Kurt Hugo Schneider answers Life’s BIG Questions!

Kurt Hugo Schneider answers Life’s BIG Questions!

SoulPancake. -My name is Kurt Hugo Schneider, and my channel is
youtube.com/KurtHugoSchneider. I make music, I produce videos,
and I try to make it good. The first video I ever made
that meant something to me has got to be probably
the first video I ever made, which was,
embarrassingly enough, a cover
of a “High School Musical” song. Overnight, 1,000 people saw it, which, to me at the time,
was huge. It all kind of went from there. Music is powerful because
it evokes emotions in people. You know, people hear a song,
and they remember, like, “Ah, man, that was
my prom song.” It brings back memories.
Emotion, man. That’s where it’s all at. Not many things can make people
feel strong emotions. They just can’t.
So music’s one of them. Is talent learned or natural? You know, I’d have to say both. I think experience
counts for a lot, so in that sense, you know, there’s a lot
to be learned about anything — you know, performing in music,
but also other fields, as well. You know, there’s so much
that you have to learn. There is something to be said for just what you’re born with
in this world. Everyone’s got talents. You know, someone has theirs, another person has theirs,
I have mine, we all have them, so got to make do
with what you have and then try to make
the best of it. Has someone broken the wheel
by holding the nail? Truth. I determine truth
by what you believe. You know, truth is something — I think when something is true,
you know it instinctively, and you just got to go
with your gut. I know for sure that love is the most
powerful force in the world. I’m lucky enough
to have a loving family, and that’s taken me through
some really difficult times. There’s nothing more secure
or true in my life than that. They do.
They see the me on YouTube and they see the me
behind everything and they see the me
when I’m frustrated and stressed out
and good times and bad times, and that’s what love
and all that stuff is about, you know, being real with people
and loving that. My life’s big question is,
how do I find happiness? What makes someone truly happy? I think I know a lot of times, and then sometimes I don’t. It’s just
having good relationships and loving people around you
and finding success and some combination of that
and some mysterious “X” factor. I don’t really know, but it’s
got to be my big question. [ Wheel spinning ] [ Ding! ]

86 thoughts on “Kurt Hugo Schneider answers Life’s BIG Questions!

  1. Truth comes from the scientific method. Question, hypothesize, test, observe. Skepticism of other peoples' observations and testing and making your own observations is important.

    Externally it comes from wisdom and philosophy. Listening to people who have lived full lives, read about their thoughts and experiences. These help cope with truths that are not so easily tested or observed, those that are more of a feeling, such as love.

  2. Happiness comes from loving yourself first then others.:)
    The connection with yourself, people and the world around you will bring you happiness

  3. I find happiness by letting it happen- it has a habit of discovering me on its own- and then holding on to what I find. 🙂

  4. Music is powerful partly because it activates a huge number of neurological pathways at once – auditory, verbal processing, pattern recognition, language (if it's a song)… the list goes on.

  5. I find happiness in loving everything around me, and me being part of it. It's difficult, but very important, to realise how rare and wonderful the universe is.

  6. he graduated magna cum laude from Yale University with a degree in mathematics and was a chess master at the age of 15.

  7. Well, like Kurt Hugo Schneider said in this video, he believes love is the most powerful thing on earth, and I agree. At one point I was so depressed because I felt like I was 'in love' with this guy I knew. I was depressed for about 7 months, so I decided that I should find a way to be happy again. So, what I believe is a good strategy to find happiness is to get a new perspective of something that isn't making you happy and just let go of all the negative & only surround yourself with positive

  8. REALLY REALLY REALLY admire the initiative and values held by SoulPancake. you guys are a great community and keep spreading the beautiful insightful positive messages your spreading to the world! love u guys!

  9. My sisterl dealing with heroine was in rehab and is now 8minths sobre and i can be prouder of her, ,,,,,The Truth i The momento theatre we dientes hace to lié any mire The truthis she Sto.,e mines and wedding rings and did a lot of aweful stuffit but she got helio and has support and she no longuera líes, i to nos no longuera ha e ti lié for her…and i Fidel blues sed dbc of test The Truth Will set youmfree

  10. I'd also like to say that I am blind and was typing out of memory, , lol so I guess the truth is the truth it might hurt to hear or to say but it will never chage unless you allow it to

  11. Like the laws that govern the universe that can not be altered, truth must be based on something that is unchanging. The one thing that is unchanging is the Word of God. This is the only thing we can use as a foundation to define truth. If truth is what is in our gut, our instinct, our heart, then we do not know the truth because what my heart says about something could be different then what another's heart says about something. As the Word of God says, out heart is deceitful above all else.

