Leela beautifully redefines the boundaries of the exchange sacrifice concept vs Stockfish

Leela beautifully redefines the boundaries of the exchange sacrifice concept vs Stockfish

Hi all. I have another very interesting
encounter to show you today Stockfish against Leela – this is in the chess com
Winter Classic final which is 10 minutes with a 10 second increment so let’s see
what happened. e4 from Stockfish the opening book given to them is in the
classic Giuoco piano so we have here black playing now Nf6 c3 a6 a4
black castles Re1 bishop tucks away on a7 Nbd2 and now Knight g4
hitting that soft spot so what’s the idea of this. Can’t it be easily defended
R2 – King h8 now we have the knight being kicked and it goes to h6 so the
idea was not just to encourage Re2 but to but prepare f5 unlocking the potential
of the F pawn here to get some play on the F file generally. b4 f5 then we
have Nh2 f takes e4 one slight downside with this approach of opening that semi
open F file is that white also has now semi open D file pressure which could be
handy we see Qf6 Ndf3 Queen g6 and now there’s one or two
threats here the immediate concern is Bishop takes h3 what it did actually
play King h1 and you might wonder hold on a sec isn’t there a tactic for white here
if Bishop takes h3 – can’t white play this Nh4 – actually here
there’s Queen takes e4 hitting the loose bishop on c4 so this ends up being very
nice for black and also by the way instead of King H1 – Knight h4 immediately
it seems Queen g3 is pretty strong converging all the pressure on f2 here
and what does white do if say this then Bishop takes h3 now
and here actually black can tactically handle things nicely for example like
this with a big advantage so King h1 a5 and this is very interesting for trying
to get this key dark square the c5 square if white plays b5. White is not
tempted to do that White played Queen d2 keeping things solid here protecting
actually b4 as well indirectly but also Queen g5 is on the cards sometimes if b5
had been played the c5 square is very nice for black so Nd8 say this
position black ends up protecting things and the knights on the back row but this
actually springs back with vengeance blacks getting a small edge here at
least that c5 square could be very useful in the future so we have actually
Queen d2 just keeping the tension here not playing b5 Knight g8 and now b5 here
so relieving the pressure on b4 so this Queen can actually move and it does
actually go to g5 now Leela obliges with the Queen’s coming off now we have
Nf6 now this is taken actually so that’s an interesting decision by giving
up the dark square Bishop quite often as a light square strategy here you can
imagine potentially if a knight manages to somehow get to d5 this is going to be
sensitive for c7 and d6 later because of that semi open file so it’s a very
interesting decision to give black hand black the bishop pair is this dark
square Bishop going to be useful or not this is the right way to take it, it
seems on G takes Knight h4 is annoying for black so keeping the pressure on the
f file seems logical but now we have Knight g4 now black doesn’t really want to give
up the light square Bishop here so we have actually Rf4
for putting some pressure on e4 Nfh2 now supporting g4 which means this knight could be heading to e3 to d5 to hit c7 so there’s an interesting tactics in
this position emerging if White had played rook f1 blacks in a comfortable position
here as an example just just to illustrate black can increase the
coordination on the F file and play for e4 pressure and the King’s there and
looks a bit dangerous but eventually yeah White’s cracking here in this
position it seems as though yeah black can really build the pressure in this
fictional example so here if for example Ne3 rook takes e4 this position is
only even but black doesn’t have to do that black can play Knight c5 to
safeguard the diagonal fast and look at the pressure on e4 it’s very awkward for
white blacks getting big advantage there so there’s a lot of pressure potentially
building up on e4 and the F file generally so we see this move Nfh2
h5 and this really encourages now after Ne3 for black to take this pawn
so is this a trap being set a tactical trap. Leela obliges to see the trap effect
by taking the pawn. On c6 white will just protect that pawn potentially and it
should be at least even even though blacks got the dark square bishop it
might be difficult to do stuff with it so we have that been taken and now we
have Bishop d3 and then looks as though this forcing sequence could be nasty
after Knight d5 so hitting f4 and c7 now a shocking move here I wonder if you can
guess if I give you five seconds starting from now what does Leela play okay Ne6 – a center pawn was taken out
which is perhaps worth more than a pawn Black’s bishop pair must be worth
something it’s these factors which make this a
very interesting exchange sacrifice for just one pawn before we get into it if
Black has gone to f7 isn’t yet another forcing move to face and this is getting
a bit nasty if for example here well let’s have a
look at rook d7 it runs into it seems Bishop e8 and so if black is really
losing c7 this is horrible is now d6 and that frontal pressure on d6 so this is
gonna be horrible White’s getting a big advantage so this seems to be a
virtually forced exchange sack given the nature of the forcing moves coming up
So Ne6 is very interesting Knight takes Knight takes rook d2 and that Bishop is
snapped off so it really is a raw bishop pair without any counterpart Bishop
either Bishop e6 and we have potential central pawn mobility and also
interesting in this endgame to consider the light Square pawns are fixed and
potential targets with Bb3 later we have f3 okay that weakens the
diagonal rook f8 and that looks as though that pivot point f4 is had handy
to hit a4 for for example Nf1 h4 fixes down White’s pawns first before they
anything. rook drops back now Rf4 for looking at a4 it looks as though
White’s really tied down and there might even be Bishop b3 potentially this
is addressed anyway with Knight d2 holding b3 Kf7 rook e1 and
the King comes towards the center so it’s a very interesting position to
consider for an exchange sac because it really looks as though it’s not just a
bishop pair the extra center pawn but blacks King mobility compared to White’s King is superior so there’s a whole bunch of little
factors which seem to really justify being the exchange down it’s actually
very difficult for white to play this it seems we have Re4 and black just
welcomes an exchange of rooks with King f5 if by the way rook yeah King f5 was
played instead of Re4 if White had played Ne4 just to illustrate the
central pawn mobility d5 King f6 and you can see this is really quite nice for
black things are coming along so Re4 King f5 look Rae1 if this rook was
