Life Commentary (ft. Darbuka Siva) – Game Of Carrom | Put Chutney

Life Commentary (ft. Darbuka Siva) – Game Of Carrom | Put Chutney

This isn’t an ordinary neighborhood This is a battlefield Their clothes that get dried might be wet now But there is only heat in the hearts of the boys, goats, chickens etc. They only know two kinds of boards 1. Housing Board 2. Carrom Board Powder please! I am getting bored. This is ‘Minus’ Babu! He likes both women and Carrom board with extra Powder. He is the biggest of the sharpest in this locality but what a pity! He has dust allergy! This ain’t no ordinary game! It’s Minus Babu’s ‘Reservoir Goats’ team vs ‘The Retarded Chicken’ team Hereditary rage flows through their torn jeans since 1700 BC The Game of Carrom has one rule since Inception One who is opposite to you is the friend and the one who is next to you is the fiend. Once upon a time their grandfathers were tricked into a 4-player-one-team game and they lost! Their victory eloped! Then for generations the rivalry is rampaging in ration for 300 years These guys are ‘The Retarded Chicken’ In the history of The Game Of Carrom people have always cheated and they try till today but their great grandfathers flicked The Red from the board when the opponents weren’t looking Since then they are called The Retarded Chicken But their ancestors tried to flick The Red from the board when the opponents weren’t looking There was a lot of commotion that day and the game got called off The team also got their name -The Retarded Chicken The Retarded Chicken fella strikes the coin In India its bad omen if a cat crosses your way when you start doing something But it went back to its hideout seeing this shot. Such bad omen! This yet to bathe youngster from the ‘Reservoir Goats’ team strikes You Sinner! Why would you pocket their coin? This tongue folding thugster has a sister In his shirt he has the american flag but in his heart he has Miss. Goldencreeper’s swag I shalt pocket this time says Mr. Minus Babu’s face and he is ready to strike What the..He is also going for their coin! Is he also trying to woo the same woman? Even the goat is looking at him in disgust The Retarded Chicken does it again! Cricket with the coins. That’s not how you get your coins off the table! The coin is back to Circle 1. Minu Babu is contemPLOTting and strengthening his defense Time for the goat to get out of the tank What a shot! The goat is running towards the butcher! The striker is going for the pocket! There falls the Minue! They are going to face the laughter and the goat is going to face a slaughter. Brotherhood of Bad Breath needs a brush! Its a very difficult shot. We are at the climax of the game It’s to be as smoothe as how share-autos pickup their pasengers Let’s see what he does! What a sinner! It was rather like a share-auto drver tryiing to escape from a traffic cop And The DogFather lost his interest in the game Now come back! You woont become old and creepy before Miss. GoldenCreeper gets back later. A red and follow situation! You can easily grab the game like how you grab a Chiken It’s an extra-easy shot! It’s like how a high heels wearing girl would trip and fall while climbing stairs At a Bengali wedding Beeda is a must Swallow If you put the red then you should put the follow Will Minus Babu save his reputation? Is it going to be ‘Reservoir Goats’ team or ‘The Retarded Chicken’? Mutton or Chicken? I am blacking out! Whatte wow of the war comes to an end with that wonderful shot! “Reservoir Goats” Team wins the title! Put ‘Like’ if you Like! Put Share if you care! To roast or boost, please comment below! And Put Subscribe for more from Put Chutney They will keep coming!

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  1. darbuka siva voice thaaru maaru thakkaali soru (y)
    /* looosukoli team nu sollum pothu vera maathiri kettuthu */ :v

  2. nala iruku ana tea kadai commentry alovuku elai ………….but some thing is better than nothing iduku like punte dont worry

  3. I have seen all the life commentary videos of you liked it and also shared the link with my friends . Congrats and all the best for your team for your upcoming life commentary videos . Can't wait for the next video

  4. ive seen this commentry guy in GVM's flim Rajathanthiram……….i srsly luv his voice nd slng…Wanted to know his name :/

  5. saettu kalyanam na beeda podanum red uh potta follow podanum…….engaeda irukingae assistant directors note panuguda…..pinrapaaa

  6. Live commentary… Na intha vdeo thaa ultimate…
    Watching even after 4 years…
    Antha loosukoozhi varatha thaa highlight athu thaa therupi therupi paka vaikuthu

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