  12. Right now I think that truth is like a universal law. Truth is not a theory or in any way abstract. I think Kurt was partially right; sometimes we do feel truth in our guts because on some fundamental level it cannot be denied. But our hearts can lie to us.

  13. Believing that God exists comes down to 2 things – faith and experience. People scoff at faith but we all have faith in something. There are many things in the universe that you believe exists yet have never actually seen.
    Science is yet to disprove anything that the Bible claims. All science has as truth is theory. Something has to be true, I accept that it is God based on my experience.
    Science backs up the Bible, unfortunately we don't know enough through science to see this full picture.

  14. Well thats fair but..

    I have faith in things I believe to exist and be for good.

    In my experience I have found no reason to have faith in any religion.

    Although there are many things I believe to exist yet have never actually seen yet I have never actually seen (such as the pyramids or further galaxies and anything far away from us) there is proof and evidence of their existence. Gods on the other hand, well, we only truly have the word of the less advanced version of our own civilisation.

  15. If you explore creation open mindedly there is evidence to support it which then supports a Creator.
    We do have the word of a less advanced people but that is more accurate then you think.
    There is evidence to support what you believe but you still have a level of faith.
    It doesn't take faith for me to believe in God anymore because of the evidence I have seen. By God being proven that defaults His Word to be true.
    I myself don't put faith in religion, I tried that and it lead me no where.

  16. Im about to sound like Im just taking the piss but Im not, ok?

    Please tell me this evidence, I would like to know.

    I completely accept that I have faith in those things but as I have already stated, I have a reason to.

  17. 1 piece of evidence: when I was 4 years old I stuttered to the point of not being able to be understood. My parents brought me to many dr's and specialist and no one could fix it. As they were running out of options they began praying right before they brought me in to see a dr. As soon as I stepped into the office I stopped and haven't done it since. This is something that was out of anyones control consciously or subconsciously.

    I would share more but don't have the room to write it here.

  18. I just realized that I didn't answer your question properly. I wrote something in my reply "If you explore…" and then deleted it because I didn't have room, that is the part I was responding to.

    Here is a link to a video that would be worth watching, its part 1 of 10

  19. "Truth is whatever you believe"? You must be joking! "Truth is something you feel inside" You have no idea how glad I am that you aren't a Judge or a Scientist.

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  21. My experience is that the only liar in me is my ego. The heart can't lie. The heart is more intelligent than the ego. Since I learned to listen to my heart, the truth is revealing it self to me. Does that make sense?

  22. To find The Truth, first of all I have to be ready for it no matter what. All I need to do is to ask the innate part of me that knows and The Truth will be unveiled in a timely manner. It's so simple it's easy to miss…

  23. The heart as in the organ or the "feelings" cause feelings do lie. They're inconsistent. & as far as truth being whatever you or anyone believes is wrong because if something is true, everything else has to be false..

  24. & absolute truth can be known. And IS known. My truth says your truth is a lie, so is my truth true? Cause if it is then your truth is a lie.

  25. & as far as happiness, happiness is brought upon by knowing you have a purpose in this life & aren't just a number. But an actual creation, that God put here for a purpose. God gives your life purpose, thus, happiness. Jesus Christ to be politically incorrect.

  26. i wanted to tell you that i know the answer to your question! seriously the way to find complete happiness and joy is through God! the more you build a relationship with him the happier you will be! trust me i know, ive been through it.

  27. How to determine the truth? The first thing I do is trusting in what I beliefe, but in order to seek the truth, I fell is necesary not just to consider my opinion, is important to see things and learn first

  28. And about happiness…Well, I have God, and my Family, and My friends…I also enjoy the little things

  29. You find happiness by looking at all of the good things in your life and ignoring the bad. Everytime I need a boost I just take a step back and remember how much I have in life.:)

  30. Happiness comes when we treat each other with dignity you cant find it but it might find you sometimes if your lucky

  31. Love this! You guys should try and get Jerome Jarre on here. He seems like someone who would have some good answers to some of these questions.

  32. For some reason, I cried when he asked, "How do I find happiness?" I just thought that was the saddest thing in the world. Tears were trickling down my cheeks. Idk why.

  33. How do I find happiness? Being around, watching, facilitating growth. In children and even some adults, helping to create the growth medium so that potential can startle them and me. Seeing creativity emerge, dedicated effort yield an accomplishment, a virtue manifest …

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