Lateral Game 3: the First Elimination Match

Which fabric is named after
the French city of Nîmes? The answer…
at the end of the show. Welcome back to Lateral,
and this is the first elimination match. At the end of this game one of these two
teams is going to be going home. Let’s meet them, and we start with
Team Pinky and the Brain. I am Lizzy, I am a Minecraft YouTuber and it turns out I’m not Pinky and the Brain,
I’m just Pinky. Hi, I’m Joel, it turns out
I might be the Brain, still not sure about that though. And I also make Minecraft YouTube videos. Now, it was pretty close in your last match, what have you learned,
what are you going to do differently? I don’t think we’re going to
do much differently, we’re just going to try and answer
questions correctly this time. It’s always a good strategy. Playing against you today we have, I have to remember that this is
team Terminator. Which you picked purely to not be… Yeah, it was Team Arney. Yeah, it was a cruel childhood nickname because I was at primary school
when the Terminator films came out. And you don’t get called Arney
without getting… That is reasonable. Please, introduce yourselves. I am Dr Kat Arney, I’m a science writer,
broadcaster and older sister of… Yeah, Helen Arney. I am a comedian, I am one third of the science comedy group
Festival of the Spoken Nerd and I am her younger sister. If it says anything about
how I would be at this game, I have only just realised the connection
between “Arnie” and team Terminator, -when you spelled it out there.
-Yeah. So… let’s go with round one(!) Round one is Deep Thought. There are six lateral thinking questions
in this round and 60 seconds on the clock for each of them. The earlier you buzz in,
the more points you’ll get. But if you wait, I will be giving you clues
every 15 seconds. So if we’re all ready, first question
goes to you guys, and we start now. Which animal, most commonly brown in
colour and seen in December, has four legs, three heads and two hearts? -Two hearts?
-Two hearts. -What has two hearts?
-What has three heads? -Maybe it’s a…
-Yeah, that is another weird thing. Maybe it’s not an alive animal,
I’ve gathered from… Seen in December, Christmas maybe. -Christmas or…
-Reindeers don’t have three heads though. No, they don’t, neither do other animals. It has two main working parts. Two main working parts. Wait, it’s definitely an animal. It is an animal because it said,
‘which animal’. Usually brown, usually brown,
not necessarily brown. -We might need to wait for another clue.
-Yeah, because I have literally no idea. It often makes people laugh. It would do if it has three heads. It’s not the dog from Harry Potter, that’s the
only thing I can think of with three heads. -And it’s not Dr Who.
-No. -As much as I would love for it to be.
-I have no idea. It’s not an animal as such. -Right.
-Oh, it’s not even an animal. Have you a clue? Like a collection of animals? No. -Go on.
-Rudolph! -Rudolph.
-Sorry for that. Sadly there was not a three headed
Rudolph guarding the… I’ve not actually seen Harry Potter,
so I don’t know. Why is it seen in December? Well, that’s up to these guys. It’s our favourite childhood game to play. -Pantomime horse.
-Pantomime horse, for one point. -It’s exactly right.
-I was always the bum end. It has two working parts, the four legs,
the people in it, the three heads
are the one of the horse costume and the two people inside -and the two hearts inside it.
-It makes sense now, yeah. So that’s one point to team Terminator,
and the next question to you as well. In 1991, New Scientist reported that a free
phone number ending 123580 would feature in a new advertising campaign. What was the number for? I mean question number one is
how do they know my PIN number? So a free phone number ending 123580, right, okay, genuinely,
it’s not my pin number anymore but… This was in the days before Googling
phone numbers was easy. So it spells out a T, 123580, spells out a T,
that’s why I used to use it as my pin code, you know when we used to have phone codes -to ring our parents?
-Yeah. Like free phone codes,
that was my free phone code. This wouldn’t work on old style rotary phones. -Yeah, it’s one… It’s a T. No, it’s…
-Okay, so it’s a text number, isn’t it? Is it Yellow Pages,
do you think it’s the Yellow Pages? Reporting something beginning with T or it’s to tell some people
about something to do with T. -Is it about…
-It was to help people reach a vital night-time
service easily. What’s a night-time service
that begins with T? Bringing you tea in the morning. No, we’re doing really badly at this. -Treason, trees, tree.
