Let’s Play WEREWORDS! | Overboard, Episode 18

Let’s Play WEREWORDS! | Overboard, Episode 18

– [Narrator] Welcome to Overboard, Polygon’s board game show. Today, we’re playing Werewords, a combination of 20 Questions and the hidden world game, Werewolf. In this game, players
must guess a magic word, but some of their supposed teammates have a different goal in mind. Here’s how it’s played. To start, each player is
given a hidden role card, which places them on
either the village team or the werewolf team. In addition, one player is
randomly given a Mayor card, which means they get to
choose the magic word everyone is trying to guess. Using the game’s mobile app, a narration helpfully
walks players through the night phase, when
the magic word is chosen. We set it up so our
mayor would always have five words to choose from. Once the mayor has chosen a magic word, they’ll close their eyes, and one at a time, the word is shown to the werewolf team, and then, the villagers’ seer. This means that at least
one member of each team knows what the magic word is. But as you’ll see in a second, the last thing they want to do is reveal that knowledge. Instead, they need to lay low. Once the night phase ends, the timer starts, and
the questioning begins. Any player can now ask the mayor a yes or no question to try to figure out the word. However, the mayor
cannot respond verbally. In fact, they aren’t
allowed to talk at all until the timer runs out or the word is guessed. Instead, they must answer
using one of these tokens. A maybe could mean that
the answer is ambiguous or that they simply don’t know it. The tokens are then placed
in front of the player who asked the question to keep a record of their answers. The mayor also has two special tokens: a way, way off token, for when the group has
gone off on a tangent, or perhaps, misinterpreted
one of the mayor’s answers; and a so close token, for when the players just
about have the answer. In order to win the round, the villagers need to guess the word before the timer runs out or the mayor runs out of yes/no tokens. But remember, there’s
a werewolf in the group who does know the word. And if they’re doing their job right, they’ll try to guide the questions away from the correct answer, wasting time and tokens. If the villagers fail to guess the word, then the word is revealed, and a new one minute timer starts. During this short phase,
everyone, including the mayor, debates about who is on Team Werewolf. When the timer runs out, everyone
points at another player, and if the majority are
pointing at a werewolf player, then the villager team wins. This means, the werewolf
needs to be subtle about how they sabotage
during the question round, since they can’t afford to be outed. The werewolf also has another
goal: sniffing out the seer. You know, the Villager Team member who actually knew what the
word was the whole time. Like the werewolves, they don’t
want to make that obvious. If the villagers do guess the correct word before the time runs out, the werewolf team gets a
chance to steal the win. A new 15 second timer starts, and the werewolves try to
quickly decide who the seer is. If they guess correctly,
the werewolf team wins. This means, both teams have
a chance to steal the win, and it all rests on figuring out who already knew what the word was. In this game, it can’t just
focus on guessing the word. You need to keep track of what
the other players are asking and why they’re asking it. Oh, and one last wrinkle. The mayor could be lying too. This player gets their
own hidden role card, which means they could
be a villager, a seer, or even a werewolf. We also throw in a couple
of other special role cards, which we’ll explain as we go along. Now, if you have any more
questions, please ask your mayor. – Hello! Welcome to Overboard,
Polygon’s board game show. Today, we’re joined by
polygon.com’s editor. – Front page editor. – Front page editor and
(mumbling) and video producer? – Yes. – Okay. Today, we’re joined– – We know them well, and we’re
glad that we invited them. – Today, we’re playing Werewords. – And I’m the mayor! – Hi, Mayor. – Let’s get this show on the road. – [Game App Voice] Close your eyes. Mayor, wake up, and tap your sacred role. – So intense. – [Game App Voice] Mayor,
choose a magic word. (laughing) Mayor, here is your magic word. Seer, wake up and view the magic word. Seer, close your eyes. Werewolf, wake up and view the magic word. Werewolf, close your eyes. Everyone, wake up. You now have six minutes to
figure out the magic word. – Now, I don’t wanna mitigate too hard, but I did hear Ryan’s hideous eyes peeling open during the werewolf phase. (laughing) – Well, they’re just dry. – Is it a person, Samit? No. – Is it an animal? – Is it alive? – That was a smart question. – Is it sports related? – Mmmmm. – What? – Okay, could be about sports. – Is it related to games? – Another ambiguous token. I mean, if it’s about sports,
it could also be about games. – Yeah, I was hoping he was waffling. – Is it something we
can hold in our hands? – No, it’s a… – Fake object. – Or it’s a concept. – Is it intangible? – I love this. – Oh, jeez. (gasps) – It is intangible! – That is less helpful then…
– Is it an emotion? – Hey, this is harder than
I thought it was gonna be. – Is it a concept? – I mean, what’s a concept? – Well, he has gotta answer anyway. – [Simone] Shit! (laughing)
– Yeah. – Well I don’t know, if
it’s an intangible thing. – Define a concept to me. – How would that narrow
things down for you? – Yeah, that’s true. (laughing) It was a bad question. – Is it– – Wait, what do you mean by that? – Okay, okay it is a concept.
