(upbeat pop music) – Can you believe this guy?
– That makes total sense. – He plays- (stammers) – [TeacherPhilip] He does
what? What does he do? – [Nick] At least I can talk, Preston, (Preston laughs) And not your (babbling). I don’t know how much more
gratuitous I could’ve been. – (whispering) Philip. – [Nick] Gratuitous… is that a word? TeacherPhilip, is that a word?
– Seriously? Yes, Nick! – (whispering) Philip.
Philip, turn around. – Philip turn around!
– [TeacherPhilip] What? – Look at your name. Press tab. – [TeacherPhilip] Why am I following you? You’re supposed to be tagging me. – I’ve already tagged you. – [Nick] Oh, no. You already got tagged. – [Nick] You’ve been a seeker
for a while, TeacherPhilip. – [TeacherPhilip]
Seriously, why are you… – How does this guy even
teach at this school? (upbeat dubstep music) – Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to some more hide-and-seek on the channel. And today we have a prime
example of a teacher. You know, he’s been kind of berating me lately with homework and stuff. – [TeacherPhilip] Oh lately? – Yeah.
– Listen, buddy… I don’t know where Nick is, but this isn’t fun. – Yeah, well you know what? It’s really not fun to
continuously do homework after I’ve been at school for all day! – [TeacherPhilip] You don’t even go here! What are you talking about? – Well, I mean, I..I.. – [TeacherPhilip] You
have lava for a face. – (shushing) I go here sometimes. – [TeacherPhilip] (screams)
You serious? Come on! – Alright, that’s it. That’s it teach. – [Philip] (screams) Are
you serious? Come on. – Yeah, thank you, teacher! See, no more homework, guys. And welcome to hide-and-seek. Who will win: the teacher or the student? – [Nick] Oh, hey, guys. Sorry I’m late. – Oh, Nick, Not Nick’s
here. Okay, Nick’s here. No, no, no. We gotta start the video soon before he gets here.
Oh, no, no, start the video. – [TeacherPhilip] Hey, Preston! – Editor! Start the video! – [TeacherPhilip] That’s
your friend, Preston. – So much hostility.
Nick is not my friend. Nick never was my friend. (laughing) – [Nick] I’m kind of your friend. – Like what is going on here? (laughs) How are you kind of my friend? You’re barely an acquaintance. – [Nick] Well here’s the
thing, it’s kind of one sided, – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah this
is what he does, Preston. – [Nick] but that being said, I’m still pretty close
to friendship status. I feel like I’m just under the bar. – [TeacherPhilip] I feel like
he would know, just saying. – Yeah, Nick. I think
I would know who’s in my core friend group. Do you
not get the core message here? – [Nick] Alright, well,
look TeacherPhilip, If I’m not in his friend group, then you’re definitely
not in his friend group so I don’t know why you’re
so excited about this. – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah,
I know. I never said “Oh, hey. I’m Preston’s friend. Ha Ha.” – Why are you being so rude to
Teach, man? He’ll expel you. – [TeacherPhilip] That’s what he does. – I can’t believe this.
I can’t believe this. – [Nick] Well, I’m kind
of a little bit upset because he gave me an “F”
in hide-and-seek school. – What?
– And that’s the worst because I’m the best at
hide-and-seek. So I should get an A. – Maybe you’re just really bad,
Nick. You know what I mean? – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah, no
that’s not a maybe there, buddy. That’s the real deal. – Maybe you’re just really bad. – [Nick] Yeah, I’m terrible. I probably…I will probably
never find a single person. That’s the sad truth. – Yeah, Nick. I think you’re really bad. – [Nick] Yeah, me too.
I think I’m garbage. (alert sounds) – (shouts gibberish) Don’t
do this. Ahh! (laughs) – Yeah, see? See, he
turned on you didn’t he? I couldn’t get out, Teach! – I couldn’t get out and he put the block! – [TeacherPhilip] Nobody can
get out when he’s involved. – He blocked it! He blocked
it! I freaking hate this guy. – [Nick] I’m just so bad I didn’t even know what
I was doing, Preston. – You barely saw me, if I was just- – [TeacherPhilip] Now
he’s going to get cocky. See? This is what he does! – [Nick] It was an accident!
