Kingscrusher Youtube Chess Channel reaches 5000 videos!

Kingscrusher Youtube Chess Channel reaches 5000 videos!

Hi all! I just like to say a few words
reaching the number 5000 for a number of videos done. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed
doing this channel and hope to continue doing this channel until I die basically!
It brings me an enormous amount of enjoyment and
satisfaction and I also of course it’s it also helps market my sites – my
commercial chess site which many of you have actually become a full member or at least playing on and I really appreciate that as well by the
way. So the site originally a few years back about five years ago I was wanting to
try an experimental video based on Majnu2006 know who introduced me to how to do
a video – how to do video – Majn2006 and from then you know it it
was just extremely joyful each video to receive comments and views and it’s you
know YouTube which does this it provides all these things which helped motivate
people to create videos and I know that my enthusiasm for Chess seems to be reflected in a number of different dimensions. One of the things I’ve always
been addicted to in chess has been five minute chess – I remember playing from the 1990’s basically i used to go and play five minute chess in this cafe called
‘Checkers’ once who was owned by which was owned by Ali Armin and yeah i used to be
a five-minute chess addict and obviously that is reflected quite strongly on the
channel. I was able to beat IMs and GMs since about 1992 – I think in five minutes chess and so that’s been a kind of strong point of my game
for some reason but I’m a lot more confident in five minute chess than the longer games especially against the title players. I’ve really enjoyed playing on
on different servers as well – chess cube, ICC and there’s other good
servers coming up you know worth checking out and and of
course there’s the master evolution of style series – the evolution of style has
been great to go through history. In fact let’s check out the About section I’ve
written – so analysis of master games analysis of my own personal over the
board games, the evolution of style series yeah the blitz chess which as i
say i’ve been i’ve been kind of an addict in real life since about the
1990s – also my friends you know Paul Georghiou, Alex Ethelontis, Costas Karayannis (Youtube ‘fatandmad’) were many times playing these little tournaments 5-minute chess. So it’s a big thing actually
between me and my friends five minute chess has been a big cultural thing okay
and I just hope that the you know the videos keep being enjoyable to watch
because they are definitely enjoyable to do and I believe that that that’s one
principle if the video seemed quite fun to do – it’s usually quite fun to watch – I
think that’s a key principle that I keep to – and generally I try not
to do videos if I’m not in the mood. I try and generally have a bias for
entertaining styles of play so the dynamic more exciting
grandmasters you know with sacrifices which has been a recent thing on the
channel I think those are particularly entertaining and it shows the great
dynamism of Chess that like Bronstein has indicated that
sacrifices kind of indcate ‘ mind over matter’ so I think I want to continue
along those lines as well looking at dynamic players when we look at master
games in particular – the dynamic school of chess as I’ve called it. For my own
personal games that’s being pretty good especially recently my grade went up a
few months ago so some of the some of the theory seem to be working out a bit
better than before – I had great Herts chess league since November basically averaging 215 ECF which is very good
for me – my grade went up so you know that’s been good – um yeah um so I mean
maybe there’s going to be other other things but I think these are the six
main things which the channel has reflected mostly – and I think the meat and
potato of the channel I think will be the five-minute chess – so anyway I hope
you’ve enjoyed the ride so far and yeah check out my chess server if you’ve not a member there already – that’s that’s a really good
site that I have been doing for longer than the youtube channel for about 15 years so
that lets me actually do the channel basically I don’t have to I’m
self-employed so i can do chess all day and i hope you can let me carry on doing
that if you support especially – that’d be great ok – comments
or questions on youtube thanks very much

100 thoughts on “Kingscrusher Youtube Chess Channel reaches 5000 videos!

  1. I have discovered this channel last year. I'm glad I did because your enthusiasm for chess has reflected on me and I'm seeing a good improvement in my game compared to before. Enjoying chess has also left a positive impression on me as I applied the skills I learned playing chess in other fields of life. Thank you for everything so far and I'm sure that I'll be here to watch the next 5000 videos too.

  2. Your channel is what got me back into chess and I've been a better chess player and person for it. Your enthusiasm for the game and audible joy inspires me with every video you put out. Thank you, KC.


    Your chess channel is unique not only in volume and breadth, but also quality and depth. As a patzer, I find even your live bullet games instructive in their approach to tactics etc. This probably is the very first time I'm commenting on your videos (since I abhor using my real name on the Web), but I'd really like to thank you for all this great content you have uploaded.

