Leela Zero’s Incredible Chess

Leela Zero’s Incredible Chess

hello people I’m Alexander and today
we’ll be analyzing a rapid game played between nm chess network and Bot leela
chess, a bot ? would you say to me like what’s the use of analyzing a game
played between a human and a bot we all know that when humans are playing there
are always psychological factors involved in the game while computers
have all these Hardware resources dedicated to just making good
moves and to look even ahead of the opponent but let me stop you right there
Leela isn’t any normal bot she’s special and I’m gonna stick to calling it she !
she is a self-learning bot so her developers only taught her how to play
chess and from then on, she went on playing various opponents from all over
the world gaining knowledge and mastery of the game so in conclusion, “she’s ?”, she
has a very human-like approach to chess and I kid you not but she can even make
mistakes so without further due let’s get to the game so we have e4 e6 d4 D
5 so the French defense Knight c3 just all standard theory Bishop b4 and
here already from the start we have Queen g4 I think Queen g4 is quite the
aggressive move from the start I think most of us have learned to not develop
the Queen too early in the game, like we start with our minor pieces, but I guess
Leela just doesn’t care ! but here I feel also like to
point out that Leela unlike the other bots or other chess engines, doesn’t
have an implemented game database so I guess sometimes she just gets creative
anyway so Knight f6 threatening the Queen
so Queen takes on g7 threatening the Rook on h8, Rook g8 Queen h6 retreat
rook g6 pushing the Queen away further away so Queen h4 and here we have Knight
takes on e4 here the best move would actually be to capture the Queen why
would you say to me okay so let’s try not capturing so I guess maybe let’s
try Queen here, so black can just respond with pawn to e5 , or even, which i
think is stronger, Rook to f6 threatening here to take with the
Rook or threatening to fork with the Knight, the the Queen and the rook, by
hitting the pawn, so anyway I guess already from the start and the position
has a lot of poison to it so anyway here Queen takes on d8 check so King takes
on d8 and here we have night e2 further protecting the knight on c3
or else, let’s imagine if white just wanted to develop the Bishop to d3 here
black can actually takes on c3 then Bishop takes on c3 just forking the rook on a1 so yes it’s out of the question so
anyway, so developing the Knight to e2 further protecting the knight on c3 here
we have b6 guess black tries to develop his Light Squared Bishop here f3 kicking
away the knight, Knight takes on c3 and here we have B takes on c3 why would you
say to me why would we take b, with the pawn, sorry, not with
the knight well here I guess white just wants to unpin so he just
wants to kick away the bishop, and start?, and continue sorry to develop the game,
to develop his pieces anyway so here we have Bishop d6 a4 just pushing that a
pawn, this is like similar, a similar tactic to what alpha zero used, or like to
play, like alpha zero just likes to push his h pawn or a pawn, like sometimes
he just went on playing from one side of the board to the other just
crushing his opponent on both sides maybe just the same tactic or I don’t
know, anyway, let’s continue so here we have a5 from black stoping him up in
his advance anyway so here we have h5, sorry h4 and black responds with h5
which according to stockfish is a mistake here stockfish prefers the
bishop to a6 but anyway that wasn’t played, so here, white responds with
Knight to f4 threatening the rook and the pawn so Bishop takes on f4, Bishop
takes on f4, Bishop a6 and here I want you to pause the game like to think
about what would you play if you were in Leela’s place like I think I would take
here or play my bishop here or maybe here but let’s see what what Leela
played well Leela played g4 okay Bishop takes on f1 and Leela just doesn’t care
G takes on h5 okay so rook to g8 getting away with the rook and here we
have King takes on f1 here black responds with Knight to c6 developing jis
Knight and here we have king to e2, for further
centralizing the King because it’s the endgame so the King becomes an active
piece here we have Knight to e7 maybe going for f4 sorry f5 and Bishop e5 and
here the knight goes to a5 like planned here we have King to d3 further
centralizing it and here we have King to d7, getting the black king in
the game – we have rook to g1 Rook A c8, black developing his last
piece Rook takes on g8 Rook takes on g8 and here we have h6 when I first saw h6
I was thinking why, like maybe ? but like he wants to make the Knight go away or
something like that but then I remembered the quote that says a Knight on the rim
is dim so I guess Leela is just forcing the knight to the side of the board where
it’s it’s dim and so Knight takes on h6 h5 further pushing the pawn so
here we have c6 Rook b1 and b5, a takes on b5, c takes on b5 and
Rook takes b5 here we have rook g5 threatening to take the h pawnand here
we have rook takes on a5 Rook takes on h5 and rook a7 check king e8 Rook a8
check King to e7, c4 pushing those pawns trying to create I guess a passed pawn,
he takes on c4, check, King takes on c4 and here we have Knight to f5 okay Rook
a7 check King g8 king c5 Rook h1c for I guess the rock was aiming to attack the
C pawn so white just pushes it c4 rook to c4, the rook to c1, sorry, here
stockfish says that Rook to c1 is actually a mistake,
this move was Rook to h6, so look, but anyway that wasn’t played in the game so
here we have Bishop f6 and black responds with Knight e3 ganging up on
the C pawn anyway so white just protects it Rook to a4 King to d7 here stockfish again says that’s just a blunder, the best move
actually is knight, eh, Knight to d5 sorry anyway that wasn’t played guess it makes sense, threatening bishop on f6 it’s a good move anyway so Bishop g5 and
threatening the knight and the Rook so the Knight can’t move and the rook has
to protect the knight so here we have Rook c3 actually here again stockfish
suggests that the best move was Rook takes on c4 so here guess we exchange
everything but anyways just at this point it just losing for a black anyway
so here we have Rook to c3 and Bishop takes on e3 Rook takes on e3 Rook a7
check King e8 King d6 king f8 c5 rook takes on f3 c6 look d3 I guess he
wants to take the D pawn but here white just doesn’t care anymore
so c7 further advancing the pawn it’s gonna promote it’s gonna soon promote to
a queen or whatever so it just pointless it can’t be stopped at this point so
rook takes on d4 check King c5 rook d5 check and here we have King c4 and here
National Master ChessNetwork just resigned the game, why did he resign ? well
I guess he can’t protect, he can’t keep the pawn from promoting and he can’t
protect his King anymore so I guess it’s just losing anyway so what’s the point I
mean so I hope you liked it, I hope you liked
the game, the analysis and all that and I hope to see you soon so I guess I’ll
tell you bye bye for now bye

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  1. You misunderstand the nature of Leela. She did not gain knowledge by playing other people or engines. All her learning derives from playing games with herself! That is why she is called Leela Chess Zero, where "Zero" denotes zero outside assistance or programming or bias. She is 100% self-taught.

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