– Okay! – I was gonna say, is it
something that, like– – Is it an event? – [Brian] No.
– [Jenna] No idea. – Is it like a verb? Is it a verb? Sorry, I should say, not like. Okay, it’s not a verb. (groans) – Okay, what do we think a concept is? – A Concept? – How are we envisioning it?
– Is it death? – Okay, yeah, it’s the only (mumbling) – Well, I meant as an abstract… I’m just going off. – Wait, how did you think death
was like a game or a sport? – Well, no, it’s– – So it’s not an emotion, it’s not a concept. – It is a concept. – It is a concept. – It’s an intangible. – Wait, what was the other positive? – It’s not a verb. – Is it music related? Oh, he’s thinking about
it for a long time. – Okay, is it an element
of the natural world? – We have to remember that
Samit is very pedantic when it comes to concepts and things. – What about being a sore loser? – Kind of related to music. – Or maybe. – I think a sore loser’s a person though. – You’re right, yeah. – Is it naturally occurring? Okay, it’s not naturally occurring. – No, it’s a concept, just
like chemistry or something. – Wait, should I ask if it’s manmade, would that be useful? – Yes. – Can man make something intangible? – Fuck! (laughing) – I mean, the concept of time isn’t tangible, am I right? – Ahh! – Is it time, Samit? – And we’re also running out of time. – I’m making myself look like a werewolf. – Yeah, for sure, you are. You’re my number one suspect. – I just believe that he’s dumb, so… – Is it innovation? – Why did you choose this word, of the five words, Samit? – Samit, you wanted us to play
on easy for the first round. (laughing) – Is it, is it, no what? – Is this something we experience
in our day to day life? – That’s a good one, that’s a good one. Yes, it is something they experience in their day to day life, but it’s not a verb, it’s intangible. – Is it something you
have experienced today? – Getting personal. – Is it even an experience? – Must be. – Something you can experience, well yeah. – Okay, so Samit has
experienced this today. – I was gonna suggest– – Is it a feeling? – But I don’t think he would’ve hesitated. – It’s not a feeling, it’s not an emotion, it is manmade, he experienced it– – [Ryan] Oh right, it’s manmade too. – I think… Is it? This isn’t a full guess, but is it a train? – It’s not intangible object. – Oh, right! Shit! Yes, trains are tangible! (laughing) – And yet, I still don’t
think he’s the werewolf. – I remain unconvinced. – Something Samit has experienced today that we experience in
our day to day lives. – Samit experienced a train. (laughing) – Experience train. – Wait, did somebody ask
if it was an emotion? – Yeah , and feeling, also. – Is it work? – [Man] No because it’s
not a verb, either. – Is it positive? – Let’s try to burn
through these questions. – [Man] Yeah, we’ve got to– – [Woman] Questionable, interesting. – Do you do it on the computer? – Is it tweeting? – [Game App Voice] Only 30 seconds left. – Oh no, that’s not a verb, sorry. – Oh, wait. – Oh, it’s the big chip. – Very close! Is it posting? – Does it depend on the internet? – Is it trolling? No, it’s not a verb. Fuck! – Is it, anybody can ask a question! – I’m stumped. Memes. – Is it website based? – Did you say based? – Yes it is, okay. – [Game App Voice] Time is up! You ran out of time. Everyone, you now have one
minute to find the werewolf. – What’s the word? Hashtag! – [Both Women] Fuck! – It’s so close to tweeting.
