League and Dota Auto Chess

League and Dota Auto Chess

– [Dunk] ♪ Dunkey, Dunkey’s Castle ♪ Come on down to Dunkey’s Castle! We got all new stuff! We got the Dunkey Pin! Voilà! We got the Dunkey Coffee Mug that comes with the Bonus Stickers! We — We’re bringing back… …the Dunkey Keychain featuring Bubberducky! And for the first time ever… The Beeg Dunkey T-Shirt! So remember… ♪ BET-TER ♪ ♪ COME DOWN ♪ ♪ TO FUCKIN’ DUNKEY’S CASTLE ♪
(dunkeyscastle.com) ♪ BAH, BAH ♪ ♪ BAH ♪ ♪ WAH, WAH ♪ ♪ BAH, BUH, BUH, BUH, BUH, BUUH, BUH ♪ I’ll eat ’em! When I was a kid our computer was an eMac
(Education Mac) and what was messed up about that is whenever I would go to Target with my mom they would have all this computer games, when you walked in… Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Fallout, Morrowind, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Far Cry… None of those games worked for iMac. The kind of games you had on Mac OS was like: Zoombinis, Sss… Spy Fox, Freddi Fish, The Sims, Math Blaster… There was no killing, there was no big headshots. But then, one day, we’re in the Apple Store and I see this big green orc face on a box art and I went: “Oh yeah!” “Now this is a good game!” Warcraft III This was my shit! Not for the actual game of Warcraft 3, keep in mind, I don’t think anybody actually played that. No, the real game of Warcraft 3 was the custom maps. Using the map editor, players could essentially create entire games, inside of Warcraft 3, for you to download and play with other people online. One of the most popular modes, DotA, went on to spawn an entire genre of standalone games. And one day, you know, I’m sitting there playing The Hobbit MOBA and I’m getting a Pentakill on Smeagol and I wonder “How come none of those other Warcraft modes ever caught on like this?” You had “Footmen Frenzy”, where you could play as Jar Jar Binks and electrocute people. You had “Run Kitty Run” which was like a cooperative platformer where you have to risk your life to revive your teammates and it kept playing one Nickelback song in repeat, the entire time. Tower Defense wars… you would send waves of enemies to your opponents which generated income, while at the same time building towers to defend your base and you would construct all these elaborate mazes, they would have to run through. But then you start spawning attacking units which could poke holes in the maze. All these great modes that weren’t DotA just fell by the wayside until… “Auto Chess” which ironically started out as a custom mode for Dota 2. I can’t tell you what video games will be popular. I can only tell you what games… should be popular. The Battle Royale craze was born in a similar way. It started out as a mod for Arma 2. Then you had these really rough standalone games and then the big studios come in, and get all the money. For me… the entire point of those Battle Royale games was the proximity voice chat. – [Player] “No, no, nooo…”
(With a very thick accent) “Motherfucker, I subscribed with 2 accounts.” “No, I made 2 more-” – [Dunk] “Get ’em!” – [Teammate] “So I got the meat-” – [Dunk] “Kill ’em!” – [Player] “DUNKEY!!!”
(With a lot of distortion) (Dunkey laughs) – [Dunk] “How does he find me?” – [Player] “DUNKEY, WHERE ARE YOU?!!!” – [Kid] “You’re gay! You gay!”
(Hard to understand) – [Bystander] “What?” – [Kid] “You gay! You gay!”
(Dunkey laughs) – [Dunk] Once they got rid of that and sanitized everything… the magic was completely gone. Now… Auto Chess? This I can get into! Dota Underwatch is the latest game from Valve. Who, uh-
For the younger viewers out there, Valve is a company that used to make videogames. (Crowd expressing their disappointment) The idea is that you build a small army of units and go up against 7 other players in a series of 1v1 rounds. All you have to do is pick the guys you want and they fight each other automatically. It’s largely a strategic balancing act of trying to stay alive without spending too much money. For every 10 gold you have, you get one bonus income. (Coins sound) But… if you start losing your fights too hard, you’ll run out of health and lose. Like those Warcraft 3 custom maps Auto Chess is far more approachable than a traditional RTS where you’re micromanaging all this crazy bullshit… (Loud music and a guy giving instructions quickly) – [Player] “Stop, dropping all the units” “Down, down, up, up…”
(Typing quickly noise) “Up, down, down…” “Down, down…” ” If you- I have to (inaudible) click down from the top left to the bottom right-” Auto Chess is very stripped-down, very simple, but still able to retain a good amount of depth and variation. Since there are so many other players, the trick is to build a well-rounded team that isn’t heavily countered by a specific class. There’s also an element of chance. Every turn, you’ll get five random characters to pick from. If you don’t like the ones you got, you can spend money to re-roll for new ones. A lot of the fun stems from experimenting with different team compositions, you know, seeing what units complement each other and seeing how risky you can play without getting punished for it. So you have a Dota Auto Chess… but there’s also a League of Legends Auto Chess. Now, since I quit that game… articles started surfacing about Riot mistreating its employees, uh, you got the developers walking out and filing lawsuits against Riot for sexual harassment… The place has devolved into a total shitshow over there. But somehow, against all odds, they finally fixed League of Legends. By turn-
By turning it into a completely different videogame. Teamfight Tactics is pretty much the exact same thing as Dota Undertale except with “Duck, duck, goose” and a dabbing penguin. One thing I did notice about the League version is that we had to wait 80 minutes to get into a match.
(Laughing) Meanwhile, twitch streamers apparently had access to a where you actually got to — play the game when you wanted to. It reminded me of a classic quote from Riot Lyte. I’m sure they’ll fix the queue times, they just weren’t used to, you know, people actually playing League. I think the absolute highest compliment I can give to Auto Chess is that it is such a fun concept that even Riot couldn’t fuck it up. I mean, that’s pretty good! [OUTRO]
♪ “Network Mode” – Marvel vs Capcom 2 OST ♪

