Learn how to Backhand Topspin in Table Tennis

Learn how to Backhand Topspin in Table Tennis

The backhand topspin against backspin is an
attacking shot used when your opponent pushes or chops the ball at you with backspin. Forehand and backhand topspins in off backspin
are very common in table tennis and are generally how rallies are started. If you can play this shot strongly, it means
that you’ll enter the open rally play in a better position to win the point. This shot is very similar to the backhand
topspin against block. So, head still, body arm and wrist relaxed,
wrist rotating through the shot. You’ll also notice that there is more upwards
movement in the swing. The major difference is that you’ll need to
drop your wrist at the start of the shot, especially when the backspin is heavy and
low. Backspin can have different effects on the
ball depending on the height and speed of the chop or push. The ball can either skid through at a low
angle or hold up and bounce higher, depending on the angle and speed of the ball. You’ll need to adjust the height of your body,
depending on how high the bounce is. If the ball is low, bend your knees and get
down low. If the ball is higher you can have straighter
legs. If the ball is pushed high, then your whole
body will need to lift and adjust. The angle of your racket need adjusting. Having
your racket face too closed will send the ball into the net, so you’ll generally have
to open the face of your racket to counter the effect of the backspin. Opening your racket face will usually mean
the ball travels in a higher arc over the net and you’ll need this against low heavy
backspins. It is possible to use a closed racket face
against low heavy backspin, but this will require very precise timing. Topspinning with a close racket face is one
of the secrets of behind keeping the ball low over the net and it’s well worth practicing. Even though there is upwards movement, be
careful not to lose your body position. The last thing you want is to end up with
straight legs and not to be able to move quickly or play a strong shot afterwards. Use timing and correct mechanics to avoid
having to move your body too much vertically. Start the shot from in front of your stomach
to begin with. From here, you’ll be able to topspin the ball
across court or down the line from same starting point. If you want to generate maximum power then
start the shot from your left hip, however keep in mind it will be more difficult to
play the ball down the line.

3 thoughts on “Learn how to Backhand Topspin in Table Tennis

  1. Why his hand goes backward and not forward? It is obviously is not the best backhand topspin, because a part of energy will be spent on a wrong movement. In the previous video "Table Tennis Backhand Topspin Loop Tutorial" you mention it as a common mistake.

  2. This is not very "professional": there is no body movement, it only has the hand movement. The body weight needs to spring up a little bit and the hand motion shall be smaller.

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