– Is hashtag intangible? I think you were thinking of
the hashtag as the concept, rather than the grammatical object, which I think was a mistake, which makes me think you. – Wait, say it again. – There’s the concept of the
hashtag, which is intangible, but there’s also the actual hashtag, which is not what he was directing us to. – Oh, like a symbol. – See, to me, that’s the pound sign. – Okay, but– – Oh, come on! – To him. No, that’s fine. Okay, I realized that I used
a whole lot of bad questions, but that makes Ryan not
have to ask any questions ’cause I was dunce enough for him. – I don’t suspect you, I think that you were just enthusiastic. – We’re very low on time, Ryan. – What? – The mayor, I think, might be the seer because there was nobody helping us. – No one had any idea– – That’s true. – I think it’s one of you
motherfuckers is the seer, you’re a criminal. I think Pat– – [Game App Voice] Time is up! – Okay, we have to raise your– – [Game App Voice] Three, two, one, vote! – Four on Ryan, two on Pat. – Four on me? – Four on you. – You got me. (cheering) Damn! I was absolutely laying low, I was absolutely laying low, ’cause I could tell you guys
were totally struggling, and I was like, “Well, I’m
just gonna let (mumbling).” – Who was the seer? – It fucking wasn’t a concept. – Were you the seer? – Wait, does he get to guess the seer? – [Camera Man] No. – No, I died. I lost. – We killed him. – Who do you think was the seer? – I think it’s one of you two. – Yeah, it was me. – It was you? Okay, yeah. – Unbelievable. All right, let’s do it again. – [Camera Man] Patrick,
if you knew what it was, why did you ask if it was a train? – Yeah, why was that question? Was that to throw them off? – That was to throw off werewolf. – Okay. – Yeah. – Interesting. It worked very well. – It was good. – Maybe too well. (laughing) – You were really forced
to bench and chest in that one. (laughing) – I didn’t experience
the train today, so– – Experience the train, no, I was– – I mean, the subway
truly is an experience. – ‘Cause I knew he was going to say no, which would let everybody
else at the table know it wasn’t me, but would create some sense of incredulity in the eyes of the werewolf. – You thought all of that
during the course of the game? – Yeah. – That causes anxiety. – I am the mayor! – Jenna’s mayor. – There’s a new mayor in town. – This is the power I plan to wield as responsibly as possible.
– You ready, Jenna? – [Game App Voice]
Everyone, close your eyes. Mayor, wake up. Choose a magic word. – Fuck. (laughing) – See? It’s hard! – [Game App Voice] Mayor,
here is your magic word. Seer, wake up and view the magic word. Seer, close your eyes. Werewolf, wake up and view the magic word. Werewolf, close your eyes. Everyone, wake up. You now have six minutes to
figure out the magic word. – Whose eyelids did you hear peeking out? (laughing) – So last time, I thought, I was like– – Samit, we don’t have time! (laughing) – I was like, “Why are they asking what part of speech?” And I thought that was helpful – Is it a thing? – Yes. – Is it alive? – It’s not alive.
– Okay. – So it’s probably tangible, we don’t have to ask about that one. – Is it bigger than a shoebox? Maybe. – Okay, is it something I can purchase? – [Simone] Is it size variable? – Does it grow? Can it grow? – It’s not alive. – It’s not a plant or something. – Is it an experience? (laughing) – So it’s a tangible,
purchase-able object. – Object, obviously, right. – Is it edible? – So, I think we should interpret that as, you can’t or shouldn’t eat it. – It means nothing to me. (laughing) – So, it’s like a specific
thing you can purchase. – Did you ask if it was manmade? – No, I didn’t. – Is it manmade? Yes. Manmade, variable size… – Is it a common household object? – Yeah, it is. – The categories might have been like… – So, is it furniture? Yes. – Is it a container? – If it is a shoebox, Samit, (mumbling) – Okay. – It’s bigger than a shoebox.
– No, you would’ve gotten it. – Variable in size, but it’s furniture, and it’s a container. – It’s furniture, and it’s a container. – Is it? Okay, wait a second. – It’s furniture, but it might
be bigger than a shoebox? What’s really small furniture, then? – Can it be something
other than furniture? Okay!
– Okay. – So, it can be, so it’s like
a type of something, maybe. Right? ‘Cause if it’s variable size, furniture, container, also not furniture. – Is it in a kitchen, typically? – So it is… – Well, that was the question.
– You did ask it. – Can I ask another question? – What is the question?
– What do you wanna ask? – Is it exclusively found in kitchens? – No, okay. – Samit, you should ask a question. – Yes. Sorry. What if I ask, if it’s like… – We’re burning time, Samit. – It’s stored in garages, or… – Yeah, ask that. – Okay, is it stored in garages? – What about where we could buy it? – Yeah, I was (mumbling) – Could I purchase it at K Mart? No. – No.
– Okay. – Oh, shit. – You can’t purchase it at K-Mart. (talking over each other) – Can I purchase it at Best Buy, like a tech store? – Is it like a… Can I purchase it at a boutique shop? I don’t know, if it’s not
at K-Mart or Best Buy, I can everything at K-Mart and Best Buy. – Okay, so it’s…
– Maybe. – It’s a container, it
is furniture as well, or it can be furniture. – Can we ask if it’s a genre of thing? (stammering) ‘Cause I said, “Is it furniture?” – Is it fragile? – Yes.
