Hey guys, it’s Ro! I got some more requests from you guys to
play more games, so that is exactly what we’re going to be
doing today. I love crime solving shows, anything with mystery and detectives, and
NCIS is one of my favorite shows, I’m currently watching season 14! And, I just found out that NCIS just came
out with a new game to play. So, I decided to partner with NCIS and their
team to make this video. I went all out, I dressed up as one of the
characters that you can pick in the game. In the beginning of the game you have a few
different characters to choose from, and I chose this one! So I’m officially Special Agent Ro! I’m also babysitting a little K-9 Unit right
now. It’s a pretty sweet job really to be a K-9 Unit, because you don’t gotta
do paperwork… Freeze! My name’s Agent Cookie and I’m here for
your treats! I’ve got the game here on my iPad, the little game
icon has got agent Gibbs and Abby! Alright, it’s time for some good times and
to solve some crimes! Boop! Here we are loading into the game, we’ve
got characters Vance, Bishop, McGee, DiNozzo, Gibbs, Abby, Palmer and Ducky! Let’s press play and see what happens! We’re opening up, it looks like we’re
in DC. Oh we’ve got 2 people, they’re struggling. Oh no! Not the teddy bear! Oh no! We’ve got a murder! Looks like it’s gonna be a case of who done-it! Thank goodness Gibbs is here! Got a murder in capitol Mall Park. Victim’s a reporter. His wife is a former Marine. She’s the military liaison at the White
House. Time to grab your gear and look for evidence. Get to work. 10-4, out the door! Here I go! Capitol Mall here I come. Here we are at the scene of the crime and
it looks like we’ve got to find all of these objects. We have to find a hand gun, snow globe, George
Washington and a bobble head. Oh, and a Teddy Bear. And it looks like if you find them in this
order, you get some type of bonus, like a multiplier. I’ve already found the bobble head, and
there’s George Washington, there’s also a snow globe on the table, and there’s something
in the lawn, I’m gonna pick that up. Oh, new evidence! This is the handgun, I’m gonna tag it, bag
it, and bring it back to the headquarters. Then we have victim’s body, right here. New evidence, bag it, tag it, seal it. And teddy bear, oh so sad, broken teddy! New evidence, collect that evidence. Scene cleared! Looks like it’s gonna be showing my score
here. And I’ve earned half a star, and some items
to trade. I’m a Probie which is a Probational Agent,
and I’ve gotta earn those stars, I’m basically like a Rookie. Gibbs has got another update for us. There were no fingerprints on the handgun
you found. Ballistics will be able to confirm if it is the murder weapon. Get the Teddy Bear to Abby. Ducky has the victim’s body in autopsy. Agent Anthony DiNozzo is here, he wants to
tell us that objectives are located here. Tap on the objective to start the analysis. Looks like we can tap on Victim’s Body. Hit start, and Teddy Bear. Hey! It took some of my coins! I hope it’s worth it! Looks like a little puzzle, we’re gonna
have to piece this together. Let’s put this Teddy Bear back together,
let’s put his ahead on, there you go Teddy! And you’re missing your face, now, aw, that’s
a cute face! Let’s put your little leg on. Let’s put this little piece of tech in here,
it looks like a camera or recording of something. Put this little gadget in there. Da-da! We did it! Examination success! And my reward was energy, I’ll take it! Let’s go! It’s Abby! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited, she’s one
of my favorite characters from the show, for those of you who aren’t
familiar, she is our forensic scientist! Hi Probie, I’m Abby. The Teddy Bear you brought me is actually
a nanny cam. I knew that was a camera! Luckily, it was still active and taking pictures
just before the murder. One photo shows the victim’s wife, Frances
Coleman, and a mysterious blonde-haired woman. Tony can help you check the database for
this woman. The neck scarf found in the Teddy had the
victim’s blood on it. It had a strong smell of women’s perfume. Our killer must wear it. Oooooh! A lady perhaps? We shall see! Something to add to our criminal profile,
they wear perfume! Also got some new evidence, we got this suspect
photo, our mysterious lady! We’re checking in with DiNozzo, he’s got
the results for our Victim’s Body, let’s go check ‘em out! Ducky, our medical examiner has an update
