Khalish | FridayFictionFilms | 52 Films project

Khalish | FridayFictionFilms | 52 Films project

This all is fine, tell me what happened today? Today? What should I say? She came in pink t-shirt today She was looking so amazing I thought , did I board a ladies coach? Then I realized that she came in our coach It has been a year today For the very first time I went to buy lady’s finger Normally, I don’t go to buy lady’s finger But it was our first anniversary , so I thought of helping her Help ! Frankly speaking It was a holiday today I go there to play cricket, every Sunday Near that Trauma Center My mother always asks me to get something But I never help her Today she told that give the reports of the neighbor Mr. Sharma to the hospital I also thought of helping Mr. Sharma, as it was a holiday Brothers, today is my same day Last year, my father promised me on my birthday Today is the same day Birthday ? Happy Birthday Bro ! Thank you Happy Birthday ! Thank you Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Thank you Give me the striker Then father also kept his promise Took us to an amazing hotel What a fabulous hotel ! Look at those stunning chandelier 50 types of starters bro I was satisfied just by reading the menu What should I tell about the crowd? What a class ! Crowd was there in market also Crowd was there in the local train also , quite a lot Crowd was there at Trauma Center also Then, then the girl fell I saw, one by one , everyone started falling Yes bro In Trauma Center also Doctor fell on the patient And the compounder fell on the doctor On my next was a couple, uncle and aunty They also fell And that waiter , fell straight on my table Bro, along with the vegetable seller, and when I looked ahead , even vegetable buyers started falling When I saw My hands were full of blood Yes bro, My entire shirt was full of blood Bro, there was blood on my plate Blood and blood everywhere What have I done? I just went there to give interview Even what have I done? I went there to give reports of Mr. Sharma That also on a holiday Bro, It was my birthday After one entire year, we all went together to eat in a hotel with entire family My wife was pregnant Thought of helping her My father was so unknown about my non-ending interview His son won’t ever come back My mother was very happy First time ever, I was helping someone But she never knew that along with the reports I won’t come back You know , what is the worst thing ? Seeing your own family dying infront of your eyes

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  1. I got chills, when I realized they were dead.. great short story. if it's possible to tell those suicide bombers…

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