I didn’t even mean to tag you. I didn’t know where you were. – [TeacherPhilip] There’s
no such thing as accidents in hide-and-seek, buddy. Not with you. – Yeah Nick. – [Nick] That’s ’cause I’m so smart. – No, you’re an enemy of
the state of the union. – [TeacherPhilip] Yikes. TeacherPhilip and I
are going to find a way to get you expelled one of these days. – [TeacherPhilip] Expelled or deported? Geez Preston, come on. – Both of them. Exported.
That’s what we’re gonna do. – [TeacherPhilip] Ex-? Whoa whoa whoa! – (laughs) He’s gonna
get both of them, son. Where are you at? So we can talk about these plans to export Nick. – [TeacherPhilip] No, no, no. I know this game way too well, Preston. – I’m not gonna fall for it.
– Are you in there? – You’re not in the classroom. You’re not in room three, are you? – [TeacherPhilip] I’m in
my classroom right now. – Which room is that? Do you
know which room that is, Nick? – [Nick] This is why I should
have came to school one day. – Yeah. Yeah, maybe.
– Yeah, no, I don’t. – Yeah, Nick, you’ve been a bad boy man. Don’t be such a bad boy. – I just-
– If you were here more you’d know things like where my class is. – Or maybe one plus one. – [Nick] I have better things to do than go to school every single day. – [TeacherPhilip] Oh yeah,
no, no, totally. Totally. That makes total sense.
– Can you believe this guy? He plays (splutters) – [TeacherPhilip] He does what? – [Nick] At least I can talk, Preston. – [TeacherPhilip] What does he do? – [Nick] And not (imitates baby talk) – Look man, all I’m
doing is playing Roblox and drinking Mountain Dews, alright. – [TeacherPhilip] That’s too – – [Nick] Um, it’s actually milk. – Okay. – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah well
milk shouldn’t be green. Throwing that out there. – TeacherPhilip, look
this is not science class. You can’t teach us how to make a green – – [TeacherPhilip] I don’t
have to have science class to explain that milk
shouldn’t be green, Preston. – I think you do. I’m really confused. Nick, are you not confused? – [Nick] Well I’m always confused. It’s not really a good
standard to go by me. – No idea. TeacherPhilip,
– Yeah. – What kind of green stuff
you been eating lately, man? That you think milk should be green? – [TeacherPhilip] No I don’t
think milk should be green. – You just said you think
milk should be green. – [Nick] I heard him. – I heard him. – [Nick] Preston you’re right. – [TeacherPhilip] You know what? – – [Nick] He said “milk should be green.” – I agree.
– Great. – What are you gonna do, expel
us? Are you gonna expel us? – [TeacherPhilip] I can’t expel anybody. – Why don’t you come expel us? So we can say hi, and
you can write our papers. – [Nick] He’s not the principal. He’s not allowed to do anything except give me F’s which for some
reason never actually affect me. – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah. – Nick, that’s okay ’cause we’ll give Teach
an L how ’bout that. – [TeacherPhilip] Catch you outside. – [Nick] Clever little
guy, aren’t you Preston? – [TeacherPhilip] Catch you outside. Okay. – Won’t you catch me outside, I’ll- – [Nick] Hey Preston, you wanna play some basketball in the gym? – Aw dude, let’s go play some
basketball in the gym, man. – (laughs)
– I’m so ready. – [Nick] I’m not 100% sure, but I think TeacherPhilip
just walked right past me. – [TeacherPhilip] No I did.
No, no, I definitely did. – I think TeacherPhilip might be trying to run from something. I think he might be trying to run from all his failures and
problems lately as a teacher. – [TeacherPhilip] That’s
every day, Preston. – Yeah, oh geez. Wow, wow, wow. – [TeacherPhilip] It’s every day, buddy. – That’s rough. You know, Teach. – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah no, if running away from your problems was an
Olympic event, I’d have the gold. – (sighs) I don’t know if that’s something to be proud about. – [TeacherPhilip] The
Michael Phelps of denial. – I don’t know if that’s
something to be proud about. – Hi, TeacherPhilip!
– What? No! No No! – (laughs) Nick! C’mon, dude.
