Leela reacts beautifully with a remarkable Queen sacrifice vs. Stockfish in Four Knights Spanish

Leela reacts beautifully with a remarkable Queen sacrifice vs. Stockfish in Four Knights Spanish

Hi all. We have some extra fun Leela games
to go over from recently so the chess com computer championship the Blitz
bonanza final five minutes with two second increments Round 10 – Stockfish
had won the first stage to get to this final and is now playing against three
neural networks and it’s gonna be pretty tough let’s have a look at this
game so Leela ID 41800 so this is one of the very latest
networks playing against Stockfish. e4 e5 the book given
to them the Four knights as the four knights come out and now Bishop b5 we
have Nd4 white wants to preserve that Bishop usually Bishop c4 was played
another alternative is Bishop a4 this has been seen quite a lot white taking
on e5 coming back it’s thought to be about even actually but Bishop c4 trying to
keep control over that d5 square Bishop c5 which is a kind of gambit now and
that’s accepted Knight takes e5 if white plays more modestly with d3 then this
scenario is at least equal for black this kind of scenario has been seen
actually before black blasting through dissolving the center a bit black can’t
take here because of rook f1 and the backfire but a move like king e7 Black’s fine so
we have Knight takes e5 instead of d3 Queen e7 Nf3 and now d5 Bishop
takes d5. Is white being too greedy here? if Knight takes d5 then Queen takes e4
check this position Black is getting a lot of pressure after castling queenside and
it’s at least equal so Bishop takes d5 Bishop g4 this looks like a very very
nasty pin and the problem of it also this bishop cannot help on this diagonal
so is Leela in big big trouble here d3 c6 Bishop b3
Stockfish looks to be about to pile on the pressure on f3
this looks pretty grim is this gonna be a quick loss for Leela? Bishop b3 we have
Ne5 okay guess what Leela plays in this position if I give you five
seconds starting from now to pause the video okay it looks as though there
aren’t too many options because this looks so strong
taking on f3 so Knight takes d4 giving up the queen and now this forcing move
Nf5 so it’s going to be Queen for two pieces potentially and of course a
couple of pawns collected from earlier Queen f8 Bishop takes c5 this is more
accurate than rook takes d1 because Bishop takes Knight takes this position
black might be able to cause white some problems here so that’s a very very
complex position as well but Black is in better shape than in the game
continuation taking here so rook takes d1 with the immediate threat of d4
forking so black gets out of the way of that castling wouldn’t help there’s
still the fork with great effect so Queen f8 yes this looks like a weird
move to play but where else? There’s going to be a check potentially on d6 as well
so Queen f8 at least looking at d6 so d4 Knight G6 e5 so White’s extra two pawns
in the center are already kind of making themselves being felt and the nice
outpost on d6 with that a5 pawn for example so it’s a very very interesting
Queen sacrifice for two pieces and two pawns at this stage it looks as though
yeah this is very very promising black castles Queen side King side for Leela of
course King b8 Ne4 for just supporting that e5
spearhead Ne7 Nfd6 Nd5 Rde1 stopping the knight fork there and now
pushing that knight back and now reinforcing that d6 outpost fxe5
dxe5 and we see here with dxe5 actually White has a 4-2 to pawn majority
on the Kings side can this make itself felt
later? a5 g3 we have after h6 Knight f5 Ned6 – Knights are swapping
positions there. Ne6 and now this blockading Knight is actually
removed trying to win another pawn. Is this too greedy? What about white’s King? Ngf5 Queen d5 rook f2 and black takes that c5 pawn but yeah the pawn
majority is now 4 to 1 here in theory but what about White’s King? Rook d1
h5 King g2 h4 g4 keeping lines closed a4 a3 Queen b6 and now the King gets a
bit adventurous with King f3 fascinating A move like h3 – it doesn’t seem
for example this is that bad it seems as though black it hasn’t got too much to
do in these scenarios in any case. White still better over
but King f3 Rd7 Rd3 g5 these pawns are starting to be
pushed and they’re adding they’re gaining in weight basically in the value
as they get closer to queening potentially and the Knights yeah they’re
having a good time swapping positions a reinforced outpost on f6 now it looks as
White had got two moves now just g6 and g7 supported by the knight on the
destination square Queen B5 hits in the rook Qc4. Now actually Knight d6
was played. Kg4 for yes this is very
very interesting. h3 nde4. White could have actually just taken that pawn
it seems as though black hasn’t got that much counterplay here so Nde4 Qc4 Rc2 Qa2. This is just weird isn’t it? Ng3 Re7
Rce2 so it seems as though White is just ready to push these
pawns now g6 f5 yeah this avalanche of pawns now blacks trying to do something
over here at seems but so this stops or discourages c3 and actually
blockades officially with Nc3 and now taking this pawn. These
pawns yeah and that the kings put put back the knight goes back to e4 now this
pawn comes up the board yeah blacks just spectating here as
these pawns increase in mobility f6 yes sacrificing that pawn. g7 If Queen g8
it looks as though h6 with f7 in mind as one example we have Queen
h6 rook f5 rook takes f6 this seems very desperate to give up an entire rook. If
King b8 then believe it or not rook d2 is not that ridiculous
here given the two connected passed pawns on the seventh so for example rook c8
rook d7 big advantage and if black took here … yeah this imminent f7 is so
powerful here then it’s it’s just crashing through really with advantage
so rook takes f6 rook takes Queen takes g7 Ref2 threatening rook f7
check King gets out the way h6 and now rook f8 the Queen’s just left by
herself against a rook and two knights this doesn’t look too good anymore
well not that it did earlier that much and now
yeah this looks like really there’s nothing for black to do but just wait
for this pawn to advance so this pawn does start advancing and yes – White’s
just massive material up in any case Black’s not really doing much here and
the game carries on to the mate in this particular tournament and let’s see
the technique and so yep scooping up all material and now final
phase – giving up the Knights simplify even further tablebase win checkmate
– so quite an interesting game there very interesting game with the Queen
sacrifice this is a line which often black is getting a lot of play really so
very very interesting to see this idea that f3 torture can be resolved just
with a Queen sacrifice under certain circumstances so if you enjoyed this
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23 thoughts on “Leela reacts beautifully with a remarkable Queen sacrifice vs. Stockfish in Four Knights Spanish

  1. This game is too good to be true. .. A Queen used to be worth 9 points. .. definitely more than two minor pieces. … This Queen sac outshines the nezhmetdinov queen sac

  2. It's very easy to miss a queen sac since we very rarely think about them but it was a great trade for leela. The 2 extra Pawns felt like a piece worth of value with how much central control they offered and on top of that White's pieces were worth so much more than blacks with how active they were.

  3. Hey, KC, I think youโ€™ve become so used to Leela being amazing that youโ€™ve actually undersold how amazing this queen sac is! It is basically a positional queen sac, right? Only long term compensation in terms of piece placement. And it did this against Stockfish! Nice commentary, as always, but to my mind this game, combined with performance at CCC 7, means that this is the first video that can be definitively titled โ€œThe End of an Eraโ€.

  4. I am waiting for the day when leela will face to face to Alpha.. I think this would be the most intense battle of modern AI technologies we'll ever see… Thanx KC…

  5. Good game and a good commentary to match. Thank you! A really interesting queen sacrifice which gave White all the play.

  6. KC, these are so entertaining and educational, thank you so much for your analysis and commentary, nice job!

  7. Thanks KC – what a great Queen sacrifice.
    I don't think a human would have seen that –
    the winning position was too far ahead.

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