Level 10 Courier in Round 22! | Auto Chess – SlashspitGaming

Level 10 Courier in Round 22!  | Auto Chess – SlashspitGaming

hello everybody welcome to another game
of dota 2 Auto chess my name is Aaron thanks for joining me today
I’m going to change my hotkeys and options from edge pan real quick and
then pick a hero huh why don’t I go there trying to give me tankers
I’ll take tinker I like the new buff today two mechs and got wall to goblins
I suppose it’s six goblins now gives all allies nanobots I’d like to take a look
at that I haven’t actually gotten it today I’ve played two matches won two
matches I should say slark also got a buff today but I still
think cast Knights better of course when you get this much of the mask of madness
in your first round you start thinking well can I skew my strategy to use like
a tiny for instance because he’s actually godly with a morbid mask
he never casts his ultimate and he gets bonus attack speed and a huge heal
because he attacks for so high I almost think it’s good here but this this stun
is just awesome it’s obviously best on heroes that just
sorry I’m scratching my eyeball but hey it’s best on heroes then just
right-click and many good ones here stands ready let’s do that see what happens
I’ll bring the engine to done scratching my eye what the heck’s in my eye yeah give me that mask of madness favorite I have had issues with items lately and my
issues are that they’re spread out and I’m wanting to hang on to them I wonder
if I can win sometimes I see sometimes I see sometimes I see people win with
their items like on the ground and I’m always too nervous to try it like right now I’m like I didn’t get any
upgrades I’m gonna play three against four so I’m just gonna do this okay I’m
playing three versus three but I could have played three versus four and I
didn’t have any upgrades so I went ahead and used my items now it’s crazy to use
them because you don’t know what you’re gonna need when you match them up but I
think we’re okay here I bring an end to magic one two three
yeah I don’t have anything to sell these guys are great though seems fine yeah okay I still want to get to six goblins
so hard though cuz you got to put that shitty elk in and you got to hope he
upgrades and then you have to get a techies which is like ridiculously hard
but so weird let’s clear this up a little bit I think
lasers really strong these days let’s actually give him the second mech buff
so now we’ve got two mechs three warriors 2 orcs
oops shit – Mex – warriors Oh at least they’re orcs I think the two Mac buff is
good enough jug’s saved himself from the big stun sharpen my spear and I’m ready all right
I got some decisions I think razor is the mage and he’s out tinker is tinker
stays we got a tank that’s getting boosted by his juggernaut DPS we’ve got
a clock that’s being boosted by his tinker DPS and we’ve got a healer
that’s chillin good timing for the spin yeah we got it I really like these chaos Knights and I
got another one earlier but I’m not gonna go back and get it now I don’t
have any other knights there’s a third so now I can do this and this and this
no and this yeah get nanobots in the game don’t want this SF can’t tell
doesn’t look good though the heel is up though alright and and she isn’t really
shit man okay we’re gonna upgrade we’re gonna put in the SF we’re gonna protect
him like this we’re just gonna scoot you everybody over
why don’t we scooch back one more there we go a lot of space here and here back
line from Assassin’s let’s put the bench in our back seems alright this lunar level – man come on one more
right click alright alright yep no silly gotta love being surprised
when items come flying out of your enemies okay so that’s changes things
she’s no longer a synergy he’s no longer a synergy neither of them have items so
now we’ve got three upgraded warriors yeah feels good let’s do so we have
three warriors to works nanobots I I go on my way we’ve got three warriors I’ve got three
warriors we’ve got nanobots they haven’t they’ve got two demons feel like we’re
good the tinkerer in the timber have to go
soon or else I transitioned out of that and into I don’t really know she does
have a synergy now the beasts we all get a little more damage if we remove one
nano bot or we can have a stun for a nano bot yeah why don’t we just do this
put them both in I could have put this guy in too since he’s not giving me that
third perfect that’s exactly what I wanted Ricky baby your back line assassin is
killing my healer soshe’s that’s not good for your back
line assassin seems okay likens a warrior and a beast so as usual we stop running the hopeful one and we put four beasts
in four beasts four B’s three warriors one guy on clockwork – still good jug is attacking for a lot of damage just don’t want him in there’s another
sand king what am I missing clock can come out if he weren’t a 1400
damaged battery assault stunner 1400 health I mean would I put in if I did
he’s only a level 3 you can’t stay for everyone here we should just put this
guy in if I ever let him up I guess can have it on go in know how to pronounce
it I think it’s a baton alright so they got some dragons getting their instant
mana out they’ve got some stuns coming out and our spins are looking good yeah
this person can’t do it do I so I’ll shit I could upgraded
obviously yeah I’m just gonna stay I need options
impossible upgrades there’s another beast oops
that isn’t an upgrade we’re both level 1 deucey doesn’t have any synergy and I
believe 1 2 3 4 5 this level 4 is better than this clockwork so high now I’ve got
2 humans to silence 4 beasts we’re pretty much all tanky I’m not mad that I
forgot which line up I just put it in maybe a little bit should be ok
tons of armor extra health for the orcs AoE stun ya can’t lose obviously I think I’m
