LIVE Blitz #3722 (Speed) Chess Game: The Ultimate battle vs Grandmaster and Jedi Master

LIVE Blitz #3722 (Speed) Chess Game: The Ultimate battle vs Grandmaster and Jedi Master

Welcome to another mega-exciting 5 minute autopairing – so he’s not committing to anything in particular just yet. Or is
he going to commit to a Benoni structure later maybe I’ve got him wondering I’m
hoping I’ve got him slightly on edge. Is he just transposing something he definitely knows?! Maybe Qa4 here – bit of
pressure on the Queen side if takes (with dxc4) Bxc4 Nxd4 Nxd4 Qxd4?? Bxf7+ picks up the Queen is possible He is not really doing this is he?! He’s
kind of released that central tension. Can I take on a6 ?! Ra8 so Bb3 ?! He has got b5 anyway so put the bishop back. If b5 maybe Queen d1 yeah there’s a lot of noise outside I
know .. you probably hear it … the microphone is only supposed to pick up right in front . It’s one of those. But it’s pretty noisy … It’s approaching silent well mmm let’s see – Am I improving his position significantly – I think I am if I’m taking and “to take is a mistake” – as GM Smirnov saids .. I don’t want to improve my opponent’s position in the slightest ..
okay let’s see ..a3 there’s b4 there … hmmm … gonna go back with
Qb3 here … he’s playing for Bishop d5 isn’t he?! There is Qb4 maybe well tactically it’s interesting – Ra1 Rc2
Bd3 Rb2 – Is it convincing for him to do that or is there an element of doubt?! Karpov might not find it … entirely clear here … I don’t know to win this pawn if given a move I might play a3 and
Rc5 and take off that Bishop before f6 happens .. I don’t want to give
him a passed pawn with a a4 .. Nc3 I’m hoping is not too fatal .. Bishop d3 coming up
Nc3 – I can’t see what else at the moment Nc3 threatens Bxf3
Ne5 as long as there is no Ne2+ winning the rook in some line but … I think
Bishop takes instead of Rook takes … f6 .. Knight g4 Knight e3 after. Maybe King f1 tactically is a good idea.
Nd7 to c5 okay f3 King f2 for the King at
the end of the game or just double rooks here behind there (the knight on c3) .. I can double rooks there they’ve
got Bishop e2 after I think King on f2 might be good idea … no Ne4+
wins the rook on c1 .. okay rook a1?! King f1 ?! Maybe king f1 is that safe enough ?! I think a knight to c5 plan would be
good but it’s kind of probably difficult to achieve that to say the least … these pawns on dark squares here away from his bishop.. I’ve just stranded my knight haven’t I ?! f6
there’s Knight g6 – nearly stranded the knight hmm the exchange sac here for a strong pawn looks intriguing and might cause my opponent a headache there’s Nd7 as well no … f6 .. no there’s Nxg6 .. let’s do this just to try and cause a problem .. a headache.. because I think I think I might have some compensation or I’m hoping that this pawn is useful so I’m actually
relying on Nxg6 on f6 Right now this knight is without squares I have got to protect my d4 somehow I think he’s winning that pawn f6 and then
doubles the rooks unless there is Knight f4 there then Rxd4 Ne6+ (forking d4 and g7) and just in time No there is Rc5 there .. okay f6 Nd3 … Rd7 Nf4 … Rd7 Ne6 okay
can I take that ?! Try this way maybe Rc4 Rb4 – I try and
blockade maybe Nb6 Nd6 .. Nb6 hes got Rxb6 – I have to Rb1 and then Nd6 he sacks the exchange back ?! Nd6 might be better … than anything else … okay Bishop c4 … Rb2 first try and win this pawn … do this for okay for Rxa2 …bxe6 d5 .. got good compensation surely?! (Iron fist of Mikhail Botvinnik shown) …Haven’t beaten a GM for a while … Where I picked that up as well I don’t know – I’ve become a bit crazy … I thought it might cause him problems … I didn’t think it was that
sound but I thought … in terms of setting problems … I thought that passed pawn
imbalance would be tricky because the alternative here is just a passive
position against the GM basically like this is just … the trend – it just
upwards … this is the decision point guys you know you just want to accept an
upward trend for GM – he is just going to wipe you out and
take your pawns … you’re going to be ‘pawniless’ – Do you want that or do you want to try a variation which engine says ‘NO’ but the engine I presumably would find a way
to totally eliminate the long-term threat of the of the strong seemingly
strong pawn … let’s see how he’s not making a good job of things it
seems because the evaluation has now dropped and dropped and it was just here
it’s like in actually there’s a lot of noise I’m sorry I think I’ll carry on
this next time. A new t-shirt next time good conclusion for this little session
today Just King f6 then and he’s better … but he’s so short on time – it’s a blitz game that’s what makes it better not to have passive
positions difficult to play … he slipped up so I’m finally doing well here.
okay comments, questions, likes appreciated … until next time … thanks very much

24 thoughts on “LIVE Blitz #3722 (Speed) Chess Game: The Ultimate battle vs Grandmaster and Jedi Master

  1. You make chess seem so easy.. I know it's not , but your plans and strategy seem so simple.. Nice Job! Nice videos!

  2. he got into a time trouble, partially probably thanks for the headache caused by the exchange sack πŸ™‚

  3. Closed captions (the CC button) now added – this might help understand what I said at points! Cheers, K

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