LEGO Creator Harley-Davidson Fat Boy review! 10269

LEGO Creator Harley-Davidson Fat Boy review! 10269

hello everyone this is the Lego creator
expert Harley Davidson Fatboy now I need to admit right from the start that I am
NOT a motorcycle guy however I think I can give you a decent overview of this
model regardless at least I’ll try I want to start with something simple and
fundamental how much does this look like the source material the thing that it’s
supposed to be this is a picture in the instruction manual of the exact model
that this is supposed to replicate just in a different color scheme and at first
glance I’d say that’s pretty dang good now I’d say that’s really dang good and
it doesn’t matter how close or how far away you get the look is there as a
matter of fact from many angles if you’re not right on top of the thing
you’d be forgiven for not recognising that it’s made of Lego at all in terms
of size the official measurement from tip to tip is about 13 inches or 34
centimeters so if we look at this in relation to a standard Lego minifigure
it’s pretty big but it’s not huge and on first impression to me it doesn’t look
like a $100 model of Lego it doesn’t look large enough to be worth a hundred
bucks however this is made from over a thousand pieces so the value on paper is
pretty good and even I as a non motorcycle guy very much enjoyed putting
this together not just as a model but being able to recognize a lot of the
motorcycle stuff you know a lot of the mechanical stuff that’s built into it
and the way that a lot of stuff is is made is actually constructed is
enjoyable to behold in my opinion the most important thing here and probably
my favorite part of the whole model is the engine which has moving Pistons
inside and a working crankshaft and it’s all a custom build it does not use the
traditional kind of prefab LEGO Technic cylinders and pistons it’s all built up
kind of from scratch but you’re not able to appreciate that unfortunately from
the outside so when I rotate the rear tire you
this chain here and it’s actually rotating a gear train down inside there
and you can see a couple of the gears moving but that’s about it for exposed
mechanical goings on this computer generated full cutaway image on the back
of the box shows you what all you’re missing so this is all fully custom
built up in there with the con rods and pistons themselves which are actually
made from large spools that are intended to be used with with winches with string
going around them but they fit inside of custom-made or custom built up cylinder
heads and look at those heads I mean that’s a lot of pieces stacked up
vertically yet the whole mechanism is pretty smooth the pistons do not get
caught in there they they move back and forth and everything is just nicely
aligned and it works personally not everything is hidden away
you know a lot of the details that you build up are things that you can
appreciate from many distances you can even change the angle a little bit of
your shifter this is pretty solid the footrest there got the clutch cover some
people will probably complain that this doesn’t have a belt you know it should
be a belt drive for the actual proper full-on drive to the to the rear wheel
but the belts on these things are actually pretty narrow in real life and
I think this looks pretty smooth this this chain that Lego used here is about
the right set of proportions I think at least amongst parts that they have and
it looks pretty proper it would be nice to have a little bit of a cover over it
but I think it’s actually pretty good I also love the rear tire look at how wide
that thing is it’s a new tire that they built and they also did a new tire for
the front that we’ll see in a minute but what’s so cool what’s most cool about
this to me and how its built is that this actually uses two front wheels side
by side to make up the extra thickness so they didn’t make a second wheel and I
think that’s just awesome it’s it’s Lego you know it’s perfect Lego just putting
different pieces together to make other thing
I love how that works out I think the shaping of the exhaust here looks really
good although if you recognize these tips as trash cans that are barrels at
the least it’s difficult to unsee that I think it’s a little bit more obvious
even where those are used on the front fork so we’ll get to very shortly over
on this side you’ve got a couple of stickers that are used so this is
representing one specific version of there I think it’s their newest engine
design which I did have to look up and interestingly this engine this family of
engines uses eight eight valves per engine four valves per cylinder which is
why they call it the Milwaukee eight it’s actually listed down there on this
little chrome writing on the sticker but only one single camshaft
so really the pushrod tubes should all taper together that’s one thing that’s a
little bit a little bit off here one camshaft in particular for that to run
that many valves is is surprising that kind of blew my mind when I when I saw
that detail but I appreciate the fact that there are pushrod tubes back here
and that there’s nothing custom man you know they didn’t come up with any custom
designed molds for any of this it’s all proper Lego building here so I think
this is actually set up pretty nicely I think that it looks pretty good and over
here you got your no break and you can angle that just a little bit I have this
right now on a stand we can take it off but for the moment I want to leave it on
just for the sake of convenience for display it’s not really attached very
well there but it’s it’s well enough it holds it in a nice vertical position for
the sake of display but there is a kickstand that you can throw out on the
other side and I’ll show you what that looks like so here’s the front wheel
with the different tire so it’s got the narrower or a tire but this is the width
that you get from using just one single one of those wheels and there’s another
one of those garbage can pieces used they’re really nice fender it’s built in
two sub assemblies but you don’t really see the gap for
most angles it just looks like it’s in shadow when in fact there’s actually a
gap there that you can see from just some specific angles
I think the shaping there is pretty nice the overall shaping for the front end is
pretty good but the forks are a bit thick I don’t know how they could have
made them thinner without making them too thin I really like the shaping also
around this headlight housing I think this actually could have used a printed
piece they have a specific signature shape for their their headlight it’s
actually an LED driven unit on the new ones but I think that again from a
distance from any reasonable distance you recognize what this is supposed to
be it’s just not one of the strong points probably the weakest thing in
terms of how this looks relative to the real thing is this area right here right
around the the shoulders and the eye of it the handlebars are shaped up nicely
lots of good small details I appreciate the fact that you you know actually
build up all these smaller things individually got the little brake lever
over here which is a little bit small overall it could have been a little bit
larger but I do I do think that the overall construction here makes sense
and you have the indicators there also the mirrors use some some chrome
stickers so each one has a chrome just plain chrome there there’s a single
sticker sheet for the entire thing but you can change the angles of those a bit