taken the King can actually play a good role in this position the fixing these
pawns really help the King not to be harassed and as an example just to show
an example how the bishops can cooperate with the active King to herd through
passed pawns – this shows a really dangerous example when the King can
infiltrate with a big advantage as an illustration – so rook Rae1 not taking on
f4 g5 king h2 again here rook takes f4 this really doesn’t seem to help white
this position Bishop can entrench on e3 and probe and look at c4 it’s just
blacks got all the play here White is in a very defensive state so we have king
h2 bishop d5 really encouraging white to take that rook off G takes rook c1
bishop f7 here some accuracy is needed if Bishop e3 this position it’s possible
to play this if now say this this position where both bishops were
attacked it could actually be equal for white – breaking through on that d file
that’s the last thing black wants so Bishop f7 we have c4 King e6 Ne4 Be3 Rc2 Bg6 … Kh1 … Now Bd4 … Black
is slowly improving the position now c6 b takes b takes … King h1 Kh1 Kd7 .. you
might think is there something wrong with d5 well the rook on the C file yeah it
makes d5 difficult here there are resources for white this way might
actually be an advantage to black yeah white could be in trouble but in this
line here Knight g5 might be the better way to for white to go and still fight
here but even so blacks got a slight
advantage so it it was possible but this just makes things it’s interesting to
see what white is actually doing with King d7 rather than just sharpening things
up immediately seeing if the position could be improved Knight f6 King goes
back to d8 – this might seem a bit weird potentially the black king could go up
to be b6 and try and get in b4 so this is a dangerous route into White’s
position King h2 if Knight e4 as an example King c7 Bishop takes and if the
King steps here and is not cut off and getting to the c5 square then this is
all over once black pits picks up an outside passed spawn that’s all over this
will be absolutely winning passed pawn guided by the bishop so we have King h2
Bd3 Ne4 Kd7 Taking is is
nothing giving up the bishop pair here because the King can be stopped with
rook b1 that should be only even so we have King d7 and now Bishop b2
this now it’s starting to get really nasty after Bishop c2 the bishops really
cooperating to win that a4 – that long-term target and look how it’s been
neatly sealed up on the King side without h4 restraining White’s pawn
structure so White is just a spectator here
it seems we have Bd4r hitting the rook and now this pawn has taken it
looks as though this is just – White’s position has collapsed this is very
desperate looking g4 … black takes with the f pawn – so not even giving white a major passed pawn the h-pawn might have been something but the f pawn seems yeah how can we use the f pawn so another passed pawn yeah it seems as though stockfish has
given up in a way on the position c5 d5 Nb3 Bishop b2 so an important
tempo there to gain a4 without losing the a pawn so that pawn is a real
winner in the position it’s basically all over and we’ve got central
pawns now moving so we’ve got another two connected pass pawns here three
connected passed pawns in total now there’s like two connected passed pawns over
here so five connected passed pawns on the board as the Count (Dracula) in Sesame Street would say – five ah ah ah.. so Kd3 h3 we have King e4 – five passed pawns very impressive we have – yes it’s all over check from the bishop now under promoting a knight
to try and get in d2 and e2 – the d3 pawn is taken with check
so this Knight comes into the game g2 just just the show btw – so if this
knight was taken then g2 – look at these pawns
Space Invader pawns d2 to for example e2 yep they are queening
so rook takes d3 check King e7 Nf2 we have g2 now Nh3 – that
pawn is taken so it looks as though why did Leela give up that pawn but this is
still winning over here this is still absolutely winning there’s enough pawns
to win this.Nc2 was played again even this point its though it’s no
big deal if that pawn is taken this is still this
forking the rook and knight here is going to just help the a pawn queen so
Nc2 we have a2 – yes it’s it’s all over bar the shouting now
off after Nc1 especially this is just yep nothing to see here anymore okay the
game does carry on a lot though but basically it’s essentially over and if
you notice the decisive wins – it does seem to take a time winning compared to
Stockfish in general that the longer wins seems to be seems to be from Leela at
the moment and this is part of the reason this kind of mad shuffling around
instead of getting on with checkmate extends the game quite a lot you know eventually
the King comes up the board to offer some assistance and it’s all winning of
course checkmate so a nice exchange sac game for a load
of passed pawns connected passed pawns so it was recommended for me to check this
game out. Thanks for that – please keep up the the game recommendations that’ll make it
easier for me to pick future games that really exciting games so if you’ve got
any really exciting games you’ve seen you know put a hash suggestion perhaps
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get some and I’m just gonna do one or two so one to ten
so here are black at this point was threatening bishop takes h3 – it
seems to work because there was a loose bishop on c4
just to recap so even though White was forking there defending it seems Queen
takes c4 so we got a clear advantage tactically like that … now here Bishop
takes h3 threatening mate okay this scenario blacks to play for a
clear advantage wasn’t rook take e4 Bd3 .. Nc5 covering d3 first … then Rxe4 so things to look out for black to play
for a clear advantage I think was it just herding the pawns
– Kf6 yeah the pawns looked pretty good I
I think here taking with the King actually was it the King was it the
pawn – actually we take with the King – there is Re4 – that’s
just the pawn. And there’s all sorts of things
yeah we can just we just get a great position here I think. So it was just a great position to play with black so g2 e2
– well it’s absolutely winning – yeah of course – e2 – and d2 – okay I use
the hint there .. okay black play for a clear advantage here … I think we’re just
playing check and Nd5 forking to get the blockade lifted
from a2 – getting rid of that blockader For the b4 knight – interesting yeah just to recap it’s good revision for other for
other games we’ve covered you if you go to improve menu … puzzle books .. you’ll see also available recently – an openings filter a bit of a category filter
there’s only one hoping to add a lot more it’s my favorite Tango variation so you should see a lot more for that Tango soon and maybe some
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fun with that 🙂 Thanks very much.

