Hello! hello hello song with you
of course you can and the second part of my bye because it is because paradise
must be mine freed I more or less a place for players to open everything
12 places are really not enough to leave no one
therefore we will continue 1 buy Of course I was quite successful
at least to hell with legends in In principle, there were many black relics
type and gold came across very good very good
but but my main goal is so I don’t caught let’s open another 90 why
no grandmother have a walk on all to hell still do me in this game really
boring so am entertaining myself as can
meanwhile starting with a golden ball and silver which of course also goes 3xl
I do not need these guys for her sake damn former mega talent former mayor
atlant but in the end, about frustrating his career as
and very, very, very many football players I think somewhere years through
ten guys playing fps will also be talk about the module is ready ps this guy
swayed to 92 but in the end he didn’t reach a damn on the field and
playing some beshiktash and why if there weren’t a lot of these, there would be a Natasha cube
Well, unfortunately they played very, very few
next package parquet package package twenty black players in 200 total
Well, chances are chances I have again gives a golden ball here it falls to me for
will go to the coach of course by the way very a good gold forward to me in principle
he quite likes not race but damn guys guys guys i didn’t free
coaching it’s bad it’s bad well hopefully hopefully
I have enough room for us of course in my composition so that training is not
I had to translate anyone then if suddenly it’s not enough, and then
valencia which, in principle, is also necessary
train well if not enough do pause you won’t even notice it translate
all who need to be a coach and will be back Of course, you can still
open hopefully hope he doesn’t will drop already saw the discussion it may
jump over no sleep in it wants me here
falls and over from the medical unit jimenes all three pancakes should be sent to the coach
I have not fully pumped and 7 sucks then ends here
groups discuss a lot already good bad and i but i’m sure that let’s say mimbar
so I’m sure he’s absolutely crap indicators of speed he really
cool growth and he really is very good style is attacking
midfielder not a classic ten what for a legend, in principle, it is very interesting
that is, it will connect scanf 0 but at the same time speed and of course
But not enough, but if you figure out how our game develops special attacks in
let’s say online and on the super store this most often you need this person
which may push the box respond to the groove and score and I think in
in this case, roi will be very good it seems to me because on what
online runners at high ratings not really for deciding if of course well
before you online incomplete misfortune which will control
unless of course he will and many take and decide
still playing with obama archamn one the star in the attack is the only thing
doing such opponents is just a pass forward and yes this groove passes but because
that because about obama i’m not some 85
and I have some even 90 second adamyan their videos which how they
stuffed into one star I can’t imagine but somehow write down the next
the pack is already 10 10 so far even no blacks yet even black is not and from how strange though
the future black dream falls there is
need to be sent to a trainer and no seats this is no place I remember I remember
okay don’t be sad by crunch by the way need will again have to sit down at the farm I want
so that we are on the 20th part by the way black there were at least 5 million days because
hell knows that in the twentieth part will be with farm and will there be divisions
let anyone tell you mazepe falls on there Andy Garcia and alpha 7 to the most
chief of seven unfortunately I don’t need it like Russia
and from now there’s a line-up then I Of course I’ll transfer him to the coach by the way
yes do not forget there if you need everything such players of the old season from full
by pumping, then pump the player now to thirty first level and you will be given it
with full pumping in the twentieth this can be quite useful if you and
it’s important that you have a huge a set of cards for me it’s not really
important but in the end click them anyway my hand does not rise you see u
me almost completely clogged you can always click on time
rush now especially in the twentieth parts
promise more gp chic give for cupcake 2 player can be clicked on full
pumping a can be for example send to the trainer she’s full pumping
will give a very good amount of experience for example and I think if
catch well you will have exactly full pumping if you catch the same player
fresh season, you can pour another one and possible cheese fresh season pro
sways completely there will be experience really fucked so you have to look
you have to think the metalhead is not falls out
my favorite one of my favorites attacking midfielders of gold from
ordinary cards a very cool guy and here the king aero and decided the dream and the guys
I have no place I have no place just to open the pack apparently damn
ok, back to you workout cleaned the players transferred the coach too
pumped and therefore we will continue continue my hunt for elusive paradise and
and he is elusive as elusive that’s because they are not looking for him because
he is mohair to no one to him there’s already one option or I’m leading him to
registry office or he brought me to the prosecutor you know what movie to become
silver silver meanwhile does not fall Well, this is so great
flexi faces what do I like silver she just
beautiful brilliantly clip on her face very even cool very superbly by the way
yes guys don’t forget to subscribe to my 2 channel there is already 3 game is on or already
4 shorter than the silhouette I walk through commenting vidos can often
jump no no jump the link as always in pinned comments then
subscribing to the second channel that automatically catch the legend
works well at least 10 percent cases and I will not deceive in short
subscribe brother and everything will be fine with topsy 9 players this one remains so
more precisely 156 and here I have a black pilot what did you think and what did you think and not
lightning me it suits rais can be here let’s look here two
black ball ayda legend sonnet te aler will you fall me di maria di maria y
I’m definitely completely pumped sent to the coach do not know pain in
leave someone and for now leave a lot of legends
there are a lot of legends on the account but here at least one of which I do not have and
as you can see I’m ready to hunt her by the way weird legends of argentina
Brazil but there is no zhilberto silva very afraid i was
joy it was these so because u me, too, he is not the best card single
it will be necessary to catch also 105 half exactly half exactly dropbox let’s
watch let’s watch what we have here the black lightning ball is not good and in
Tom I’m here guys guys guys exactly half dropbox march and jeweler 150
players and paradise not well graders graders and to me how very
cool the rarest rain until today
until yesterday the legend appears to me make
now he certainly will not be absolutely rare and the rarest will be work hisun
porsche issue but on my thoughts I would like to tell you
see this legend forgot this legend forgot this legend we were not introduced and
I am very glad that you can enter it evaluate my so far Pauling in general that he
what I got for 150 players in principle I’m completely satisfied with the drop
you can open yourself fat write what happened to you in the comments so
this forgotten legend is still outside or Well, I sat and thought, maybe
can there really be an option that we will introduce young beckham young
old beckham’s maradona and so on essentially look us up
October sit and wait especially accidents in the game as I understand it
will not happen and what remains konami to somehow hold our
interests it seems to me this news who are now on May club
that the channel still headed for I feel the improvement of my game
they started to wake up brains of course not sure but i’m very very strong on that
I hope so if we have enough a lot of time still remains until exit 20
parts why not enter konami by type with a small percentage but in which there will be
these are called unique legend they are still bought from you
their licenses then why not get them brother konami if you look well
make it so that we have it would be interesting to us only applaud
concept if you are nice to players then players will be fine
I will probably treat you on this finish the bro with you was a bart to
new meetings

