Levon Aronian on winning the 2017 Altibox Norway Chess tournament

Levon Aronian on winning the 2017 Altibox Norway Chess tournament

I assume you’re happy with the way
you were playing over these nine games? Yeah, I think generally the level was good. And, of course, it’s the second top tournament
you win in a row Do you think you’re playing
your best chess in a long time? Yeah, I think I’m more concentrated. And I want to win much more so, I guess, I am. Did you change anything to your approach
before these last two months, that maybe have helped to get successes? Yeah, I started concentrating on things
outside of chess.. Like? Like hanging out with friends, doing some sports, and yeah, mainly those things.. The atmosphere at this tournament, do you think that helped as well? Yeah absolutely: we’re next to this forest with the lake, so there was lots of opportunity to exercise, and lots of opportunity to enjoy, I mean the evenings with friends, so it was a good tournament. And where does this Avalon
rage suddenly come from? It’s being played every night here in the
hotel, it’s suddenly the big thing among the top GMs! I think, Magnus introduced it long time ago, and he also likes to play, but not
every night. But since the game starts really late, we kinda feel like hanging out together. Why do you like it? I don’t particularly like the game, I just like hanging out with the guys. I mean.. You know, it’s fun, to see the chess players and to make
friendship with your colleagues. I think that’s what’s missing
sometimes in our chess world. Okay, excellent tournament! Draws and three wins, no losses! Was the win against Magnus your best game? Yeah, because I trusted my intuition, and my intuition didn’t fail me. I made a couple of mistakes, but it’s understandable under such pressure because the game was
very complicated from the start. What are you going to play after this tournament? I will play in Leuven and then in the Grand Prix in Geneva. And what do you think, will it be very much difficult to switch to rapid and blitz? How do you feel your chances over there? I’ll try to play better than I did here,
I mean, as I did in the blitz here. My blitz was terrible,
so I’ll practice some blitz before the tournament.

27 thoughts on “Levon Aronian on winning the 2017 Altibox Norway Chess tournament

  1. Well deserved….
    A king without a crown, but will be remembered for winning the strongest tournament (maybe ever, maybe)
    Congrats Aronian.

  2. When engine prep is the same on either side (as with modern chess) then the stronger tactical player should win thus the rise of Levon Aronian.

  3. I wish he'll be the next candidate, and it would be a crime if he won't be selected in candidate tournament.

  4. Its funny to see all those patzers online ruling out Magnus just because of a bad tour. Keep in mind he is STILL world #1 DESPITE the current 'bad' performance and he is still World Champion. When the time comes and he has to defend it, at that moment he would still beat anybody. Dont get carried away by temporary successes of other players. Magnus is consistently #1 and dominating the chess world for quite a few years now.

  5. it's funny!, Now every one talks about Aronian like he is invincible or the ghost of chess! Hi the best is Carlsen and to be better than him you should beat him in the The World Chess Championship.

  6. I think ill copy his strategie:Dont do anything related to chess and wait until i am at grandmaster Level.

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