Take that, TeacherPhilip! – [TeacherPhilip] Wow. – Why don’t you go back to
Antarctica where you belong? No, no, no, no, no! I
told you to go to Africa, not make me the seeker, TeacherPhilip! – [Nick] Actually, you said Antarctica, and I made you the seeker
– Yeah you did. – because I don’t like seeking. – Well TeacherPhilip, maybe
if you taught me better I wouldn’t mix up Africa and Antarctica! – I don’t teach –
– That is true, – [Nick] That’s a pretty big
mix up too, TeacherPhilip. That says a lot about
your teaching abilities. – Dadgummit, man. – [TeacherPhilip] It doesn’t
because I don’t teach history. I don’t teach history or geography. – But you’re a teacher. You’re a teacher. – [TeacherPhilip] I don’t teach anything. – I can see you guys! – [Nick] Hi! – What do you think you’re
doing there, mister Nick? – [Nick] Um, I think you’re not going to be able to tag me from there. – I am going to touch your
butt, man. I will tell you – – [Nick] I don’t think so! – [TeacherPhilip] That’s a problem. – Yeah don’t report HR on us, Philip. Alright? Don’t do it, man. – [TeacherPhilip] I don’t
work here. Why would I…okay. – (laughs) Let’s not talk
(hiccups) about these things. – [TeacherPhilip] You have
hiccups? Are you okay, buddy? – Ah yeah I think I ate my
(hiccups) salad too fast. Ate a salad real fast,
ugh, and it’s biting back. – [TeacherPhilip] Nick, you
need to help your friends, buddy. This isn’t just
about hide and seek. – This is why I can’t be vegan. (hiccups) – [TeacherPhilip] He
sounds like he’s suffering. – Ugh, where’s the meat? – [Nick] I think he’s fine,
it might help, actually. – [TeacherPhilip] That’s not what sounds like “fine” to me, buddy. – [Nick] Well, I never took health class – Okay.
– so I’m not really 100% sure. – [TeacherPhilip] Seriously?
Seriously you can’t tell? – I gotta get some beef,
guys. I gotta get some beef. – [TeacherPhilip] He needs meat, STAT! – I got it, I got it.
– Do a floor steak. – I got meat stat. Oh there we go, okay. – [Nick] Ooooh. Floor steak! – Ah, hello Nick. Oh
this is the perfect trap. Don’t look up, man. Don’t look up. – [Nick] Oh that’s okay,
just keep throwing the- – Are you sure about this
Nick? I will count to ten. – [Nick] No throw more, I see
there’s more in your hand. – Five, twenty, seven, nine, – [Nick] Are you counting down
the amount of meat you have? – And you’re still there!
And you’re still there! – [Nick] Keep throwing the meat!
Where you going? Come back? – Look, I don’t want to
give you my meat anymore. You don’t take it with gratitude. So I refuse to give it to you anymore. – [TeacherPhilip] That’s Nick’s M.O.. – No gratitude.
– I don’t know how much more gratuitous I could have been. – (whispering) Philip. – Gratuitous. Is that a word?
– Philip, turn around. – [Nick] TeacherPhilip, is that a word? – Philip, turn around!
– Seriously? Yes! – (whispering) Philip!
Philip, turn around! – [TeacherPhilip] What? – Look at your name. Press tab. – [TeacherPhilip] Why am I following you? You’re supposed to be tagging me. – I’ve already tagged you! – [Nick] Oh no you’ve already got tagged. You’ve been a seeker for
a while, TeacherPhilip. – [TeacherPhilip] Seriously? Why did this- – How does this guy even
teach at this school? – [TeacherPhilip] This has
nothing to do with teaching, pal. – Yes it does! It’s a basic
core concept of hearingology. – [TeacherPhilip] If I can
be honest though, Preston, for a moment, I probably
should be better at this. ‘Cause he makes me do this. – Oh my gosh Teacher
you’re so fat. Please. – [Nick] Every single day. – [TeacherPhilip] Fat? – Yes you are fat. Now just come on. – [TeacherPhilip] I’m not fat! – Oh my gosh why are you so
insecure about how fat you are? – [TeacherPhilip] This is a story- – Oh my gosh! I can’t
deal with you anymore. – [TeacherPhilip] Why do you
have the fact that I’m fat? – Yep. – [Nick] Hey TeacherPhilip, I think there’s floor
steak in the auditorium. – [TeacherPhilip]
Apparently I don’t need it ’cause I’m fat, Nick. – Yeah you are fat, Teach. – [TeacherPhilip]
According to your friend. – That’s it, you’re fat.
