Learn How to Make Money Playing Video Games Online “CASH OUT PROOF”

Hey what’s up guys, Jeremy Lagatule
here with another Wow app training video and today I’m gonna share with you how
to earn real money playing video games online that’s right if you are
interested to learn how to make money playing video games online in 2019 stay
tuned guys because I’m gonna give you a detailed tutorial right so you can learn
how to make money playing video games right on your mobile phone on your
laptop on your tablet whatever diet vice you have you can actually use it to
start earning money playing games online in 2019 so guys before I actually jump
in and show you exactly how to make money online playing games right let me
just jump over to PayPal to show you real payment proof so you can see that
this is actually a real program that pays real money right so I’ve just
logged into my PayPal account right and I’m showing my payments received okay so
nothing in the last 30 days but if I scroll down click on 2018 let’s just let
that load and we’ll scroll down and here you can see you wow me limited alright
this is the company that pays us for playing games okay if we scroll down but
further here’s another one you wow me limited another 17 bucks alright let’s
jump into 2019 right this is recent okay here’s another one you wow me limited
seventeen ninety six so guys I just wanted to quickly show you that this is
real money okay it’s not just credits or prizes Kay this is actual real cold hard
cash think it gets paid into your bank account or in my case I choose to use
PayPal a case of ego that is real payment proof okay so there’s no dispute
so guys if you wanna jump in and actually create a free account right
you’re gonna jump in and start a free account in my network so I can actually
help you if you need it alright so all you need to do okay this
is the video that you’re watching right now on
you tube all you need to do to create a free account and start earning as fast
as today is to scroll down and look for the blue link alright that is in the
description if you’re on a mobile phone there’ll be a little arrow here just
click that arrow and the description will drop down can look for this link
guys you just want to click this link and that is going to bring you through
to sign up into my private network ok so you are gonna be directly linked
to me so you can send me messages if you need extra help or anything at all you
want to learn some new ways some other ways to make money online because I earn
money online and a variety of different ways this is just a free one right there
are other businesses that you can join if you want to step up and actually earn
bigger Commission’s like twenty-five one hundred two hundred and fifty dollar
Commission’s right if you’re ready to step up then you can contact me but guys
for now if you want to just earn money for playing games that is a no-brainer
all you need to do is click this button that says join Jeremy Lagatule on wow
app alright click that button okay and that is gonna take you through to create
a free account look it’s a hundred percent free that’s never gonna ask you
for credit card details or it’s never gonna ask you for any payments at all
alright that’s a hundred percent free ok just create your free account here enter
an email address create a username password just the standard stuff that
you would normally do when creating an account alright so once you’ve created
your account you’re actually gonna come through and you are gonna be directly
linked to me and guys not only are you gonna be able to earn real money for
playing games there’s actually a variety of different ways that you can earn so
check this out the app is available worldwide on App
Store Google Play PC and Mac right so this just proves to you how legitimate
this is alright App Store Google Play PC Mac they all allow this app on their
devices right if this was a scam or something dodgy the
is services here would not allow them on the platform right so that just sort of
proves how legitimate this app is okay and it’s a hundred percent free as you
can see here I’ve got some earnings right and I’ve got a I’m starting to get
a reasonable lease size Network right these are all the people that are joined
up so here’s the cool thing when you invite people to join whether it’s your
friends or associates actually anyone on the internet just like this video that
you’re watching you can go and create videos or posts and complete strangers
can come and join your network and the exciting thing about having a network is
that all the people that play games and earn you are actually gonna earn a
percentage of everything that they earn as well and that is the super powerful
powerful thing about this app it’s basically like a network marketing
business except it’s a hundred percent free okay this is so exciting guys so
let’s scroll down I’m going to show you the different ways that you can earn
okay this instant earn that means just watching videos the surveys there’s all
sorts of different things that you can tasks that you can complete to earn for
free right if you shop online instead of going through your normal shopping sites
all you do is you just come and and shop through this app and you’ll actually
earn cashback all right games men there’s a variety of games
this games for mobile home games for laptops heaps of different games that
you can play and you actually earn for playing games right you can get store
credit you can talk on phone international calls is free calling okay
you can download this just like you would Skype on your laptop or on your
phone and you can actually call people internationally for free and you earn
money for doing so how crazy is that guys this is insane man smart slide that
is just a little feature that you’re enable so it’s gonna pop up some ads
from time to time on your phone every time an ad shows on your phone you will
earn money okay smart web that is just a little extension that you add to your
browser so you up here in the corner there’s this little wow coin emblem that
is because I’ve added the extension to my web browser now
every time okay I’ll give you a little demo I opened a new window the way out
comes up so instead of searching just normally you will go and search all
right let’s say we’re looking for some boots go search using this search
feature instead of just going to google right
and it just brings up all the normal Google stuff that you would normally
find it’s exactly the same except you actually earn money for doing so so guys
what else we got chat and news so if you go through and you watch your news
instead of going to normal news places that you’re going to just come through
while Atwell and you’re actually gonna earn money for reading the news okay
computer and web this is basically the same all the same stuff except you
download it to your computer okay so nine different ways to earn guys
super super simple you create an account for free and you start earning alright
it’s that simple for playing games okay there’s all sorts of different games
there’s our adventure games action games defense games platform games shooting
games alright so guys it’s a variety of games that you can play and you can earn
real money right 2019 you can learn to earn real money on line
okay guys so all you need to do to create a free account remember scroll
down to the bottom of this video look for the blue link right and make sure
when you once you’ve created an account come and say hello right we can chat if
you need any help or any extra information right just drop me a line
right there in the messenger chat in WoW app so guys I’m gonna wrap this video up
I hope you enjoyed it I hope you’re excited about earning money for playing
games online in 2019 until my next Wow app training video guys take care out
there bye for now

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