Learn coding with micro:bit

Micro:bit is a very simple computer And what you can do is, you can write computer programs using a block editor This allows you to program in a very visual way The kids enjoy and they can understand more easily than lines of text Computers are everywhere We use computers everyday In our laptops, in our smartphones, games consoles or calculator These are all forms of computers And with computer programming We not only use computers in a way other people have designed them But we can make computers work the way we want them to do The way the kids are learning about this today is great This will be very useful In the future it will be an advantage for them They will be getting more interested The country can gain a lot from this Coding is a great thing In my opinion, it is highly significant in our daily lives So I think micro:bit is really helping children learn about coding and being more interactive with coding This is basically bringing in children and showing them that coding is not only about numbers and digits It’s something more than that You can do so many things with coding Once we do explain that, I think it’s going to help children Later on in their different aspects of lives, their career or wherever they want to go I think this should be included in the education system of our country This is a very interesting concept, so teachers, parents or whoever is watching this should definitely encourage this little kids because they can get super creative with it It can be really fun as well! So get creative Because this can provide a lot of chances for you to turn into a creative person and have a creative thought process Because you are going to get into coding as well and that’s going to help you be more tech savvy and get into technology and entertainment British Council, here in the cultural center, is conducting training sessions and taking it to different parts of Bangladesh as well I think it is a very good starting point From this stage, they will be prepared to learn more complex programming Coding is very important This will definitely be useful in their future workplace And it will also be necessary if they decide to go for entrepreneurship All the needs will be fulfilled as they learn to code programs When she went home, my child seemed very interested She said, “Mom, I want to become a programmer… …and this primary stage made me even more interested in coding.” In the days ahead, this will be useful In their job life, they will find it useful too They are making a great start The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is a non-profit organisation Enabling children around the world to get creative with technology and gain digital skills in schools, in clubs, in libraries and in their homes The BBC micro:bit is really easy to use with little training and can be programmed using variety of coding platforms on a PC, laptop or a Bluetooth enabled smartphones or tablets Our vision is to power imagination with code And for young people in Bangladesh to get creative get connected and get coding The programming I learned from micro:bit is very essential We don’t get to learn this in school We were trained here with great care Even a foreigner is present here And there were many volunteers Who taught us really well Actually this was very different from regular teaching and it was done with great care At a time in my life, I started dreaming about being a coumputer programmer So, now, thanks to this, I can learn more in the future micro:bit gave me a primary understanding of what I could expect in the future The difference between computer classes in school and micro:bit is clear Here, for example, the Dodgeball game you can see we are getting to know ourselves better We created this by programming it ourselves So this is completely different from school computer classes. Other than this, we learned how to make various games like Snakes and Ladders or Head-Tail Toss This was only possible through micro:bit And in the past, we could not even know about them Micro:bit is very user friendly I like micro:bit because most of the children aged like us can easily cope up with it It is really fun to use micro:bit actually Get creative, get connected and get coding because coding can also get fun

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