-And that is time. Any guesses from over here? -Go on, guess.
-Telephone. -Taxi, it’s a late night taxi service.
-Taxi. You had the T, it’s designed
so if you’re drunk you can just spell out a T on your phone keypad
and it will get a taxi for you. It’s like predictive text… pizza. -Yeah.
-Booze. Like what would you need? Sadly no points there. The next question is over to you. In the 17th century, French sailors
used petitions as a form of mutiny if they were unhappy with conditions on board. How did they write their signatures
on the petition so that nobody could be accused of
instigating the rebellion? -Right.
-So… So it’s got to be anonymous, kind of. Yeah, but how can they do
an anonymous signature? They could do the X. Oh, no, but that wouldn’t work because
they’d just write x’s -and one person could forge it all.
-You’re thinking pirates too much, I think. No, people are writing x when they have… A traditional list would have cast suspicion
on the first person on it. They wrote in randomly in random orders, maybe. They could have, yeah, maybe like they just … instead of one long line,
it was just a scramble. -Shall we try it?
-Yeah. For three points. Well, they wrote it just randomly
on the page rather than in a list. No, there would still be someone at the top
of that list who would get accused. So the question restarts, if you want to
buzz immediately, you can get three points. Oh! Did they write it like around a log
or around some kind of cylinder? Yes, for three points,
it was a circular bit of paper, but yes, I’ll accept cylinder
so that’s three points to you and you get the next question. Take a look at this. In order, which compass directions
are represented by these hieroglyphs? Okay, that’s nuts. So where does the wind most prevalently…
blow in Egypt? -That’s wind blowing from west to east
-Is that how it normally… So it’s going that way. The seasons enabled year round travel. And so… oh, well, the rudder,
oar thing has to be against the tide… No, is that flowing with the tide? I’m assuming it’s in Egypt so hieroglyphs
represent what is happening in Egypt, – don’t care about the rest…
-The Nile was important for Egyptians. So the Nile goes to north, flows from there
and up to the north to the top. So is the second one flowing with the tide
and it’s just steering? -And the first one…
-Alright. -For two points.
-I think the first one is… -I need an answer now.
-Going south because it’s against the tide and the other
one’s going north because it’s flowing with the tide. And it’s just got a little rudder to steer it. Is correct for two points for exactly
that reason, absolutely right. So that is two points. Last two questions in this round are on the
buzzer, so open to both teams, let’s see if we can get you off the mark. The Wikipedia article for this
eight letter word is illustrated by an Henri Vidal sculpture
of Cain after killing Abel. Since its coining in 2006,
numerous stock brokers, sports fans and even a famous sci-fi character
have been associated with this action at certain moments, and it was given
its own Unicode emoji in 2016. -Name the word.
-Okay. Well, it can’t be sexting because
that’s only seven letters. -I don’t know anything about sculptures.
-No, me neither. -I know emojis.
-Famous sci-fi character. Stock brokers, sports fans, is it… it’s something ‘ing’ isn’t it? -And it’s not killing.
-It’s a word of regret. I don’t know, I was thinking Spock fingers,
but I re-read the question. I definitely don’t think it’s that anymore. -Moping, apologising…?
-No. Look… I don’t know. It involves two parts of the body. Two parts of the body. -Fawning…
-Sword, swording… You don’t regret doing that, do you? -What do you regret doing?
-I think… -Two points.
-I think it’s “facepalm”. You are correct. The sci-fi character is Jean-Luc Picard. -Oh, yeah.
-Oh. You’re absolutely right, that is two points
and the last question in this round… In 1997, a cable company in Racine, Wisconsin,
offered free t-shirts in a television advert during a break in a
major pay-per-view boxing match. The advert was scrambled or encoded
in such a way that their customers would not
be able to see it. Why? Why? Because they didn’t want give away
the t-shirts, or the free t-shirts. Free t-shirts… So is it… Maybe boxing has something to do with it. It was deliberate
that the customers couldn’t see. But if their… the customers can’t see it… But, oh, was it the… it was a rival network? When the t-shirts were sent out,
the company sent something else with them. -Was it like…
-Like a magic eye? Magic eye, 3D glasses or something like that,
and they had to… -Yeah.