    I've even grown to love your voice and accent (pleasant and a nice British example for us non-native speakers) and your mannerisms (you've got 10 seconds to guess which ones exactly 😉

    I wish you health and luck; and I'll probably continue watching as you reach the coming milestones of 10000, 15000, 20000 videos 🙂

    Since this is my first comment, I just have to request a video analysis of a game, right? Here's the one I've chosen (I've wanted an in-depth analysis since I first saw it):

    I'm sure you'll find it as awesome as I did, with the middle-game queen sac on an empty (!) square and all 😉

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I would just like to hear you more awake in your future videos. I feel like your sleepy videos turn people off of your channel. It is also strange to hear you sleepy while the most exciting things are taking place on the board. That being said I understand that there are real world constraints and sometimes you will be recording in the morning or at night and that that is really the only time you can do it sometimes. 

  5. You have been a teacher to me. I enjoy your lessons and learn from your great comments.
    I will also be a fan watching your videos until I die.

  6. Ive been here since quite early on and actually even star in one vid where I was lucky enough to beat the man himself!

    Top channel, top bloke. Here's to another 5000.

  7. I've seen my rating on rise from around 800 to just over 1000 over the last few weeks and I doubt it's a coincident that I've also been watching all your uploads for the past few weeks,

  8. Thanks for this channel…I never get tired of watching, and I find it very instructive.  Keep up the good work.

  9. you're definitely mad … mad about chess that is… to post so many videos with so much consistency and regularity over the years. and we thank you for that! here's to 5000 more! cin cin!

  10. You are the man kingscrusher! I have learned so much from watching your videos. Congratulations on reaching 5000!

  11. Well done Kingscrusher! I've really benefited from and enjoyed your vlogging over the years, and have recommended you to many people wanting to progress in chess. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  12. Congratulations! 😀 Have seen your vids pretty much since you started out in 2007 or whatever, which is when I started playing the game. I searched for chess openings or something and your channel popped up. Know quite a few openings these days, and am a full member of your site! Watch your 5-minutes vids every day! Cheers, KC! Don't quit! 🙂 

  13. Hi, KC! Wow, it's another great occasion to give you my thanks for this great channel. While I'm still a total patzer and quite resigned to remain one forever (unless a miracle happens,—- be that me trying to work harder and in a more systematic way for my progress at chess :)), I continue enjoying and taking much instruction from your videos. Your work is greatly appreciated and the volume of your output is just mind-boggling. We can only be very happy that producing these chess videos gives you pleasure and that you offer us this fantastic perspective of desiring to continue at it for a long, long future. As I've said on a few occasions already, I really like most of the types of videos you produce, but my favourites are the live games of 5 minutes or more (because shorter games tend to get a little chaotic toward the end) and the analyses of your own OTB games (because I think that the explanation of one's own thought process is valueless). I think I'd like to see some more coverage of openings, but perhaps such videos can be found in your archives, which I haven't yet had time to delve in properly :), and I understand that this kind of content is probably the least fun to make. Thanks again and congratulations, KingsCrusher!

  14. Congratulations KC, not a dull one amongst them, here's to the 10,000 up. By the way my girlfriend's a big fan, she doesn't know anything about chess but says she loves your voice ("so soothing")!

  15. You were the first chess vlogger I discovered, and I used to highly anticipate those hour long 2 minute Warzone tournaments you so often played in at the time. I can't tell you how much I miss those. Others do Warzones etc on Chesscube, but you and ChessNetwork are the only guys I've seen who are truly entertaining at it, and he doesn't do many anymore. I hope you consider doing them on a regular basis again.

    Congrats on your milestone and your prolific contribution to chess on YT.

  16. Just out of pure curiosity.. does anyone know what his very first video is. I think I can beat him now…been watching KC for awhile now.

  17. Kingscrusher you are the greatest exponent of chess in the world and a teacher at the same time. Queen Elizabeth should give KC Link title Honorary 🙂 Please forgive me for my english. Congratulations!! Best regards from Poland 

  18. Congrats KC !!! I subbed 6 years ago, but your vid quality is much higher now. Keep up and congrats again for the  5-K uploads !!

  19. love u kc, i've unsubscribed from many many channels over the years, but I've kept yours, even though i don't play chess anymore (i'm sure i will sometime in the future)
    you're awesome.

  20. Many thanks and carry on doing what you enjoy, and through your obvious enjoyment, the enjoyment you give to others is something you should be proud of.

  21. I just wanted to give you my heartfelt congratulations on reaching this milestone for your channel. I have been a longtime viewer of your channel and I have been a member of your website for 7 years.

    You are one of my chess idols, not because of skill, but because of your unbridled enthusiasm for chess and because you have made a living doing what you love (a very rare thing these days).

    Here's to 5000 vids, and hopefully to another 5000 to come:)

    P.S. -Not to mean you aren't skilled, your 5 min games are amazing!