and looking up from the top the speedo has a sticker on it of course and then
there are just a couple other stickers going down the center there the build of
the tank is very nice the shaping is pretty good this actually does use
prints for the side and they actually created two different prints because
just one would not do to do that correctly so that’s definitely a good
thing anytime they do prints it’s very much appreciated by pretty much
everybody versus stickers the shaping of the seat
is actually pretty nice it’s it’s built with a couple of different May
your assemblies this is built at an angle this is pretty much built studs
just in normal configuration straight up and that brings us back to the tail to
the rear fender which is also pretty smooth it has slightly sharp shines
around the edges but it doesn’t bug me I think that the the color is maybe some
colors would show that a little bit more strongly but just as it is I think it I
think it looks smooth enough and rounded enough and then at the rear most point
on the whole thing I have the license plate there which normally with LEGO
sets would have a reference to the designers name or at least to the set
number but in this case it was Harley Davidson that actually decided on
exactly what to put on the on the license plate there and I think I think
the company actually had a lot of input into specifics of this you know they
chose a recent bike rather than an older possibly more or iconic version because
they want to tie into you know something that people who might get inspired by
this could actually buy today and they also want to show off their a newer
engine design and everything I don’t think I showed you the radiator there
just a little bit on the small side I guess the motor itself overall is a
little bit small in size visually relative to the rest of the frame but
again it’s not bad in my opinion and then let me show you what this looks
like with the stand removed so your kickstand just comes out right here it’s
just on a single swivel that is perpendicular to the ground and just
leans over nicely like so it’s not the most secure thing it has a little bit of
flex in it but it does its job it works and there’s just a look at the angle at
which the whole thing leans when it’s on that stand I think it’s a little bit
exaggerated I think the lean is a little bit much but it’s not too far off from
reality if there’s one thing that I don’t like about this model one thing
that disappoints me it’s the suspension or rather the lack
thereof there is none you know this is a soft tail
it’s a modern bike it’s a soft tail bike that’s one of their major little sub
brands almost it’s it’s it’s something that the company harley-davidson is
proud of and they reference quite frequently and there’s just no
suspension movement here whatsoever they have a suggestion of the shock adjuster
off on the side and the real thing has a single shock for the rear but there is
not even any flex so they have that that hard tail look which is proper which is
simulated on the real thing as well but there is no moving swing section to it I
think that having no suspension is completely forgivable on the front
because that would just be so difficult to pull off without custom specially
designed pieces there especially with the forks being as thick as they are at
this scale but at the rear again I’m not a motorcycle guy but I am a suspension
guy so I really want to be able to do this and I kind of can’t all I’m doing
is flexing the entire frame and the tire a little bit and then this is something
that I just had to do because it’s a bike and bike needs a writer and I chose
Darth Vader in particular because it’s a really really large figures a pretty
large scaled bike and more of the normal sized figures that they’ve made in the
past like the stormtroopers stuff like that just wouldn’t quite fit even at
this I had to add on a small piece at the at each of the hips or each side of
the hips to lengthen the upper legs just a bit but gosh it would be nice if they
made a proper rider for this bike it would just make it more of a toy because
honestly as it is right now it’s not much of a toy you know you can’t really
ride a bike around without a rider and this just doesn’t have enough going on
with it but but invader on there really completes the package here are the
leftover spare parts for the set and what stands out to me the most is the
red color for the half round one by one tile at the end of the day
this is a good set in my opinion very enjoyable to put together but the whole
thing is not without its flaws chief among them being the fact that you can’t
see and appreciate the very nice fully custom built up engine mechanics
mechanicals inside of there once you’ve finished the model when you build it you
get it you’ll like it but once it’s done I mean even adult collectors want to be
able to show this to a friend or family member
visiting or whatever and you know spin the rear tire and show look look the
pistons go up and down but you can’t do that you know it’s it’s not play value
is not always just about kids certainly kids can appreciate stuff like that and
they can they can learn from it as well but us old folks like things that move
and do things in models as well and the fact that that stuff is there is
fantastic the fact that it actually works well is even better more the fact
that you can’t see it can’t appreciate it afterwards can’t share that with
others it’s kind of a drag and you know they encountered the exact same thing
with their large Technic only models of cars where they have these great working
engines and transmissions everything and once it’s all put together you just
never see it again also right there that one piece is not
pushed on not connected all the way so the box is there for failure in terms of
value like I said actually pretty early on in the video on paper the value is
there the price part ratio is fantastic especially for something that has a new
very large mold actually three new very large molded pieces and it also has some
specialized prints and it doesn’t have too many tiny tiny pieces so definitely
the value is is there in terms of the parts that go into making this the some
of those parts though is very compact you know it’s very dense and it’s not
large on the outside so again it’s easy to look at this as a complete
model and not really see $100 us of value there especially when you can’t
see the the nice working internals of the engine and it doesn’t have working
suspension or anything like that you know it doesn’t have stuff that you can
appreciate from the outside to really get that value in to feel that value you
have to go through the building process and the more removed you are from the
building process I think the less you can appreciate the value that is here if
you do want to see how this all goes together including the nice stuff inside
the cylinders you can check out my full real-time pure build which has nothing
cut out of it and just the plain sounds of pieces going together or you can
watch the speed build version which is the same footage just sped up quite a
bit so you can see it much more quickly rather than just having something really
running for a long time in the background and the speed build also has
a little bit of music to go with it thank you very much for stopping by
check out one of the builds if you’d like to I’ll talk to you soon

100 thoughts on “LEGO Creator Harley-Davidson Fat Boy review! 10269

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