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  1. В 20 будет вроде пять новых легенд? Они на целый год их растянут в перемешку со старыми ? я паки ради них только открывал, собирал два года, было 16тысяч голды и решил что пора обзавестись Кройфом, Петит, Кэмбеллом, Недведом, теперь у меня 8т.голды)

  2. А если у меня нет прокачаних полностью игроков?Они что всн удалятся?(жа у меня токо 100 тис.gp и 400 голды))))

  3. Артем Овчинников где-то вчера написал что нафармил за сутки 1кк и весь драв бокс его. Но это же не реально за сутки набрать 1кк, я посчитал если умножить 24(гп) на 24(сутки), это будет 400 с чем-то

  4. Морж, трех игроков старого сезона можно обменять на 1 игрока нового сезона?

  5. 6:47 эхххх…. помню! Раньше когда играл в "Clash royale" ютуберы пиздели! Тип: "если подписатся, и поставит лайк, тебе 100% выпадет легендарка" и я таким верил, и подписывался в в разные каналы))

  6. Предлагай идеи для Канамэ, и часто говори про ВС АТАКУ! Т.к они тебя смотрять))

  7. О братан, у меня тоже сяоми, поздравляю с самой редкой легой)

  8. Морж,почему ты не крафтишь чёрных игроков,которых у тебя нет?

  9. А ти можеш зняти відео про що ти весь травбокс открив і всіх ігроків виловить

  10. В каком нибудь видео скажешь как он. Стоит ли вливать тренеров, а то жалко)?

  11. Открыл 21 пак , поймал 5 легенд, в том числе Раи, который уже почти у всех, не считая китайцев))

  12. а ты часом не знаешь, из консольной PS4 версии, голда и GP монеты переносятся в pes 20?

  13. Легенд по идее тоже можно качать до 31-го уровня??или сразу до фулла?) А пак норм,за 1100000 взял все что надо кроме Саласа) даже четвёртого Дзанетти,жалко было обменивать но места тоже мало осталось)

  14. А если не прокачать игрока до 31 уровня, то что будет?? Ответь пожалуйста.

    Р.S.Зарание спасибо))

  15. привет скажи откуда ты знаешь что когда ты получаешь игрока например 78 лвл откуда знаешь его максимальный рейтинг?ну до какого можно его прокачать…чето я ищю найти не могу…

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