– Okay. – Is it… – Are they crafted to
represent other objects? – Wait, what about, what if we ask is it dishes? Like, plates or dishware. – [Voice] One minute remaining
– They’re not? – Is it a teapot? – But teapots aren’t furniture. – Is it a…
– Oh, right, yeah. – There’s too many questions! There’s too many questions! – An adjective that just can
describe all of those things? – Yes. – Okay. – So it’s a category. – Is it vintage? – Oh, oh! – Antique! Is it antique! – Oh, the word is antique? – [Game App Voice] Congratulations! – Oh, word! – [Game App Voice] You have
learned the magic word! – I knew you would get it. – Okay, who is the werewolf? – Oh, it’s me. Brian. (funny music) – Okay, it was me. (laughing) That’s so fucking hard! – Let’s play it! – The seer. – Let’s play again and
ask if it’s a train. (laughing) – You were the werewolf. You also got the closest by far. – I was hoping that I would get it in slightly under the wire, and that they wouldn’t
have time to react to it, but I played it too fast. – [Jenna] You flew too close to the sun. – And I was like. – That has to be. – So dammit! – Brutal. Sorry, guys. – [Game App Voice] Mayor,
choose a magic word. Everyone– Mayor, here is your magic world. Fortune Teller, wake up and
view part of the magic word. Werewolf, wake up and view the magic word. Everyone, wake up! You now have six minutes. – [Brian] Is it an object? – [Brian] Well, we’ve seen
that this doesn’t work. – It does.
– We’ll just skip it. So, I don’t why I did that, asked this one first. Okay, it is an object. Is it a noun? Is it alive? Okay. (laughing) – Is it consumer good? – I like that. – Yeah, that’s a good question. – Okay, so it’s a noun, it’s not alive, and it’s not a consumer good. – Is it mineral? (laughing) – It’s not a mineral. – Is it a common household object? – Didn’t we just ask that?
– No. – It’s not a consumer good, but it could be in your house. – Does it have a size? (laughing) – What? – It has a size! – Jenna! – We’ve learned that it has a size. – I feel great about asking that. – No, that’s a good question. – Yeah. – I think that’s good. – So counterpoint. – It’s a physical object though. – Okay, is that size
larger than a breadbox? Yeah, it’s bigger than a breadbox. – Okay.
– [Jenna] Okay. – Is it smaller than a car? – (laughing) Why are you
guys being so specific? – ‘Cause it has a size, Simone! – [Patrick] Specificity, it has a size! – It has a size! – We have to find the size! – We have to find the size, Simone, and then we’re gonna find the word! – Okay. – Are you the werewolf? – No! (laughing) – Smaller than a car. – It’s not smaller than a car. – Is it something we interact
with on a day to day basis? – No. – That’s a hard question to answer, ’cause do we interact with the sky? – Shut the fuck up! (laughing) You fucking werewolf! What’s the fuck? (laughing) – Is it manmade? – I think (mumbling) – It is. – I genuinely forgot if he said bigger or smaller than a car, remind me of which it is. – He said it’s bigger than a car, it’s bigger than a car, it’s manmade. – Is there more than one of… – Like, in the world? – There is more than one of them. – So it’s not like a specific building or a specific landmark. – Can we ask if it’s a building. – Yes. – Is it a building? (laughing) – That’s an ambiguous token. Probably, I’m assuming. It’s a building. It could be a building. – It’s manmade. – Is it a location? Okay, so it’s an object location. Like a gazebo, maybe. Is is someplace you’d go on vacation? – No. – Can a person go inside of it? – Yes, can a person go inside of it, it’s a great question. – A person can go inside of it. – Interesting. Is it– – Building is… – Is it indoors or outdoors? – Nope, that’s not a yes or no question. – Oh yeah. Is it outdoors? – Okay, it’s outdoors, but it’s a location, it may be a building. – It’s manmade. – Yeah. – Could it be like a– – Is there admission for it? Do you have to buy admission? Do you have to buy
admission for this thing? – Do you want to go to this place? – You, specifically, Samit. – Samit. He might, he might. – Brian] Maybe. – Okay.
– Do people go there for fun? – Wait, I’m confused– – Yes.
– Yes. – People go there for fun but not vacation – There are people inside it,
– Like a recreational… – but it’s outside? – It’s outside.
– People inside it, could be a park.
– It’s kind of a building. It is a location. Is it a park?
– It’s noun. We know it. – It’s not a park. – Is it a football arena? – We can ask if it’s sports related, that might be a better question, which I’m not asking, I’m posing to the group. – Is it sports related? I’ll ask it. – Simone’s not
– Thank you. – Really picking up anything this round. – So I’m thinking a baseball field?
– People go there for fun. – [Patrick] Ask it.
– [Simone] I proposed– – Is it a baseball stadium? – Oh, so close.
– Very close. – It’s close to a baseball stadium. Is it a stadium? – [Game App Voice] One minute remaining. – No. – Is it a baseball diamond? So it’s not just a generic– – Is it baseball related? – Yes. Of course.
– Yes. Is it inside of a baseball stadium? – [Simone] This is a curse. – It is inside– – Is it a dugout? (clapping and cheering) – Sparks! – S-P Nation!