gonna give jugde mask of madness if it drops because he doesn’t spin as much
damage doesn’t there’s a kya jeez I don’t think kya stacks that’s a weird
thing huh I don’t think that stacks but I’m not positive
it might nothing to do here twenty one away this joke as well Chuck changed his mind
attacks this guy once and then while perfect timing for Doug to be spinning
las botas mask Randi I’m wearing my favorite voice in DotA’s razor
sounds like a tranny robot it’s awesome Vento is a beast
I mean I mean as well just use this free gold to get to as many heroes as
possible before a reroll so now I need I mean just some damage I suppose I don’t like any of these maybe this just a level three tusks though good try
do sub 20 31 32 is 8 times 5 so I can technically put a ninth in let’s just
get nuts with the levels to get how your advantage on the $5 pieces Oh doom that’s never fun disruptors the forth orc
oh no third acts can maybe go soon I mean these guys to upgrade I mean where
is everybody but I’m gonna try and get this level in just wait and see if you
win twenty gold the same team the doom came out on the
boat how much do I need to get 30 let’s say
six after this creep round ooh what it doesn’t have anything to do with my shit
or else I’d take them dude enchanted I’m sure I really want to get to 40 and my
fastest I have a 3% to get a $5 piece I get two of them and one round I’m not
going to take him for one interest real I mean plus they have like 1900 life
more than any of my tanks he could be front lining once he’s dug graded the
plate male sure doom is a warrior Lich ok so instead of
beasts we’re gonna go undead just because of the luck we’ve gotten but I’m
gonna sell some things because they’re not a part of my plan
anymore they’re sporting I’ve still got to if I get like two lone druids next
turn or whatever and I can upgrade where’s my little okay so now I’ve got 35 just 36 so eight
times Jesus Christ 36 is nine times four so 45 gold my fastest ever level 21 or
yeah round 22 level ten babies 6% chance for a five-star piece he doesn’t provide
me any synergies besides druid and I still might lose the round but I highly
doubt it my alts really want to buy this doom what did I do it my second lid I sell it
I must have sold Lich what the fuck dude oh look at the video
I mean Lich doesn’t belong anyways but maybe I didn’t buy the second one or
something I mean this is clearly better than this one I got to keep it just in
case save six warriors yeah so I’ve six warriors we’ve got
fourteen armor on each of them 15 two humans two orcs no watch out huh nice there’s another warrior there’s an
undead hero about beast I’ve still got four beasts huh
so this guy’s attacking four to thirty plus what’s four beasts 35% god almighty
he’s like my carry just an elf my golf got7 warriors can I get tonight
who are they Who am I missing I’ve got acts I’ve got tusks tiny
slardar okay I mean this guy’s nothing right neither
is he really I mean he’s giving me two beasts but for all that armor just to
just to chill with it and see where slardar actually 9 warriors 65% physical
resistance for all of my heroes except the long druid we don’t have a lot of damage needless
to say this beast really helps that extra 15% for everyone well that was fun there’s another beast and then what
other synergy can I go with him I can get this rabbit out right that’s no synergy unless I put this one
in instead of like axe yeah I could do that
no because that’s to orc doom got doomed now their boats out now our boats out
now our ravage Oh are we gonna win this dude I don’t think so yeah we lost at
the size of this axe spent too much gold on leveling up and not enough on the big
here and not enough on re-rolling I just took the luck I got so now I got some
troubles dude okay I need my doom to go off before his
doom and I need my boat to go off before his boat and my ravage to go off before
his and then I need to roll into my upgrades instead of bullcrap that I did
geez shit it’s nice it want to get the bear
off the ravage off the doom off and the boat off and then I want everybody else
to step in line and tank while this dude throws axes everywhere and then I need
to upgrade my like in needless to say I could have had a level
12 disruptor by now that my boat for beast to ork one demon and go for
orc right I mean I need this it’s tied doing as much still have six warrior
seven warrior I can get rid of one warrior which could be tusk he’s a beast so jug is the lowest and acts as the
lowest and acts as another level three out there so he’s actually not that
great of a friend and this person will substitute his orc buff and his HP loss
and we won’t lose another warrior and we’ll have a massive AOE silence that is
as soon as I can upgrade him okay okay this is the guy who beat me now I’ve
spread out so that I should get my doom and rabbit job first his doom is on my
boat my doom is out where did it go I don’t see it okay it’s over here I’m
Medusa I don’t think we have enough damage anymore this axis is tremendous
doomed another necro yeah I can’t win maybe I can because she doesn’t have an
ability nut growth isn’t no not enough damage fuck yo he beat me twice eyes got
8% left alright he can’t this time obviously but that’s still a bummer
alright so ax is out by X chainmail goes on jug and tiny can come in for the
ravage alright let’s see what happens here
pretty good ravage came out ah the silence didn’t go over here that’s just
weird luck doom came out under the neck opposed if you lose maybe not I’m
getting the access time okay that’s that how many candies five three candies
bishop to player all in Warriors easy life GG guys thanks for watching don’t
forget to click Subscribe have a great day
I’m clicking it I promise

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