for us. This one’s pretty straight forward, Jeth-RO! Oh-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Mr. Coleman suffered a single gunshot to the
abdomen, and died of blood loss. Painful, but likely quick. Earlier, I sent the bullet I removed from
the poor man to Ms. Sciuto. That’s Abby! She just shared that the ballistics report
confirms the bullet is from the gun you found at the crime scene. You have the murder weapon. Interestingly, I also found pulled strands
of blonde hair under the victim’s nails. Likely due to a struggle with his killer. That seems like a pretty important clue! Thanks, Duck. Yeah, thanks Ducky! We’ve got something new to add to our criminal
profile, Blonde Hair! And a new piece of key evidence, the handgun. I’m gonna file this. Agent DiNozzo’s got some news for us. Bishop left a hard copy of the files on the
victim’s wife. Check my desk in the Squad Room. Let’s also access the Identification Biometrics
Database. See if we can find a positive match from the picture of that mystery
woman on the nanny cam. The suspect photo you found may be of use
in this scene. Okie-dokie-artichokie! I’m on it DiNozzo! I’m moving down the street to the squad
room, enter the scene to find the clue! Agent Ro is on it, this is gonna happen! Looks like another find the objects, play! OK guys, so in the game you can connect with
your friends on Facebook and invite their characters to come help you collect evidence. I’m just gonna give my favorite agent a
call and ask her to come with me! Justine: Hello? Ro: Hey girl, how’s my favorite special
agent!? Justine: Oh, hey Ro! I’m good, just hanging out with my german
shepherd, what are you doing? Ro: I’m still babysitting the new K-9 Unit,
I was hoping I’d get a german shepherd, Ro: but, they sent me something else. Justine: OK, well that sounds cool, what’s
going on with you? Ro: I’ve been working on a case, I could
really use some extra energy, Ro: some extra eyeballs, is there anyway you
can help? Justine: Well it is my day off, what kind
of crime is it? Ro: It’s a murder case, there’s a lot
of evidence, a lot of clues I’m trying Ro: to put together. Justine: Oooh, that sounds interesting! Where should I meet you at? Ro: Could you come meet me at the squad room? I’ll meet you there with some Ro: coffee, if you’re available. Justine: Huh! Justine: You know me! I can’t say no to coffee! Or solving crimes. Ro: Cool, see you there. Justine: Alright, see you soon! Ro: Squad Goals in the Squad Room! Ro: Once again, the items we’re looking
for are up top, we’ve got comics, Ro: messenger bag, laptop and highlighters,
they even give you little clues, Ro: they’re like, this is what the item
looks like! Ro: Ah, I see this item, it is on top of the
desk right over there! Justine: Oooh, oooh! The highlighters, they’re right there on the desk! Ro: Nice set! Oooh we got a messenger bag. Justine: That messenger bag totally matches
my outfit, let’s take it! Ro: Boop! Ro: Now we’re looking for suspect files! There’s a lot of files going on Ro: in this office! Justine: They’ll have a picture attached
to the front of them. Ro: Ah, here they are! Boop! New evidence! Let’s collect this ! Ro: I’m not sure if this is relevant to
the case, Ro: but I’m gonna take this toy boat with
me! Score! Ro: And, some comics. Justine: I think every good agent needs a
stack of comics! Ro: Boom! Justine: Let’s make sure to check they mystery
photo in the database! Ro: Drag and drop the photo onto the relevant
glowing objects. Ro: I’m gonna drag it over here. Ro: Ooooh! Ro: Matching software is happening! Ro: Dig-uh-dig-uh-dig-uh, oh my gosh is this
a match!? Both: Lucy Diaz!? Ro: I’m gonna put this new evidence in my
file! Justine: Girl! Ro: Girl, you are looking mighty suspicious
right now! Ro: You have blonde hair and everything! Ro: Oooh I got a reward! Two more hints, I’ll take ‘em! Ro: Scene cleared! Alright! Points, points, points, points! Justine: Thanks for the coffee! Call me anytime, as long as there’s coffee
involved! Ro: Let’s head back to DiNozzo! It seems the victim had a life insurance policy. The beneficiary? His wife of course, Frances Coleman. The database ID’d our mystery woman. Her name is Lucy Diaz. She’s employed at the White House… in the same department