– Boo-yah! – S-P Nation! S-P Nation! – [Game App Voice] Werewolf,
turn your card face up. You now have–
– [Man] Of course. – I think it was you. – [Game App Voice] The fortune teller. – Do you vote for that? – Yes.
– That’s what you say? – [Game App Voice] Time is up. Werewolf, three, two, one.
– So it’s just (mumbling) – That’s my guess.
– [Game App Voice] Vote! – So you vote. – Yeah. – Uh-uh! – Dammit!
– Your last villager, baby! – That’s really good! – We won, oh no, I’m not- – Who’s the seer? – It was I! (cheering!) I was no help at all! – But you get just D, was that all you– – Yes.
– Okay, okay. – And I was very confused ’cause I couldn’t tell
if it was a P or a D. – Did you ask for a baseball diamond? – Oh no! – Oh, that’s helpful.
– Oh! – That’s difficult.
– Yeah. – Sure, yeah.
– I get it. – Can I say something? – Yes. – I thought a dugout, I thought it was a trench, like in the war. That’s where my mind was the whole time. – Somewhere, you could find Hemingway. He was out, we’re battling. – Like the World War I trench?
– Yes. So when Pat went to sports, I was like, “Oh, this is great! They’re
moving away from war. Thank god they’re not…” (laughing) – I know we joked before filming about how we’re sports idiots. – It’s really incredible
how that came to… – [Game App Voice] Mayor,
here is your magic word. Fortune teller, wake up and view part of the magic word. Thing, wake up and tap and the shoulder of one of your neighbors. (tapping sounds) Werewolf, wake up and view the magic word. Everyone, wake up. You now have five minutes to
figure out the magic word. – Is it an animal? – [Samit] Oh yeah, who’s the mayor? – Is it a noun? – Is it a thing you can buy? Maybe, okay. – Is it manmade? Cool. – Is it an experience? – Oooh. – Yowza. (laughing) – Interesting. Interesting. Not helpful.
– Okay, manmade, noun, that you might be able to buy, that might be an experience. – So, is it a place? – Okay. – Is it a famous place? – [Jenna] Interesting. – Is it a state? – One of the 50 United States? – Or a state of being?
– Wait, did we say yes on manmade? – Yes. – Okay, shit, well, it’s a bad question. – No, it’s not manmade.
– Well, technically. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– And I hope Brian knows that. – Is it a building?
– It is, questionably, an experience. – It is a building. – Is it dangerous? – Dangerous building? – Is it something you want? You, specifically. – So it’s a building, it’s not dangerous, but it’s not something you want. – It’s not a roller coaster, basically. – It’s it the kind of building that every city would have? – [Samit] Yes. – Well.
– [Patrick] Okay. – It’s a generic thing. – He doesn’t want one. – So maybe it’s like– – Is it place people enjoy to go to? – No.
– No. – Wait, is it jail? – That’s also what I was thinking. – I was thinking that as well. – Not jail. (murmuring in agreement) – Simone’s racking up a
lot of x’s over there. – Is it a public institution?
– I’m an idiot. – Is it a government office? No. – Is it a place we have all been to? (laughing) – [Samit] No. For sure, no. Okay. – [Patrick] Okay, definitely not. – [Samit] So, Brian knows
our entire memories. – Well.
– He’s tracking our locations. – Okay, where have we all been? We’ve all been to school. – But we haven’t been to this place. Where haven’t we all been? – We have not all been here. – Are these…
– We haven’t been. – It’s a place. – Is it church? – Oh. – Okay, well, I’m sorry. I’m helping. – Is it healthcare related? – That’s a great question. (groaning) – [Patrick] Okay, I
have a lot of questions, so fucking burn them. – Are there a lot of
people there every day? – Yes, okay. – Is it the subway? – [Samit] No. – Is it transportation related? – Is it above ground or underground? (disapproving noise) Oh shit, sorry! Hard to sit on. Is it underground? (Samit laughing) Okay, it’s underground. – Is it a cemetery?
– Underground. – Is it a grave?
– Is it a graveyard? – Grave stone? – [Simone] Graveyard? – Is it a mausoleum? – Is it a famous one of these? – [Samit] Is it a funeral home? – Is it a crypt? – Ah! (cheering) – Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! – [Ryan] Okay, who’s the werewolf? – [Game App Voice] You now have 15 seconds to find the teller. (laughing) – Oh man. Oh, you’re voting? – Is that the vote?
– Yeah, let me see the official vote. – [Game App Voice] Time is up. Werewolf, three, two, one, vote! – No. – Oh! – Eat shit! Eat shit! – Wait, was it you? No, ’cause you were–
– Was it me? – You were the Thing. – No, I was the thing. – Yeah, you touched me. – I did.
