Linguascope in a Nutshell

Linguascope in a Nutshell is an award-winning language learning website trusted and used daily by thousands of schools worldwide. When your school subscribes to Linguascope students get access to a wealth of interactive activities and learning material for all levels, and teachers are given a range of tools to make lesson planning easy. Our language games and activities organised into over 140 topic areas, are developed to match curriculum requirements. Each topic area is composed of a series of activities and accompanied by a printable worksheet for extension or consolidation work. Teachers may use the online resources with the class of a whole through the interactive whiteboard, for group work around the computer or as an individual learning tool in a computer suit or on tablets. All staff and students can log in both from school as well as from home. Through a range of creative tools that promote ‘hands-on’ learning students can, for example, create their own interactive language games, produce comic strips, draw faces (which is great for descriptions) and even send eCards in various languages. All subscribing schools have access to all languages* and all levels as standard. This allows us to offer an affordable package to all schools regardless of the number of languages they teach, and it enables individual students to study a language that’s not taught at the school independently. The interactive activities are divided into three sections: Elementary for ages 6 to 12, Beginner for ages 9 to 14, and Intermediate for ages 13 to 16. With constantly updated content you can be sure to find resources to make learning more relevant and engaging. Alongside the core topics you’ll also find materials related to seasonal themes or special occasions. For example you’ll find units at work on Christmas, football, or the Olympics. Because students work at their own pace and can choose the sequence of activities independently is ideal for differentiation. The choice of activities makes language learning more accessible for a wide range of learning styles. There are also a number of additional resources, such as printable worksheets, that are invaluable to help you meet your students’ varying needs. Apps are available for school to access the interactive content of the website on tablets. Students can also download the apps and install them on their own mobile devices. These apps are free for any student or teacher from a subscribing institution. You just need to enter your login details when you launch the app. The website contains a host of resources to make teachers life easier. For a start, each section of the website contains printable worksheets that can be used for extension and consolidation work at the end of the lesson or for homework. There are also game ideas and various eBooks to download, as well as a range of interactive tools. Teachers can access thousands of quality worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, flashcards and more resources that have been uploaded by other teachers. They can search for language specific resources by topic and upload their own resources to share with other members. This is also a great way to store your resources and access them from anywhere with an Internet connection. Create and export your own activities for the interactive whiteboard, your teacher’s blog or the school’s Intranet. Activities include Snakes & Ladders, Hangman, Wordsearch, and various favourite games and quizzes in an interactive format. All you need is input words or questions & answers and your games are ready in minutes. If you like to create your own worksheets and resources you’ll find our Image Bank invaluable. There are thousands of professional illustrations in over 60 categories available to download and you can even request images you can’t find using the suggestion box! A collection of Widgets for use on the interactive whiteboard can also be found on the website, making lessons more engaging and enjoyable. The Widgets include a timer, dice, a scoreboard, spinning wheels, a bingo game, a virtual notepad and much more. Each topic unit in the Beginner Section comes with an interactive end-of-unit test. Students are tested on their Listening, Reading and Writing and they are given a score for each skill. A certificate with their scores and the vocabulary covered can be printed, which is ideal when a homework is set and you want to make sure the students have completed the task online. Teachers truly find invaluable and constantly tell us how using the website has revolutionised their teaching and had a positive impact on their students’ motivation and learning. But don’t take our word for it: Please do read the testimonials in this section and watch the video with teachers and students talking about Linguascope. Then try if for yourself and take a sneak peek at the online material. We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with Linguascope!

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