-A mirror? -It was the 90s.
-Yeah. The company caught six people for something. Maybe if they like don’t pay for cable
or something. -Wait!
-For one point. You can only see the advert
if you don’t pay for your cable. Exactly right, you are off the mark,
you’ve got the point. They were catching cable pirates. Because if you’re pirating the signal,
it would decrypt. Only the cable boxes they had
wouldn’t show it to you. So if you sent off for your free t-shirt,
you were pirating the cable, and they sent the police. Wow! I don’t actually know if they sent the free
t-shirt as well, but… Come on, send the t-shirt as well! So at the end of that round,
Team Terminator, eight points. Team Pinky,
you’re off the mark, you’ve got one. Better than we thought we’d do. The second round is Second Thought. You’re going to see a board of twelve numbers. You’re going to pick one number in turn
and reveal the clue that’s behind it. All those clues point to one specific thing,
and I need to know what that thing is. And it’s got to be for everything,
even the clues you haven’t seen yet. You are going to take the first one
off the first board, pick a number. -Nine, please.
-Number nine. Requires one cube. Sugar.
Sugar is… It’s a lovely idea, not what I’ve got. -Pick a number.
-Seven? -Yeah, let’s go for seven..
-Number seven. Said to be a morality tale. A morality tale. -Morality tale…
-Requiring a cube. The hare and the tortoise,
one of them lives in a cube… what? It is not the hare and the tortoise. -Team Pinky.
-Eleven. Eleven. Sometimes seen on playgrounds,
for four points. A climbing frame. No, not what I’ve got, so… -Let’s go two, up on the left, yeah.
-Number two. Reptiles are bad. Well, I think that is a moral judgement
that is unacceptable in this context. Is it snakes and ladders? Yes, absolutely right. When I was growing up,
I had a snakes and ladders set. On the ladders,
there was a kid doing a good deed, and on the snakes there was a kid
doing something naughty. Apparently that’s a thing. Yeah, but come on,
the naughty ones have way more fun. And you got to slide down the snakes, I know. You also get the first choice
off the next board. -Ten.
-Go ten. Number ten. Vibration. -Okay, put aside
the first thing you thought of. -Physics. Yeah, physics.
-You’re going to say physics? It’s not, I’m handing this over.
Team Pinky, pick a number. -Number one.
-Number one. Most need a stick. Gaming controller. Is not… it’s a lovely guess, it’s not what I’ve got. -Seven.
-Number seven. -Tight.
-I mean, are we just picking the rude ones or are they all rude? -I don’t know what you mean.
-I need an answer. No. -No, I’m handing this over.
-A pogo. Pogo, no. -Six.
-Number six. Comes in kits. I was thinking like a car,
but then not anymore. Comes in a kit, can kits come in cars? -Can cars come in kits?
-Yeah. A car. A car, no, so for three points, pick a number. Well, I mean, one, I’m thinking, who’s Kit? -But secondly, we should choose a number.
-Four? Number four. In the ear. I just can’t think straight. Oh, it is drums. Yes, it is drums, you are absolutely right:
a drum kit. Wow, there are a lot of worse options
up there. -Wow!
-For three points, it is, thankfully, drum. So team Pinky, the first one’s yours. Hopefully we can get some points here. -Number eight.
-Number eight. Tightrope. -You guess.
-Acrobatics. Acrobatics, no,
I’m going to hand it back over. -Ten.
-Number ten. On a country border. -Oh! Can I do a guess?
-Yeah. -You’re not going to be upset with me?
-No, guess, go. -Like you were when I was…
-No, you let me go all the time. I think it’s Niagara Falls. And you’re right for five points. Oh, skills. Do you know why I knew that? Because our other sister that we
don’t talk about, lives near Niagara Falls. She’s like our special pixie
that gives us answers. I mean it’s a strategy, certainly. But your magic pixie has got you five points,
which gives you a commanding lead. But there is still one question left
and it’s your first pick. You’re forgiven,
everything you’ve ever done to me. Everything is forgiven. Six. Number six. Today before yesterday. -Going to say… Monday.