– Ah! – Who was the– – It was the person who didn’t
ask very many questions. – Ah yeah, look at that. (clapping) – I had a lot of trouble
when you were like, “Are there a lot of people there?” I was like, “Technically, but not alive.” There’s a lot of people there every day, and they’re all dead.
– Also, like, “Is it an experience?” – Oh, your reaction to it
being healthcare related now makes a lot more sense. (laughing) – Right? I was like, I mean, yeah, if you die… – If there was a failure of healthcare. – It’s part of the journey. – You said graveyard,
– Can you buy a crypt? – He said, “So close.”
– Am I allowed to buy a crypt? – Yes.
– Okay. – You have to buy them at Pere Lamarque, the very famous cemetery in France, but you have to pay for
a certain time span. I’m sorry, you can’t buy, you can only rent. – What? – (laughing) Yeah. – I’ll be dead from 60… – Is there a broker fee on it? – Ahh! (calming music) – [ Game App Voice] Mayor,
here is your magic word. Fortune Teller, wake up and
view part of the magic word. Thing, wake up and tap the shoulder of one of your neighbors. (tapping noise) Werewolf, wake up and view the magic word. Everyone, wake up. You now have five minutes
– Let’s do this. – [Game App Voice] To
figure out the magic word. – Is it a location? No. – No.
– Okay. – Is it a person? – Is it a noun? – Is it an animal? – Is it alive? – Is it a thing you can buy? – Is it bigger than a breadbox? – That’s the best one. – I don’t know why we started that. – It’s so good.
– It’s such a classic. – Is it larger than a car? – Okay, so between breadbox and car. – Great.
– Okay. – It’s a purchasable item. – Is it a vehicle? – Well it’s not bigger than– – It could be a scooter. (laughing)
– A scooter. – [Samit] Sure, sure. – Bigger than a breadbox.
– Is it fragile? – No. – No, okay, it’s pretty indestructible. – Is it manmade, yeah? – Yes, it’s manmade. – Uh. – It’s a thing you can buy, it’s manmade. – It’s not fragile.
– Bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a car. – Does it have moving parts? – It does not have moving parts. – Oh, is it edible? – Yes, it is edible, and
it’s bigger than a breadbox. – Is it sweet?
– Is it a special– – Is it a sweet?
– Is it sweet? – It’s ambiguosly sweet. – Interesting.
– Ambiguously sweet. – Could be–
– Is it a special treat? – Does Brian deserve one when he’s a good boy? (laughing) Answer the question, Simone. Yes! – Brian deserves one when he’s a good boy, that’s valuable information. – Okay. So little a salami. – Yeah, Brian can have… – Brian deserves one when he’s a good boy, it’s manmade… (laughing) – Is it commonly sold in America? – [Jenna] Oh, that’s a good one. – Oh! – Is it a pastry? No.
– Oh. – Is it healthy?
– Does it have a crust? – Is it pizza? – Pizza!
– Boom! – [Game App Voice] Congratulations! – Wow, okay! – Man, Ryan, three in a row. – It me.
– Oh boy. – [Simone] You had a raw deal, I’m sorry. – Yeah. Unlike the pizza I’m
gonna enjoy tonight after this. I think… – Only got five seconds.
– Brian. – I think it’s Brian. – [App Voice] Time is up!
– Brian with a B. – [Game App Voice] Three, two, one, vote! – It’s not me. – Ooh! – Who was it? Oh, really hard. – There was no chance. – Is pizza bigger than a breadbox though? – Yeah, I was so amused by that. – If you fold it. – You can fold it into the breadbox. – But I was thinking circumference wise. – How big is a fucking breadbox? – Breadbox are pretty small,
I actually feel like– – It’s not a thing where you’re like, “What is the volume of a pizza?” – It’s a slice. – You’re not folding it up. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – How hard are we? Are we really hard? – I think super hard. – Are they just longer? – [Game App Voice] Mayor,
here is your magic word. Seer, wake up and view the magic word. Thing, wake up and tap the shoulder of one of your neighbors. (tapping noises) Werewolves, wake up and look
around for the other werewolf. And then, view the magic word. Everyone, wake up! You now have five minutes to
figure out the magic word. – Do you always look at me like that at the beginning of the round? – Is it a noun? – Is it a noun? It is a noun. – Is it an animal? – Is it alive?
– It is not an animal. – It isn’t alive. – It’s not alive. – Is it edible? – It isn’t edible. Is it a location? No. – Is it a physical object? – Is it manmade? – It’s a noun. It is not manmade, and it is not physical. – It’s not alive, right? – It’s not alive.