as Frances Coleman. The plot thickens! Gibbs’ Rule #39… There is no such thing as a coincidence. Let’s bring them in. We officially have a new suspect, Lucy Diaz. And Frances Coleman. Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs! I swabbed the two suspects in custody. They both tested positive for the perfume we found on the neck
scarf inside the Teddy. Also, we dickered that Lucy Diaz met the victim
regularly at a hotel over the last month. Maybe they had an affair, and he wouldn’t
leave his wife? Nice work Abbs. We have our two suspects and enough details
to make an arrest. Make the right choice, Probie! Here’s our two suspect files, we have Lucy
Diaz, who wears a perfume. And Frances Colema, who wears the same perfume! Before I make an arrest, it looks like I need
to get some more coins, so I need to go visit Abby. Tap get to locate items in scenes. Claim coins for item sets collected. Looks like we’re going to Capitol Mall! Drag the pieces back into place. Oh! This looks like a different puzzle! It’s all of out of order, looks like I’ve
got to drag this back into position. Doo-doo-doo-doooo! This goes over here, then I’m gonna move
this over here. Doo-da-doo-doo-doooo! Move this over here, build this together, almost
there. And then, almost there, final step! Then this one goes all the way over here, boop-boop-boop! To the left. Scene cleared! We did it! Points, points, points, points! And, I almost got a full gold star and I got
a bunch of other items to trade, lots of coffee, Abby is gonna be happy! Now that you have all of the items, you can
claim your coins. Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! You can complete an objective now, Probie. Let’s resume the episode! Now we’re gonna make our arrest. Great job. Now we have enough coins to arrest the criminal. We’ve got two suspects, let’s review them
and make an arrest. Ah, we meet again Lucy and Frances, if that
is your real names ladies! Let’s check out our first suspect, Lucy,
she had the perfume, and she’s got blonde hair, which was found under the fingernails. So she’s got two evidences against her,
she’s looking mighty suspicious to me! Let’s review Frances now, she has the same
perfume, but, she doesn’t have blonde hair, and I don’t think I can make
an arrest just based on perfume. What do you guys think, do you think it’s
Lucy? Or do you think it’s Frances? I’m gonna have to go with my gut on this
one, my gut is telling me, it’s Lucy! Everything matches up you guys, I’m gonna
go for it, I’m gonna spend my twenty coins and make an arrest. Fingers crossed! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! It’s a match! It’s a match! Guilty! We got her! Lucy Diaz, we have the photos and perfume
that tie you to the crime scene, and your blonde hair was under James Coleman’s
fingernails. Talk. He faked loving me to get evidence. I hope you liked all the pretty images from that foul teddy, Agent Gibbs. James should have stayed away from us. Us?… And who would that be? If you don’t know who we are now, Agent
Gibbs, you will soon. James was not the one we were after though. His wife is more important to our mission. Frances Coleman? What do you want with her? It’s not her. It’s her place on the checkerboard Agent
Gibbs. You caught me, but my Brothers will complete the mission. You’ve already lost. Tell your “Bothers” I’ll be waiting
for them. Lucy Diaz, arrested! Boom! Congratulations, that was fast work. Lucy Diaz is in custody, but I’m afraid
we have a bigger problem than just this one case, Gibbs. You and me both Leon. Let’s keep an eye on Frances Coleman. Da-da! We completed the first episode! And now we have unlocked the second episode. Right when you unlock episode two they put
you into a new case, this one is called Big Bang. Alright, this looks like a good place to stop! I hope you guys enjoyed the video, I had fun solving some crimes. If you’re interested in checking out the
game NCIS Hidden Crimes, I’ll put a link down below, it is free to play. Also, a big thank you to you guys for suggesting
another gaming video, this was very fun. And a thank you to NCIS and their team, for
making this all possible. I appreciate it, I had so much fun, let me
know also down below if there’s any other games that I should check
out and play. Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Good job Agent Cookie! Here you go, oh there you go Cookie!

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