– Oh, oh, ow! – That’s it, I can’t
deal with you anymore. – Oh, come on!
– I’m killing the teacher. – Oh what?
– Oh God! Sorry! – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah,
no, enjoy that, buddy. Prepare to be haunted. – [Nick] Did you ever
think about the fact that if you kill the only person on
your team, you’re gonna lose? – Okay, Nick, I would never
lose to the likes of you. You are a grade A bully. – [Nick] Oh? Oh? You’ll never lose to me? – Yeah I’ll never lose to you. – [Nick] Okay, that’s
okay, no I’m fully fine. – You think, you wanna go? Do you wanna do the one-man tango? – [TeacherPhilip] Whoa. – [Nick] If that means you
lose, then, yeah I think. – Alright, sure, TeacherPhilip
let’s go ham. Let’s show him- – [TeacherPhilip] Wait,
wait, do you have ham? – I mean, closest thing, man
you don’t really get closer- – [TeacherPhilip] Yes! – Teach did you forget already? Gosh dang it, man. I’m Jewish. Alright, here we go. Let’s go. Let’s go. – [Nick] You shouldn’t have given him ham. He really likes ham. – Exactly! That’s what I’m saying! I want you to use that ham for justice. – [Nick] Oh? Oh? What’s
this? Is this a god spot? – Oh no. – [Nick] I think it is! – Oh my gosh. – [Nick] This is such a good spot, – [TeacherPhilip] Wait,
what does that mean? – [Nick] I honestly could
guarantee you won’t find me. – (sighs) Okay. – [Nick] What do you want if you find me? I’ll give you this
highlighter I have on my desk. That’s probably worth
at least two dollars. – What am I gonna do with a highlighter? – [TeacherPhilip] It’s not.
Nick, it’s not even close. – [Nick] You highlight things. – Yeah but there’s nothing- – [Nick] What kind of a guy is this? He doesn’t know what a highlighter does? – Okay, don’t try to turn on me now. – [TeacherPhilip] What kind
of guy thinks a highlighter’s worth two bucks? – Yeah, I agree TeacherPhilip. Teach this guy some Home Ec. Alright? – [Nick] Three at the most, TeacherPhilip. It’s not that special. – [TeacherPhilip] Three? You’re going up. You’re going up higher. – Where is he going?
Where is he- (hiccups) – [Nick] Did you just say hiccup? – Sometimes I (hiccups)
sometimes I say it as I hiccup. Okay? – [Nick] (imitates hiccuping) – Look, now they’re making
fun of my issues and- Teacher! Teacher! I need psychological help!
Send me to the psych ward. – [TeacherPhilip] I can’t help you. – Send me to the psych ward. – [TeacherPhilip] I’m too
fat. I’m too fat to help you. – Alright, that’s it. I’m
about to make you fatter. – [Nick] This might be
physiologically impossible. – Oh my gosh I’m triggered.
It’s a double standard, okay. – It definitely is.
– I can call you fat, you just can’t say anything bad about me. – [TeacherPhilip] It’s a
quadruple standard, honestly. – Because it’s quadruple like the burgers you’ve been eating. Know what I’m saying?
(cheering sound effect) (laughing) – I got him good, didn’t I, Nick? – [TeacherPhilip] That was
good, you’re funny there, Preston. – [Nick] That was a good
one, Preston. It almost distracted me from the fact
that you’re going to lose. – Aah! No I’m not! I’m gonna find you. – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah
you’re not going to find him in ten seconds, pal. – Dadgummit, Nick. – [TeacherPhilip] I’ve been
doing this with him a lot. – (door opening) There he is, Nick! – [Nick] No, no. – Oh my god he got away. – [TeacherPhilip] (laughs) – [Nick] Ah, this has been
fun. We should do this again except next time I win. Oh
wait, I won this time too. – Yep, okay Nick, we get it. – [TeacherPhilip] Wow. – We get it. But at least
I am not getting an L in elementary school.
