Let’s Play Shadow Man Ep. 3: An Irish Talking Snake with a Top Hat

Let’s Play Shadow Man Ep. 3: An Irish Talking Snake with a Top Hat

>>RYAN: Hello, Internet people. Welcome back.
We’re playing Shadow Man. Um, so far, I’m not sure if it is as good
as people have said it is. [gunfire and monster weeping] There’s crying aliens screaming and blood. So that’s pretty cool. [gunfire and monster weeping]>>SHADOW MAN: Got it.>>RYAN: It’s wicked. I don’t have to aim.
I love not having to aim. [gunfire and electrical explosion] It’s a dark soul, I think. How do I get it? I don’t think I can. I’ll have to come back here… some other
angle or something. Hey! I see you. [gunfire and monster weeping] I have an unlimited ammo gun; don’t get in
my way. Walking around in tar goop. Love tar goop. Tar goop’s the greatest. [gunfire and monster weeping] [more gunfire and monster weeping] Pick up… whatever that is. [gunfire and monster weeping] These screams are really, uh, exuberant. Like, I could just- oh, what the hell is that?>>JAUNTY: Michael. Get your arse over here.>>RYAN: It’s an Irish talking snake with
a top hat. That’s… that’s wonderful.>>JAUNTY: Hello, there Michael. How’s death
treatin’ ya?>>SHADOW MAN: Jaunty, kindly refer to me
as Shadow Man. Michael LeRoi has no place here in Deadside.>>JAUNTY: Whatever, Mick. It’s good to see
you again. Seems like simply ages since I last set me
eyes on your happy, smiling mug.>>SHADOW MAN: The feeling’s mutual.>>JAUNTY: I suppose you’ve been away dallying
with the old battleaxe. Giving her one with some of that righteous
voodoo so she can stay forever young?>>SHADOW MAN: Something like that.>>JAUNTY: She’s been filling your head with
her fetid pillow talk again, I’ll bet. Doomsdaying and armagiddying until you’re
drunk with the stuff.>>SHADOW MAN: She did happen to mention a
certain prophetic dream she’s been having.>>JAUNTY: Did she now? Well, for once I think
the old witch might be right. See that bloody big black tower yonder?>>SHADOW MAN: How could I miss it?>>JAUNTY: Well, old Bruegel, the medieval
painter blokie was just telling me the other day that he thought it looked remarkably like
a picture he once did.>>SHADOW MAN: Is that Peter Bruegel?>>JAUNTY: No, Seamus, his distant Irish cousin. Anyways, he was quite shocked, so he was,
at the terrible mess the bloody thing’s making. Appearing out of nowhere and tearing its way
through the place like there’s no tomorrow. Which, given what Nettie’s saying, might not
be too far from the truth.>>SHADOW MAN: Any idea what’s going on in
there?>>JAUNTY: Nope, and I shan’t be knocking
on the front door to find out neither. All I’ll say is, if there’s something wicked
heading this way, it’ll be coming from in there.>>SHADOW MAN: Nettie mentioned the dark souls.
Can you tell me anymore about them?>>JAUNTY: I’m afraid I’ll have to reply in
the negative again, Michael. Suffice it to say, Nettie’s told me that they’re
bloody powerful, well nigh indestructible and shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.>>SHADOW MAN: Any idea where they might be?>>JAUNTY: What am I, a dark soul travel guide
now? I suppose you could try all of the ancient
sacred places down amongst the wailers and shiverers. I just hope that none of them souls have ended
up in that filthy big black tower.>>SHADOW MAN: From what Nettie was saying,
some of them already have. Which is all the more reason for me to be
pushing on. Open the gates, Jaunty.>>JAUNTY: Places to go, people to see, eh,
Michael?>>SHADOW MAN: Just open the gates, Jaunty.>>JAUNTY: Did I ever tell you about the time
me and Attila the Hun were playing skittles with the guillotined heads of the French aristocracy?>>SHADOW MAN: Jaunty.>>JAUNTY: Alright, alright, keep your bloody
hair on. Which, looking at your shining bonce, may
prove to be rather difficult. Open sesame! And if you’d be wanting to pop by and chat
a while, I’ll still be here. It’s just a shame we can’t share a drop of
the hard stuff together by a roaring peat fire.>>SHADOW MAN: I don’t drink… with snakes. [music]>>RYAN: Hmm. I think that might have been… what we, what we just experienced then, I
th, I think it was comic relief. It was really bad. But that’s OK. I have goop to crawl in. [gunfire and monster wails]>>SHADOW MAN: Got it. [water sounds] [monsters in distance] [gunfire and monster wails]>>RYAN: You were hiding on me. I knew you
were there. [gunfire and monster wails] I will shoot all of you from a distance because
I’m a wuss. [gunfire] Or, apparently I won’t. OK. I’ll shoot you from a distance. [gunfire and monster wailing] [more gunfire] Come on, walk closer. Walk closer! There you go. There you go. That’s wonderful. [gunfire] That took forever. Should I go down there? I guess I’ll go down here. [gunfire and monster wails] I would just like to let you all know that
the Nintendo 64 version of this game looks really, really bad compared to this. And this doesn’t look that great to be quite
honest, so, uh… Just, uh, keep that in mind. If you have the chance, do not play this on
a Nintendo 64 ever. Ever! You will regret it. Mark my words. I guess I have to go this way. [gunfire and monster wails] Hmm. You know, I better make that a video before
I proceed any further. I will be right back.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Play Shadow Man Ep. 3: An Irish Talking Snake with a Top Hat

  1. This game is a great classic. It is also best played with a guide so you won't go around in circles. This game requires a lot of backtracking. You are very lucky to be able to play this version of the game (PC). I can only play on N64 emulator and it sucks balls compared to this version. It is really good to see yet another LP of this great game. The graphics in the game are very decent for its time.

  2. The N64 version actually looks much better than the PS1 version IF you have the RAM expansion card for the N64 console, which was recommended for this game and many others.

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