LIVE Blitz #3719 (Speed) Chess Game: vs IM Ashkeef in French: MacCutcheon, Chigorin variation

LIVE Blitz #3719 (Speed) Chess Game: vs IM Ashkeef in French: MacCutcheon, Chigorin variation

welcome to another MEGA exciting five minute autopairing oh no okay
I don’t know – French defense transposition it’s a territory I am aware of … vaguely I thought this is okay for black this line Should I take immediately or?! Qb5+ Nc6 all right so he’s got a passed pawn on the
cards hmm put some pressure on the center .. do
this exchange of Queens?!. Hang on he’s getting Ne5 free of charge. That’s too dangerous surely what I’ve done is ridiculous
unfortunately Rg8 Ne5 Qe4 no it’s
still winning with Rh8 after oh what the heck have I done. He’s got
the check and then he’s just going to be winning material I’ve gone and lost … I can’t I can’t defend this – that’s
pretty tragic 🙁 mmm It’s trajic .. yeah maybe … Kc7 Ne5 Kc7 okay I’ve lost a minute a half there
thinking this is a lost position and possibly is totally lost position
– I shouldn’t have allowed this clearly mm-hmm maybe Kc7 – I could stop him castling I thought he would just Castle queenside He’s got
carried away with these tempo games on my queen something they might not be entirely
wonderful with any luck but it seems I might have improved my position with his last
tempo gains – he is not castling Queen side rook takes G2 – looks good
Ne5 doesn’t look entirely convincing I can’t see a forced mate. In
doing Ne5 he weakens d4 .. Emmmm He is being a right pest! – to my queen in this game Isn’t there rook takes G2 – now?! Where
his knight is vulnerable which means his rook’s vulnerable – his centre might be collapsing as well I hope all right so if I play Knight takes e5 because he has got a point about f7 I wonder if there’s anything better …Bd7 Rf7 Nxe5 – no .. probably this check and then Bishop d7 in fact – where is his queen going?! I don’t like being down to 1 minute 25 … I thought I as busted early – totally. It seems to be a
miracle position to get I don’t know Fascinating – must take the queen while I can … try to get this knight … yeah or the Bishop … Maybe Rf2 then protects f7 … then Qe5 in fact there might be f6 .. No … it opens up for Rb7 which would then be mating nearly because of Ra3. I don’t think I
should open up the seventh rank connection better just to win e5 safety without opening up my seventh rank I think if I don’t want to get
mated .. Check Check and then here and then Qa4 ?! Okay … check that’s weird I think he totally missed
wins left right and center that’s why my suspicion is. I misplayed this h-file
business … I totally underestimated the danger here .. I think I had this feeling
in my bones I shouldn’t be playing Rook g7 I think it’s because this back row is
I need to play Queen f6 I think oh well that was my feeling anyway .. I stand by
it maybe it was wrong I don’t know
I can play Queen takes g7 though alright I should apparently take – I was worried
about Knight f3 aha so maybe that’s the way to do it. Is there nothing for right
here at all ?! If he plays g3 for example ?! just take
and he plays a check And if he goes here?! Yeah okay
There’s resources then … now here It is .. Look at this … check and I thought Ne5 is a
killer ..Ne5 wins the Queen there this one ..Ne5 – is my queen overloaded?! it is
kind of – yeah I thought this must be a killer so the move – alright … No I think
he’s gone wrong here with Qb5 .. maybe he just takes … this looks crushing yeah
he’s actually dicing my structure here this looks very good Did I miss something?! Qf6 .. if
he castles yeah this is better for black yeah this looks the same sort of things
we just saw I seem to be back in … winning his Queen helps yeah it’s all
pretty diabolical for white that seems to be a lucky escape that game so just
just to recap how did he actually miss the win?! A lot of lawnmowers and airplanes in
the background I know So just Queen takes is good there
but also there was something else I thought mentioned – just the check .. it seems the check …
immediately although tempting so no – wer’e on with Nf3 – it’s here .. the check in this position .. so if I go here Knight e5 .. if I go here he takes the bishop
this is why I thought it was totally losing basically and if I go here apparently
he’s got rook h7 at some point so Ne5 first and then Rh7 here and where
else does my queen go?! here ah that looks nasty so where does the queen go ?! if it goes here I
lose the rook .. so here Rh7 then it gets very nasty in fact Qb5
might even be working here yeah it looks all over lucky escape there but I think G
takes h4 needs to be noted for the Bishop e seven next time and there are resources
apparently alright comments questions likes shares appreciated. Thanks very much.

8 thoughts on “LIVE Blitz #3719 (Speed) Chess Game: vs IM Ashkeef in French: MacCutcheon, Chigorin variation

  1. "Oh no… okay… I don't know… (clears throat)…. Oh what the heck have I done… I've gone and lost…" Words I've said in some combination so often. Only I usually don't go on and win. 🙂 Nice job, KC.

  2. Love your videos! Just wondering if you had an elo rating and if not what would it be? I don't really understand the efc rating system.. thanks!

  3. ah. The reasoning at 8:10+ ish is basically what I meant with "stabilizing" some video ago. You are ahead, keep squeezing, lock down the position. Nice queen trap btw :)…

  4. Way to hang in the game and win it too. Thought you maybe had thoughts of resigning earlier in the game when you said I can't defend this. Thanks KC!!

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