Yeah, Nick’s getting an L. – [TeacherPhilip] What
does that even…why is he getting an L? – Because he… that is how- Hold on, I’ll explain
why he’s getting an L. – [TeacherPhilip] No, I don’t trust you. – [Nick] He’s gonna smite us! Run! – No I’m not! I’m not smiting! – [TeacherPhilip] Get ready to run! Run! – Hey! I’m not smiting anybody.
Don’t you move a single – – [TeacherPhilip] I’m gonna trust you. – [Nick] That’s a mistake, TeacherPhilip. – [TeacherPhilip] The
mistake is having you- – [Nick] Oh, he’s holding a little book! – There. Take this. Take this. Take this. There you go. There you go. Do you see it? – [Nick] Ooh, “You Win” – Now I got him,
TeacherPhilip! I got him! Yeah! – You insulting my family-
– Oh come on! – (laughing) Got em! Oh
nice job, Nick. Nice job. We got that guy trapped.
He’ll never expect a thing. – [Nick] I’m still gonna win
though, you’re not gonna hide with me either. – What are you talking about,
dude? All these racist slurs. Can you please remove him
from the classroom, Teach? – [TeacherPhilip] I’d love
to, he doesn’t show up. Can’t remove him- – He’s so rass-ist all the time. – [Nick] I was gonna say, to
remove me you would have had to included me. – [TeacherPhilip] Rass-ist? – Yeah he’s very rassist. Very frequently. – [TeacherPhilip] Rassist.
Where do you go to school, Preston? – Here! At Dumb High! – [TeacherPhilip] It’s not- – [Nick] Wait, this is called Dumb High? – Yes. – [TeacherPhilip] It’s French. – (laughs) It’s French, man. – [Nick] (in French accent) Dumb High. – I mean I do kind of
see a board over here and on the mathematic board it
says two plus three equals fish so I’m not going to say
we go to Smart High. – [Nick] That, you know- – [TeacherPhilip] It’s not
called sma- (sighs) okay, you know dude you’re right, you’re right- – [Nick] Mister TeacherPhilip sir, – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah? – [Nick] How do you remove a
tree branch from your spleen? – [TeacherPhilip] What? – What? Nick what has happened to you? – [TeacherPhilip] That’s a good question. – [Nick] I might have
messed up a little bit. – A little bit? Or a lotta bit? – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah a lot. – Let’s kind of get into it. – [Nick] That depends, is a
tree branch into one’s spleen considered a lot, or a little? – [TeacherPhilip] Big
problem. I’d go with big. – Yeah, I would say
that’s pretty up there, you know what I mean? There’s global warming,
there’s death, and then there’s tree branch that’s in your spleen. You know, actively poking you. – [Nick] Okay then, in that
case it might be a pretty big problem that I have. – Okay, okay well I think- – [TeacherPhilip] Hiding isn’t
probably what you should be doing right now. – Yeah you should probably
go up to TeacherPhilip. He probably wants to help
you. He knows first aid. – [TeacherPhilip] Oh I do. – You know he’s probably- I think he’s- – [Nick] Oh no, I will bleed
out before I give myself up. – Oh my gosh – [TeacherPhilip] Oh wow, – This ain’t the Walking Dead, Nick. – [TeacherPhilip] You know
what? I’m testing that theory. – Oh no. He’s gonna die. – [Nick] This is hide
and seek, TeacherPhilip. You know how serious I take this.
– [TeacherPhilip] Too serious. – You’re gonna lose a student
and you’re gonna get impeached – Yeah, yeah.
– What? – [Nick] The impeach
process is pretty, yeah. – Yeah you wanna get impeached? – That’s how it works here in America. – [TeacherPhilip] Does it?
Why don’t you explain to me? How I’m gonna get impeached. – Well first of all,
– It’s pretty simple. – There’s two people that
vote against your one, democracy, and you’re gone. There ya go. And then the Big Bird comes
in from the Sesame Street. – [TeacherPhilip] But I have to be- – [Nick] Wait, is this? No. – Yes. – [Nick] Oh my god. – Yes. – [Nick] No. – We’re in Africa. – [Nick] This is another
god spot, Preston. – I can see you!