– It’s not alive. So, it’s like a concept of some sort. – Is it an emotion? – [Brian] No. – Is it an event? – I don’t know how to interpret that. – Could potentially be an event. – Is it a positive experience? – Okay. Is it something people do voluntarily? There’s a lot of ways
that could be interpreted, that is not a great question. – Is it a bar mitzvah? – [Samit] It’s not a bar mitzvah. – [Brian] Just thought I’d try. – Do you guys think it’s being born? – It could be a celebration. – Again.
– What was your question? – It being born. – Yeah. I mean, ask it. – Is it being born? – It’s a noun, so… – Yeah. (murmuring) – Is this something that happens daily? – No. Something that happens… – Is it a thing that
people do, like an action? And an action that human beings do… – Maybe. – Is it a holiday? – It’s not a holiday. – Does it happen to one
person, rather than a group? – Oh. I like that, I don’t know
if that’s gonna help us. – No. – But I liked it. – Ambiguous. A lot of ambiguous
tokens coming out here. – Is it… Fuck! – [Brian] Oh boy. – Is it a day of the year? – No. – Is it something somebody
in this room has experienced? Okay, that’d be fair. – That’s gonna be an ambiguous, oh, it’s something someone
has definitely experienced. – Okay.
– Okay. – So it’s an experience–
– Is it a once in a lifetime noun?
– Experience thing? – [Brian] Yeah, no. It’s not. It happens multiple times. – Is it an orgasm? – No.
– Thank you, Samit. – It’s not an orgasm, thank you for bringing that right out. – Thanks for clearing that out. I think we were all thinking it, and… – Yeah. – None of us have experienced it. (laughing) – Dubiously positive. (laughing) – Is it a thing you’re invited to? – [Brian] No, it’s not. And it’s not something you do voluntarily, or you maybe do it voluntarily. – It’s happened to somebody in this room. – Right. – But it doesn’t happen daily. – Is it a fucking haircut or something? – You said it was not a once in a lifetime experience, right? – Yeah. – Does it change your appearance? – Maybe. – What about relations? – Is it puberty? – It’s not puberty. – [Game App Voice] One minute remaining. – Is it sports related? (laughing) – That’s a lot of stuff for us, so… – It’s not sports related. – Is it music related, I don’t know. – Keep going, you’re fine. – Ooh. Okay.
– Ambiguous. Okay. Is it something that happens– – Does it have multiple meanings? – [Brian] It does have multiple meanings. – Fuck!
– No! – So, it can be musical–
– Musical related, and it’s multiple meanings. – [Game App Voice] 30 seconds left. – Is it a reception? – Does this happen yearly? We’ve got more tokens than time, so– – Does it happen regularly, is it a regular, recurring… – No. – Have you experienced this? – Yes.
– Okay. – Is it a funeral? – Is it a concert? Is it negative? – It’s negative. – Is it a funeral? – Hospital stay. – [Game App Voice] Time is up! (groaning) – Okay, time is up. – [Game App Voice] You ran out of time. – That was– – Miserable! That was so bad! – [Game App Voice] A werewolf.
– We’re all the werewolves. – A breakdown, it’s a breakdown. – Breakdown. – A breakdown.
– Oh. – Did you say it was possible– – I think he’s a werewolf. – Yeah, I was gonna say, did you say it’s an optional, you could potentially
volunteer to have a breakdown? – I think he’s the werewolf.
– So, there were… So, the question, there are multiple
meanings was the big one. – Oh okay. – Because you can’t, that’s why it was music related. – Right, but also like a
communication breakdown. – Yeah, I think he answered
a lot of ambiguous things which were not accurate. ‘Cause I think we asked
if this is an event, and he said ambiguous, which I think is– – Well because event can
also be interpreted as– – Werewolf?
– Yes, which is what a werewolf would say. – Werewolves? – Wait, what, no?
– I think this dude. – No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait. – Okay. (murmuring) – No, no, I’m seeing a lot of aggression. – Yeah, ’cause I’m so certain. – Let’s get this one, ’cause I’m sure about that. – Wait, no– – You know there’s two. There’s two werewolves, right? Who got touched by a thing? – Wait, this… – Oh, great question. – Yeah, I got touched by the thing. – We only need to get one werewolf. – [Game App Voice] Time is up.
– Yeah, I think it’s him. – [Game App Voice] Everyone,
three, two, one, vote! – Yeah, I’m a werewolf. – Yay! – Good choice of question. – Dammit. – That was just ambiguous enough. – I could see why that’s
the hard (mumbling). – I was also a werewolf. – Yeah, I knew that.
