Kingscrusher Chess Tactic Snacks 1 || A stunningly brilliant fun interactive course at Chessable!

Kingscrusher Chess Tactic Snacks 1 || A stunningly brilliant fun interactive course at Chessable!

Hi all. I’m delighted to share with you
today a peek inside of Kingscrusher’s tactic snacks 1. So first edition this is
a new course at Chessable which can help you train your tactics your pattern
recognition. So these are good questions to ask before considering this course. Do
you like checkmate puzzles? So all of them end in checkmate. Do you like
playing faster time controls? So these are not particularly deep but if you do
play on the fast time controls they’re quite important patterns especially for
those arena style tournaments where you get as many games as you can play so you
want to be able to beat opponents quickly. And I found you know these are
great patterns in these puzzles accumulated from thousands of thousands
of games distilled down to this set of puzzles for this particular book so a
lot of very interesting patterns you can use at faster time controls for the
quick knockouts in particular. So yes I’ve been crushing the competition quite
well in in recent years you can check out my track records so sometimes you
want to study hard and sometimes you want to snack on tactics. So they are
quite easy a lot of them. So especially if you’re under 1800 you might like it. If you’re over a certain strength maybe you you could have it in
a sort of speed training mode just to make sure you can pick them up very
quickly. But it’s really targeted at beginner and intermediate level this
book. This course rather – interactive course book. So 250 of them each is engine checked
from the winning perspective. Sometimes there are blunders from the opponent which
let them be you know checkmated a bit more easily. So each puzzle is from a
real game and you can see the real game context so if you want to get into those
positions there are very good clues for the opening systems I use which are kind
of novel sometimes like 1.b3 (nimzo-larsen attack system) with white. Some light annotation and analysis and
suitable for improving players. And fun – the key thing so that’s the key thing here. So some puzzles ask you to punish a blunder with a quick blow.
Others contain classical mating patterns such as Boden’s mate. Legal’s mate. So
it’s a heavy fun factor and great learning experience. And okay so if you train from this course then these patterns will become second nature and you will spot many wins that you
couldn’t see before. At the same time you will become much more aware of the one move threats to the opponents set up for you. So training these classical checkmating
patterns are vital for any player to survive in the arena’s of online chess
at the moment. And even the top-level tournaments as we see they’re introducing faster time controls (e.g Norway Chess 2019) so you’ve got to be very good on your
pattern recognition and calculation. Fast calculation. Let’s have a look to the
structure. Five chapters. On each there’s quite a good helping on each chapter. So
if we just pick on one or two so here so black to play here. It was looking scary
but with forcing moves here you can actually deliver checkmate with check
and then that kind of thorn pawn for the win helps. That pawn there. Okay
so that was a fun one. So they’re all ending in checkmate. You can see how the game arises so you can study my openings as well so the Tango – a surprise
weapon as black and I also prepare a kind of surprise weapon weapon as white.
So you can get an insight into a very very aggressive repertoire surprise
repertoire which also adds to the shock factor of playing at these faster time
controls. So let’s have a look at this one. White to play here. Now here is a kind of weakness of the last move. So in fact if you pounce on weaknesses of the last
move Knight takes e6 and in fact the opponent missed the threat. So they didn’t play the perfect defense there. And they allow the checkmate there. It’s engine
checked as I say from the winning perspective. You can see how this arrived
as well. Okay more of a traditional opening there. Let’s have a look at
another chapter just quickly. Okay one or two or just maybe one
from the top. So here okay this is very important pattern. So the opponent just
Queened a pawn. Rxg6 check bang and then you see the bishop coordinating
on the common square (h8 square) for the checkmate there. Very important to get those common
squares working for you to punish opponents. Whoops that’s just to
navigate actually let’s just go back to the chapter list and pick one here one.
One of my favorite opponents on c4 was played. You can go in for the kill here I believe threatening checkmate. So that was desperate but to finish him
off not to let him carry on. The best move Queen g8 checkmate. So next game please! And you can see the 1.b3 opening at work. If you remember there’s
a Hikaru Nakamura video on how he won the ICC open. I studied a lot be free 1.b3 and 1..b6 from that so that’s why this has become a really dangerous pet weapon at the faster time
controls for me. But you can see how I’m using this pet weapon in many examples.
Okay so yeah the chapter list – 250 of them. Let’s go back so you can buy it as
a gift it’s reduced price at the moment $4.99 – so I hope you have fun with that
and yeah there’s going to be a new one after this. And yeah they’re being
carefully sourced. Thousands of thousands of games crystallised to these these
exercises for this course. So great fun there to be had. Hope you check it out
and let me know in the comments of this video how you find it.
Thanks very much. Oh there’s the link by the way. Or the description so that short
URL link will take you there. Thanks again. Have fun!

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  1. Q. Can you win quickly with amazing chess tactics ? 🤔😀😎🌍 Course:
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  2. I'm in the intermediate level, bought the course and I think it's a lot of fun! I like that all the puzzles are from KC's games and are for mate.

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