– Another one! TeacherPhilip look at his name tag! He’s unshifting. He’s in the corner. – [TeacherPhilip] It’s another god spot. – I will give you the
coordinates. He is southwest. He’s southwest. – [Nick] Those are not coordinates. – He’s outside the school. – [Nick] Preston those
are not the coordinates. – He’s southwest! I seen him
Teach, you’re going the wrong fricking way, you’re so stupid! – [Nick] I don’t believe you. – [TeacherPhilip] So
you’re worried about, okay- – If you don’t go and tag
mister Nick, you’re fired. (Donald Trump voice)
You’re fired. Go find him. – [TeacherPhilip] You
can’t fire me, there buddy. – (Trump voice) I could fire
you. My dad’s a principal. – [Nick] Only Harrington
can fire him, and he already fires him a lot. – My dad is the principal
of the school and he will do whatever I ask. – [TeacherPhilip] Your dad
is definitely not Harrington. – Yeah he is. I got a birth certificate. You want me to show it to you? – [TeacherPhilip] No he has
three kids, two of which don’t even talk to him, – Yeah well I was recently
adopted last week. – [TeacherPhilip] And
the other kid, Oh, okay. – Yeah. Exactly. – [TeacherPhilip] That’s
good, that’s good. – No, not for you it’s not, buddy! – [TeacherPhilip] I was adopted. – Yeah? – [TeacherPhilip] And I
think you’re making fun of adopted kids so guess what? – Okay, okay, – [TeacherPhilip] I will find you. – He’s going there. Now he’s triggered! Oh TeacherPhilip gets triggered. – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah I’m triggered! – I called him fat, – [Nick] Hey TeacherPhilip,
look, I can see you through this window! – Oh no.
– Can you? – TeacherPhilip hasn’t
tagged either of us yet. Philip is bad. This is
why I killed you earlier. – [TeacherPhilip] I didn’t wanna play! – How did you come back? – [TeacherPhilip] If you remember
correctly, I got hijacked. – How did you live? I killed you twice. – [Nick] Um, it’s this
magical thing called real life versus Minecraft, and when you die in Minecraft
you don’t die in real life. It’s this really cool concept. – How did you survive, TeacherPhilip? (shouting) No! Why would you check there? – [TeacherPhilip] (laughs)
Why would I check there? – You are so fat. Yep. – [TeacherPhilip] Your
friends aren’t nice, Nick. – [Nick] We already established this, We’re not supposed to be nice. – [Nick] I’m only at the best
half of a friend to Preston. (dramatic music) (loud breathing) Preston, no. Don’t do this. Don’t do this Preston,
you don’t need to do this. – [TeacherPhilip] Do it Preston. – Nick. – [Nick] You don’t need
to do this, Preston. – Don’t move, Nick. Teach,
come help me out I need backup. Requiring assistance. – [TeacherPhilip] Where are you? – Oh my gosh Teacher you’re
so fat. I’m going in! – [Nick] (loud mic sound) – Got him! That’s what you get. – [Nick] See, you know why
he was able to get that, TeacherPhilip? – [TeacherPhilip] Tell me, Nick. – [Nick] Because he’s very in shape. – (laughs) – [TeacherPhilip] Okay. Wow. – I knew we were gonna go
there. Amazing, Nick. Amazing. – [TeacherPhilip] Unbelievable. – It’s not really that unbelievable, I mean when was the last
time you went to P.E. with Teacher Lewis? – [TeacherPhilip] Never? – Yeah exactly. – [Nick] He doesn’t exist. – [TeacherPhilip] You
can tell? You can tell? – Yeah I can really tell!
I mean look at your arms! They’re so blocky! – [Nick] Wait! TeacherPhilip!
TeacherPhilip, look. I found a book and it’s for you! – Aw, Nick that’s so nice of you. – [Nick] I know. – Oh, is it my L-Book? Is it my L-Book? – [TeacherPhilip] Aw
that’s cute. That’s cute. – Wait, you gotta keep reading
it, Teach. Keep reading it. – [TeacherPhilip] (screams) – (laughs) Yes! No more
school, Nick! Ever! – [Nick] But I like school.
Alls I do is come here and play hide-and-seek. – Nick you just said
you never go to school. Make up your mind. – [Nick] Well I never go to class. I go to school all the time. – That’s it, that’s it you’re gone too. I don’t wanna deal with you. – [Nick] Wait, what? – I’m out of here. Later, guys. – [TeacherPhilip] Yeah,
yeah, see? He turned on you. – I’m going to college! (grunt sound effect) (sigh sound effect)

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