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  1. To be fair almost every Valve game is made by studios they bought out. They mostly just give people the tools.
    Mainline Half-life games are mostly all them I think and Gearbox worked on some Half-life expansions

  2. itès been a while since you talked about valve but im glad! you should check out the valve index 😉

  3. Just gonna say thanks to dunkey for mentioning freddi fish. I remembered playing it years ago and couldn't remember the name of the game. Thanks

  4. I wonder if the same person involved in sending dunkey the original email telling him that he's toxic and to basically go fuck himself. I wonder if that person is involved in any of riot's troubles

  5. 1:47 I'm pretty sure that someone turned that mode into an actual video game. In fact, I recall the late TotalBiscuit playing said game with his wife a couple years ago.

  6. Let's face it: Riot saw DotA auto chess doing well and wanted to cash in.
    Let's see those 2.7K riot fanboys dislike this comment too lol

  7. The best part about auto chess is the completely different game that comes with it, stress simulator

  8. They actually fucked it Dunkey. Some of the champions are broken and they can 1 shot your units. And the items are random. You can have 1 item and fight against somebody that has an adc with 3 items on them(they fixed this part,you now get a guaranteed item everytime you fight a monster)

  9. You're wrong about one thing bro, they did port Half-Life to the mac. And it actually ran on an iMac. I know because I was one of the two guys at Sierra who had to test that the game could be completed. A soul-crushing experience to be sure in 256 colors and 5fps. But it was possible.

  10. You should check out Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for some different autochess-type fun 🙂

  11. Tried to show that picture of you at @0:13 for only half a second thinking we'd miss it, but nice try dunko, now we know you're looking great. might just buy me a shirt so i can look like that man in the grey, goddamn

  12. Meanwhile actual league dies slowly… bugs are not fixed everything breaks down and more and more ex pro players quit the game for TFT 😀

    Btw TFT has bugs too… RIOT DOES FUCK IT ALL UP

  13. ok so

    1. Warcraft 3 has custom games

    2. Someone makes DotA

    3. Riot rips DotA, makes league

    4. Valve makes DotA 2

    5. DotA 2 has custom games

    6. Someone makes Auto Chess

    7. Riot rips Auto chess, makes Teamfight Tactics

    source: Zencha

  14. Football Strategy by Avalon Hill was the ultimate minimalist game (It's a board game, BTW). The complexity of other games was stripped out, and replaced with magic. I honestly don't know how the did it.

  15. You have to download League of legends to play teamfight tactics
    this level of marketing is both genius and disgusting
    I guess we can kind of call them Riot Game"S" now

  16. Dude how you could not mention MDK? That was the only game that kept me from fucking hating my mom's iMac until Warcraft 3 came out.

  17. Somebody please help. I have spent about an hour trying to find the song that he sings at 0:18. Obviously it is from a video game and I have listened to tracks from about 4 whole OSTs now and am losing my mind!

  18. Dunkey, I know you weren't all that enthralled with Fortnite but I think you might find it interesting to give some of the Fortnite Creative maps a try. The standard Battle Royale game mode in the recently released Season X hasn't been as fun as previous seasons in my opinion, but there are lots of neat maps and game modes made by the community that are enjoyable.

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