appreciated … thanks very much

34 thoughts on “LIVE Blitz #3725 (Speed) Chess Game vs 2487 Grandmaster Bochkarev (aka “Heffalump”)

  1. I noticed that in the last two months you started playing better I think the improve is more than 50 elo rating. Anyway it was great game

  2. Two things you said I can relate to. " play sensibly for a change and I have put myself in a inactive position " Suppose that's how chess goes. Thanks KC! 👍

  3. Very nice. It took good nerve to allow that kingside attack. You had some luck in a sense but the win was not undeserved.

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