  22. Its been a blast watching all varieties of your vids and it's great to hear you enjoy making them as well…also I have been wondering if you ever think that it's possible for you to be an IM…or even further?…is that one of your goals as a chess player or are you content just having a love for a great game…just curious…take care KC

  23. awesome… I have watched hundreds if not thousands of your vids and your style, humour and also your knowledge of the game are brilliant. Keep going, man!

  24. 7. Videos of your dogs in the park !!!  

     BTW, i meant to say to you earlier…. don´t ever be too worried about not checking things out on a computer (i hear you say this from time to time) because it does get everybody paying closer attention when you stop to analyse or question things…. avoids the passivity sometimes, that´s what i think anyhow…. 

  25. Thank you! Your channel is very interesting and entertaining! One request is this – If you could do longer games? like 15 minute games. Would that be possible?

  26. Only death will do us apart. Till then we appreciate every moment with you.  Thank you for enjoyment you bring to us, everyday. You've earned your success!!

  27. I have been a fan of your channel from the start years ago. You have expanded my love and knowledge of chess and provided entertainment for me and countless other viewers. Keep on grinding I will always watch you.

  28. I got into chess around Dec 2013 and have loved it since (around 1600 elo at at 15 min) I love chess and this channel is totally awsome! KC you are amazing.

  29. Just found this channel ;-). I semi-retired from chess many years ago, not long after our one and only meeting over the board! I am pleased to see your career has blossomed somewhat.

    You will probably remember the occasion more than the game. It was in 1989 in the National Club Major, Barnet V Streatham. The match was played in the living room of my home (bet that triggered a memory).

    We went on to win the final that year and I haven't really played much since. Very impressed with the channel. The commentary has that classic "Master Game"  feel.
    Well done.

  30. Thanks KC. I've been watching your channel for over four years now. I love it and you've become my go-to video when I've got a spare 15mins or so. Keep up the good work 🙂

  31. Hi everyone. I'm National Master Gauri Shankar. Chess channels like this has inspired me to create my own. Please feel free to check it out if you like similar videos like these!

  32. It appears that the previously loud "check" voice and the quiet narration have been balanced out in recent videos – bravo!

  33. Great chess vids. I always find what I need on your channel. is my go to playing site. Free to play and all the tools and perks for under three bucks a month. I hope you always find joy in the "game of kings" and kingcrushers.

  34. Do you ever recognize this annoying buzz in the background of your videos? That makes it really inconvenient to listen the videos :/

  35. I play like a damn ass but your one of my favourite channel. The videos are just awesome. What I define awesome? The way you have to made simple what is not…. So, keep it up!

  36. Congrats on making the grand number of 5000! Well done! Thank you for all the great videos, Tryfon. I enjoy them all very much. Looking forward to seeing another 5000. Cheers.

  37. So you make money through and also the donations? I had been wondering for years whether you had a "day time job" besides making all those videos.

  38. You sir are a true gentleman and one of the best chess youtubers period. No cocky music, no dyed hair no nothing, just a calm chess romantic. I've been watching your videos for quite a while and I wonder why I haven't subscribed yet. Very fool of me! I subbed today, glad to be on board in this awesome channel! Hope the best for you sir
    , Keep crushing those Kings!

  39. chesscube is a criminal organization that steals money from users through crowns , ( pay crowns and you are banned for no reason ) and personal data , and a not–chess site where harassment , threats , injustices of all kinds are on the agenda , as well as fraudulent activity as already mentioned , I reported to the police their illegal activities to shut down the site

    CHESSCOM is a true site chess

  40. 5000 vids, 100k subscribers. Kudos & Congratulations, KC! 🥳🎆🎈
    Cheers! 😊
    [Edit: Oh, geez! I didn't even notice this video is 5 years old. You must have tons more videos by this point! 😅]

  41. Congrats!!

    Also for anyone interested in the advancement of Chess-computing, there is currently a new AI network for Leela (based on Alpha Zero ideas, and free open-source) that just have started training– The name is T60 and its deeper than previous Leela (LC0) networks that have been competing in computer-chess tournaments. If you a computer you can contribute to the learning by downloading the Leela software and run the learning client. The best contribution is if you have a GPU that could help train Leela.

    The most exciting thing with this learning, apart from creating a strong chess-entity, that you can use yourself for free, is that the restarted learning from scratch on T60 is that Lella may find some new opening Theory and other interesting findings when learning

    Read here for info on how to contribute:
    Read more details about it in #dev-log and/or
    Note: T60 is a larger net at 320x24b so game generation will be slower than previous LC0 networks.

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