La MERINGUE ITALIENNE – Recette inratable // Recette Technique

La MERINGUE ITALIENNE – Recette inratable // Recette Technique

Hello you all, Ludo here! Welcome to my channel Pastry Freak. Today, you and I are making a new technical recipe; we’ll make Italian meringue. You know this meringue as the one used for macarons or even the lemon meringue pie. So, I’ll deliver you all my secrets to make foolproof Italian meringue. Ready? Let’s go on to the recipe! For our Italian meringue, we’ll need: 200g sugar, 80g water and 100g egg whites. Start placing the egg whites at room temperature into the mixing bowl. Pour the water and sugar in a saucepan for the syrup; bring to a boil until it reaches 118°C. When the temperatures reaches 110°C, start whisking the whites until soft. When the syrup is at 118°C, slowly drizzle into the soft whitesand down the sides of the bowl while whisking non-stop. Keep whisking for 2 to 3 minutes until completely cooled. You’ll get smooth and glossy meringue with that specific peak. See? I hope you’ve enjoyed this new technical recipe, that you’re no longer afraid of making Italian meringue. Let me know in the comments if you want more technical recipes, what you need. In the meantime, we’ll meet again soon for new tasty recipes. Don’t forget to like this post if you did, subscribe to my YouTube channel and let’s meet very, very soon! Erm… So…Wait, I need to focus… Focus, focus… What am I going to say? I shouldn’t always say the same thing. Ok, let’s go! Hi everyone!I’m a bit tired. Wait, we’ll do it again. Can we see my dark circles? I didn’t mumble during the intro, that’s great! Yeah! You have to think that people are clever, they think about it. I now hope you… I see you laughing, I see you do that, so, I’m like, okay.

11 thoughts on “La MERINGUE ITALIENNE – Recette inratable // Recette Technique

  1. Vous êtes arrivé à temps pour me sauver, parce que je vais faire un gâteau pour maman et j'avais des doutes, miammmmmm, ma préférée, merci Ludo, bonne journée. Les Macarons s'il-vous-plaît, toujours un casse tête, a bientôt. Amusant.

  2. Bonjour 🙋🏻‍♀️ je ne sais pas si elle existe mais une vidéo sur une chantilly qui tient très bien 😍 !! Ou alors comment utiliser les différents pochage de la poche à douille ! Merci 😊

  3. Bonjour, vos recettes sont un délice. Bravo.
    Ca me fait penser à la recette du nougat blanc, je compte sur vous pour nous faire une réussite le plus tôt possible.
    Bonne continuation.

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