King of the Board | India Plays – S1E09

King of the Board | India Plays – S1E09

The first thing that I do when I wake up
is to put on the board light. I go and do my prayers for about half an hour and
by the time I am done, the board is warm. Then I start my practice. I used to play carrom at home as a kid,
after a while I started playing in clubs. There used to be this famous player,
Chap called Venkatesan. He had played at many national level competitions,
and we played a betting match and he lost to me. The very next day he played an all India
ranking tournament and he won. I suppose you could say that’s where I got inspired,
if he could win at such tournaments then so could I. And that’s where I started taking
my game seriously. What I cherish most is the very
first world championship. India won the team event and I had
won the individual singles as well. I grew up watching all these trophies and these
trophies aren’t the best of the examples. When I wanted to play when I expressed
him, I wanted to play carrom. He said, look son this is not the best
way what a father can show you. I am a national champion,
I am a world champion. Yes, that’s fine. But if you go outside, ask your friends
who is the world champion in chess? They would definitely say
‘Viswanathan Anand’. Ask them the same question in carrom. If they say
my name, you come and tell me I’ll coach you. And my bad luck I didn’t find anyone saying
that apart from people who knew me. And because of this… I wanted my son to prioritize his education and to be
honest, I didn’t really encourage him to get into carrom. The recognition is not that much in carrom and
carrom is not included in national games. We do not have it in olympics. And you do not see a very
great future for that. Ever since the international carrom
federation was established… India has been quiet prominent at a world level, but
out here and the only ever Arjuna awardee in the sport. Nobody else has been given one
which I think the government should. If they encourage the players, the medals that are
won in other sports can be brought home by us as well. That’s where the government has to work,
and the media can help us too. Their support will help us bring sponsors into the
game which is also very important to develop the sport.

32 thoughts on “King of the Board | India Plays – S1E09

  1. Respect. I think Carrom deserves a lot more recognition. Not only in India but outside the sub continent. Those white pricks in the west would need to leave their ego and respect other nations' contribution in sports.

  2. The first thing I need to express is to congratulate oak tree sports to bring such successful stories and make people inspire . It's been an honour to know about you sir and I really want to congratulate you for all your awards and medals . If India obtains carroms as a recognized sport then there are many people who are eligible to succeed in this sport . As Maria sir could Analise the sport and get further in it. Which really makes India a proud nation . All the best for further games and I look forward to see you in the games .

  3. Respect champion
    Respect to gk sir as well to do such a grt initiative… But u lacked in the publicity part….bcz this channel has got so much love n subscribers u can promote this series better…may be u can put the links on bwc video …or may be some other strategies like using it as ad in between bwc videos.
    Most popular channels don't cover anything other than cricket . But u have the popularity as well as intent. So don't let ur hard work go in vein..
    Thank to the entire team

  4. See the drastic drop in views of this channel hence proven Indians are only interested in cricket baki tum Olympic me gold medal lao ya world record banalo we don't care(I m also a cricket fan but this hurts)

  5. Yes Maria Is Emperor In Carrom Game Is Concerned. He Is Masters of Master.His Accuracy Sequence Of Coin Selection , Control Over The Striker, Command On Break, His Courage, His Ability To Pockets 19 Coins . Mind Applications , Modifications Was Excellent.

  6. Trophies ka Kya Kare Yaar Carrom Mein Prize Money nahi Milti๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„Trophies ko kha bhi toh Nahi Sakte

  7. He is not only the Champion of Champions but also a great man . I am the fortunate one to met him during last year's Civil Services Carrom Tournament in Chennai. All the very very best to the legend.


  9. Why don't we have a carrom league? This is so much popular in India. I loved to watch Carrom games being played live. Surely, this makes one of the best watchable indoor sports! Because it is rapid and the stakes are always high.

  10. If fucking nonsense thing like Curling can be an Olympic sport, then why not Carrom.
    Carrom requires great deal of skill and experience.

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