– Yeah. – It became very obvious
right at the end of the round. (calm music) – [Game App Voice] Mayor,
here is your magic word. Seer, wake up and view the magic word. Thing, wake up and tap the shoulder of one of your neighbors. Werewolves, wake up and look around for the other werewolf. And then, view the magic word. Everyone, wake up. You now have five minutes to figure out the magic word. – Is it a noun? – Is it alive? Uh-oh. Uh-oh! That’s a strong. It’s ambiguously alive. – Is it edible? – Is it edible? Is it edible? – This is a werewolf. (silly music) (laughing) – [Brian] Answer the question. – Patrick? – No! – Okay. Okay, okay. Does it grow? Okay. – We’re on the fungus train, right? – Okay. – Are we on the fungus train? – What did you ask? You asked if it was alive? – Yeah, yeah.
– Okay. – And he said, “Maybe.” – Maybe alive. It does grow though.
– Maybe alive, it may be edible. – It’s one of those
things you drop in water, and it explodes. – It’s a chia pet. – Like mold or bacteria. – It’s not mold or bacteria. No, no, what did you say? You said mold? – I asked mold. – Okay. – Is it something you can
order at a restaurant? Okay. – If I ingested this,
would it make me sick? – That’s ridiculous. – [Jenna] Oh, I’m so sorry, Patrick. – [Ryan] Wait, what was your question? – [Brian] If you ingest it, will it make you sick? – Oh, I see, okay. – Okay, okay, okay. If you ingest a lot of it, will you make you sick? Okay. – Patrick, is it something
that I would eat, without shame? Okay.
– Oh, wow. – That locks out a lot of things. – Yeah. Not even ambiguous. – So it’s not day old food. – So it’s not supposed to be edible. But you could eat it. – Like, physically, it is possible for you to consume it. – Wait, focus. – Yeah. – You’re taking too much time. (laughing) – Is it not supposed to be alive? – [Jenna] Maybe. I don’t. Ask. – Is it not supposed to be alive? (silly music) – [Jenna] That’s also a very hard no. – Does its time on this earth– – Is is something we
– mean anything? – Engage with daily? – [Samit] Yes. – Is it blood? – [Brian] No, it’s not blood. – Wait, Jenna, what was
this other question, the first question? – Is it something we interact with daily? – Oh, okay. – Is it something you’ve experienced or interacted with today? – Wait, so it is something that he’s interacted. – Is it poop? – Is it something that we produce with out human bodies? (noises of surprise) – It is something we produce. – Is it yeast? – That’s a great one. That’s great. – Is it fingernails? – Is it hair? (cheering) Wow! Wow! – Is the whole word hair? – That rules! – We went off
– Unbelievable. – On such a tangent. – Okay. Okay.
– Okay. – I can’t believe we went with edible. (laughing) – Okay, werewolves, open it up. – [Game App Voice] You now have 30 seconds to find the seer. – Okay, I think it’s Simone because she was on the train of, “Is it something we produce with our human bodies?” – I mean, that was me though. – Wait, no, Simone
– I was the one. – Asked that, right? – No, I asked it.
– You asked that? – I mean, yeah, Simone asked it. – I went on the tangent ’cause I was on the mold growth, and I think we had bacteria, and I think mold is bacteria. – Part of it also thinks it maybe Ryan, but I think it’s Simone or Ryan. I don’t think it’s Jenna. I think Jenna was just
getting good guesses. – I got three wrong answers. – [Brian] Okay. All right,
we’ve got two seconds. Which one do we think it is? – [Game Voice App] Time is up! – I think it’s Simone as well.
– [Game App Voice] Werewolves, – It’s definitely Simone.
– [App Voice] Three, two, one, – Flip it.
– [Game App Voice] Vote! (cheering and clapping) – Simone did no shit. (laughing) – Of course. – We didn’t need a seer. – I didn’t know. – We gotta be more
suspicious of the mayor. – I can’t believe hair was a hard word. – Unbelievable.
– That’s what I was thinking. – [Camera Man] Simone, I’m still trying to figure out your question, “Is it not supposed to be alive?” – Yeah! (laughing) – That’s another reason I thought it was, I was like, “She’s just to throw us…” – Is it not supposed to be alive? – Hear me out. If I left food out, and it got moldy, it would be alive but not supposed to be. – Food wouldn’t be alive. – But I really like yours, which was, “Will it make us sick
if we eat a lot of it?” – Yeah, I was trying to
get the alive-ese ones out of the way. – That’s fair. – Is hair alive? Sorry, it’s not dead, right? – Hair, itself, is
– I mean, it depends on… – But it grows from a live thing. – What we conceive of the
limits of the human body. – Yeah, I mean, the cells are alive, and they produce, the thing grows. – Technically, these are
dead cell excretions. Our bodies are horrible. – That’s nasty. – Yeah, nails and hair are waste products. – Thank you for watching Overboard. If you had fun watching this one, watch all of the other ones. Bye. – Subscribe. – Subscribe to YouTube. – So just YouTube. (mumbling) (laughing) – S-P Nation! S-P Nation! (smooth music)

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