-Monday. No, it’s not Monday, so handing it over. Possible five points, pick a number. -Eleven.
-Eleven. X is the shortest. Friday? No, not taking that, so. -We’ve got five left on our guessing list.
-Okay. -Pick a number.
-Three. Number thee. Can be medical. -Rays?
-X-rays. No, it’s not what I’ve got. So for four points, pick a number. -Two.
-Number two. First English one in 1604. I think they’ve got it –
we need to get this now. -Quickly, answer Lizzy, go for it.
-Ah, yeah. -Get the answer right.
-I don’t think it’s Thursday. -I’m going to tell you that now.
-Need an answer from you. -Light rays.
-Light is not what I’ve got. So for three points,
pick a number. Five. Number five, slightly different in the US. It’s a dictionary. It is a dictionary, for three points. It’s the dictionary. Today comes before yesterday
in alphabetical order in the dictionary. X is the shortest section,
and that is the end of the round. And the scores are 23:1. The last round is Quick Thought. Both teams, you’re going to have
90 seconds thinking time. But because you’re in the lead we’re going
to give you five extra seconds for each point you’re in the lead. You have a 22 point advantage. That translates to 3:20 on your clock
and 1:30 on yours. Now, that is going to be difficult to make up, particularly because your clock
starts counting first. But I know from rehearsals,
I know from tests, it can be done. So very best of luck to you. Buzz in correctly, your clock will stop
and it’ll go over to your opponents. Buzz in incorrectly, ten seconds away
and your clock restarts. -Careful on the buzzer.
-Okay, you too. -But perhaps not too careful.
-Yeah. Best of luck, your time starts now. What was the first product advertised
on the UK’s newest television station, Channel 5, on the 30th of March 1997? -Well, I wasn’t alive.
-I wasn’t even alive. So I wasn’t there to see it. It’s one of the word’s most famous brands. It could be…
no, they don’t advertise drugs in Britain. Toothpaste. Cigarettes. Maybe. Channel 5 was a very apt choice. -Gosh!
-Because they… what year was it? 1957, I think. It’s very close to Channel 5. -Guess.
-Yes. Channel 4. No, it isn’t, that’s ten seconds away,
it’s Chanel No 5. God. You have 44 seconds left. Which soft drink brand launched a version
called ‘dnL’ in 2002? D… Mountain Dew, Sprite, Dr… Dr Pepper, Coca Cola… Only the L was in capital letters. -So…
-dnL, do not… No. The slogan was
“turn your thirst upside down”. 7 Up. Yes, is exactly right, 3 minutes 20
on your clock. Who can you write to using the official
Royal Mail postcode XM4 5HQ? Father Christmas. -Yes.
-Father Christmas! -How do you know that?
-Yes, it spells out Xmas HQ. 20.2 seconds on your clock. In 2015, Sanrio revealed that which
character was an English schoolgirl with the surname White? Hello Kitty’s Sanrio,
I don’t know anything else. I don’t know anything about that. -Hello Kitty.
-Hello Kitty is correct. 3:15. Which gardener got his famous nickname
because he often told his clients their land was “capable of improvement”? Ooh, Capability Brown. -Is correct, 10.1 seconds.
-Why is this happening? Ribes nigrum is
the Latin name for which fruit? I need an answer now. -Blackberry.
-Blackcurrant. -Blackcurrant, sorry.
-Oh my God. I have to take your first answer.
I am so sorry. Oh! Why did you say blackcurrant? You are absolutely right, it’s blackcurrant,
because Ribena. -Ribena…
-Is spelled out with that and you don’t have ten seconds to give away
off your clock, I’m afraid. So that means today’s winners are
Team Terminator, congratulations to you. Commiserations, Team Pinky,
you put up a very valiant effort, but that was just not surmountable. So, commiserations to you,
congratulations to you and we’ll see you next
time on Lateral. In the ear.

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