La GÉNOISE Facile et INRATABLE ! // Recette Technique

La GÉNOISE Facile et INRATABLE ! // Recette Technique

Hello everyone, Ludo here. Welcome to my channel, Pastry Freak. Today I’m going to show you a new technical recipe. We’ll make a genoise sponge cake and I’ll show you all the tricks to make it fluffy and light. You can use it for cakes such as layer cakes or the irresistible fraisier cake. Ready? Let’s move on to the recipe. For this genoise, we’ll need 3 eggs, 95g sugar, 20g melted butter and 90g flour. Start whipping the eggs and sugar. And put them into a bain-marie. My tip to get a very fluffy genoise is to whip the eggs in the bain-marie before mixing them. Keep whipping to 45°C. Once at this temperature, transfer to the stand mixer recipient and mix at medium speed. Mix the eggs until it’s very fluffy and creates a ribbon-like trail on the surface. The mixture will triple in volume and become very smooth and light. That’s the ribbon! My tip to make sure your genoise won’t deflate when adding the melted butter, it’s to add a bit of the whipped eggs into the melted butter and mix well. Then pour back the melted butter and whipped eggs into the mixture. And gently combine with a rubber spatula. Sift the flour above the mixture. And gently fold the flour in with a rubber spatula so that the mixture won’t deflate. Pour the batter in a baking pan, here, I have a 22cm diameter baking pan. Bake the genoise at 180°C for 15 minutes. Voilà, our genoise is baked. We can see it because the fingerprint doesn’t stay on the cake. I hope you’ve enjoyed this genoise cake recipe and you’ll do it again. Train yourselves because we’ll use it very soon for another cake. In the meantime, give the thumbs up if you’ve loved the video, subscribe to my YouTube channel for new recipes coming soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to treat yourselves, and see you soon, ciao! It’s recording, isn’t it? I’ll do it again because I’ll stammer, I tell you, I know myself, We’ll do it again several times. In the meantime… To make it very big and very fluffy at the end. Make it very big, it’s a bit… I tell you my secret for a very light genoise… Here we go, what were we saying? Conclusion, conclusion. Very soon… And I’m going to say nonsense, so let’s shoot it again. I’ll do the end again because I wanted to wink, and it wasn’t a wink. Shooting it again puts us in a good mood.

19 thoughts on “La GÉNOISE Facile et INRATABLE ! // Recette Technique

  1. Merci pour cette vidéo et surtout cette série d'incontournables car c'est vraiment les bases et on s'en sert toujours
    Je te tire encore mon chapeau pour le montage car 1) explications claires 2) on a les ingrédients et pesées a l'image 3) pas de musique superflue qui masque ta voix off ! Merci 🙏🏻

  2. Bonjour
    Je voudrais vous demander comment faire une génoise avec la pâte de pistache et aussi celle avec la poudre d'amande.

  3. Merci beaucoup pour ce partage de recettes et d astuces Ludo. Peut-on cuire cette appareil à génoise sur plaque pour faire un roulé par exemple?

  4. Amazing , I am Arabian followers, please chef , I don't have thermometer , can you tell me , what's the time that I left the mixture of eggs and sugar on the polling water ?
    Thank you so much .

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