22 thoughts on “Leela beautifully redefines the boundaries of the exchange sacrifice concept vs Stockfish

  1. Q. Can Neural networks play amazing Exchange Sacrifices? 🤔😀😎🌍 Video: https://goo.gl/tYQ8vr

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  2. Tryfon, you may enjoy this event at MIT with the creators of Komodo/Leela + Rensch/Hess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvem6-aybBI

    Skip past the simul and start at 53 minutes mark.

    The game between Komodo and Leela starting at 2 hours 23 minutes is a fun one as well

  3. The more I see computers play chess, the more I understand and appreciate the power of pawn chains.

    btw I think it's obvious that the team behind leela is trolling with those under promotions xΔ

    Always a treat to see leela play like that! It cracks me up every time xD

  4. I recently created an account on chessworld.net – just wanted to say that I am enjoying the site, couple of correspondence games on the go, and I like the analysis feature and the general layout. Cheers

  5. There is some very new and impressive positional understanding in this game despite annoying trolling at the end by leela. It would be good to more precisely understand under what circumstances this sort of thing works.

  6. The new nn-engine AllieStein is really crushing the opposition in the  Division 4 Playoff of TCEC 15. My two favourite games are no. 7(French miniature with a classic Bxh7) and no. 13(From's gambit with an amazing queen sac)

  7. Just though of another: "THE COUNT" as it applies to LEELA endgame:
    14:40: "Von, VON under-promotion. ack, ack, ACK!
    16:10: "Two, TWO under-promotions! Ack, ack!

  8. After 10. Re2 Kh8 11. h3 A very "Tal" like move would have been f5!?, sacrificing the brave knight on the Alter of Initiative! I'm not sure if it's sound, but it sure would be interesting. It leaves the white king weaker with the black queen, rook and both bishops ready to strike!

  9. I have just returned to your brllliant channel… what happened to the 10min games… please bring them back….we dont need serious chess all the time….your 10m ..games were
    fantastic ..thanks

  10. Leela was not exchange down, more like king up… at the end Leela seemed like no trolling, just getting all pawns and promoting something… to knight. Ok– here we go again.

  11. The beauty of Chess is even when a game appears to be bland at first sight , it could actually turn out to be intricately beautiful upon deeper examination .

  12. Another great demonstration of the strength of Leela, in what felt like one of the more "computerish" games of the series I've seen.

  13. Leela and Stockfish are in essence the same strength at this point. It is only a matter of time until Leela surpasses Stockfish IMO.

  14. "One of these pieces is not like the other. One of these pieces just doesn't belong. Can you tell which piece is not like the other, By the time I finish this song?" 🙂

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