Kevin Durant Eats Snake with Serge Ibaka | How Hungry Are You?

Kevin Durant Eats Snake with Serge Ibaka | How Hungry Are You?

– Who was the best shooter on the Warriors? – You talkin’ with me too? – No, no, you know, no.
Of course, we know Steph is a better shooter than you, so— – Uhhh… – I know you can’t shoot, come on. – No, I’m flat-out cash! – [Laughing] ♪♪♪ – What’s up? This is Serge Ibaka, aka Mafuzzy Chef. Welcome to “How Hungry Are You?” Today I will be cooking for my boy, Kevin Durant. – I have no clue with Serge. Anything could be possible with this guy. – I’ll be cooking him…snake! ♪♪♪ Pay attention. First step, I’m gonna boil the snake. It’s a long snake. So now I’m gonna let the snake get boiled for 10 or 15 minutes.
Ready to go. I know a lot of people call my boy a snake. Today, he’s about to eat snake. Cuz snake don’t eat snake. You got it? Yeah, I know you understand. Let’s do it. It’s time. Oops, it’s still moving! Nah, I’m joking. Time to put some seasoning now. So now it’s time to put my cornstarch here. Uh-oh. [Glass clanging] Ahhh! Ohhh. Jordi, you’re making it worse! As you can see, I really need to go clean myself. Hey, Jordi, help me to get ready. – All right, let me take a picture. – OK, let’s go. OK, good. Let’s go. Jordi, I’m gonna change the band, too. Perfect. I’m ready. Let’s go! – Here we go. OK, positions. – Yo, yo, yo, yo! – Serge Ibaka! What’s up, man? – What’s up, babyyy? – What’s up? – What’s up, bro? How you doin’, man? – It smell good in here. – Welcome, bro. Yeah, I got you good, bro. You know how I do. – What’s up, dawg? – Ah, man. Thank you for coming, bro. – Of course, man. Had to.
I done seen too many of these installments. I ain’t been on one yet. I had to come through. – Ah, yeah. One of the good things about you,
you always support your teammates. – Oh, for sure. – On the court, off court, you know? – For sure, for sure. – So I appreciate it. Thank you for coming, bro. – No doubt, man. – How’s everything going in general? – Man, good. You know, rehabbin’.
I’m walkin’ now, doin’ more every day. – Yeah. – Every week I’m gettin’ better. Lookin’ forward to, you know, the next few months, seein’ how I progress. – You coming back this year? – No, I mean, for now, I’m just chillin’, man. I’m just takin’ a day at a time. I’m not expecting to play at all. But, you know, who knows? You know, if I keep gettin’ better— – As, as your brother, I’mma tell you, bro: Take your time. This, I know. – Oh, for sure, man. I’m definitely gonna take as much time as I need. – I’m plannin’ on sittin’ out the whole season, so— – You have to be patient this time. – I know, I wanted to beat y’all. That’s why I came out there, man. – That’s—you can’t… – I didn’t want you to win one at all. – I was like, “Come on, KD. Can you let me get one?” – [Laughing] Yes. – I was like, “Bro, you already got two—” I mean, two, right? – Come on, bro. – Yeah, I just needed that three in a row, you know? – You know— – We needed that, you know what I’m sayin’? Y’all came outta nowhere. I didn’t even think y’all was gonna make the Finals, but y’all was playin’ well against us, so I had to see what I could do. How you feel now that you a champ? – I feel blessed, bro. Like, when you win this, like, “Wow, it’s beautiful.” – It’s like—and you see, then you can see really all the hard work you put in, it pay off. – Yeah. Yeah, you realize it’s something bigger than yourself.
Like, the whole city is a part of it. – Yeah. – Whole organization, everybody get a couple extra dollars, you know? It’s just, it’s just good vibes all the way around. So I was happy you won, but…just you. Nobody else. – [Both laughing] – You know, the action in the playoff, when you went down, you remember? – Yeah, yeah. – What did you feel about it in that moment? – I just really, I mean, I feel like my whole basketball life flashed before my eyes. I thought about everything I did from, like, the first time I played until then. You know what I’m sayin’? That was the first time that something like that ever happened to me on the court. And I just, I guess it just relaxed me a bit as I thought about it because I’m like, “Man, I been through everything, and this is another —something else that I gotta get over, so—” – Yeah. – “Let me get my ass up, walk to the locker room and figure out what’s next.” – But you know what happened, right? So when you were down, and then I stole the ball on that play, but in my head, it was like, you fell down and you just lost your shoes.- – Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was— – Your sneaker again – Yeah. – And then when I turned —you’re still down, I was like, “OK, it’s, like, it’s kinda serious.” – Yeah, man. That’s— first of all, when you, when you switched out on me, man, I was like, “Why would y’all switch Serge out on me?” “Even though I’m a little hobbled right now, this a bucket!” That’s what I was thinkin’. – [Laughing] – That’s what I was thinkin’. But— – Listen, I, I got this big— – Yeah, and I guess— – Big chicken right here! – Yeah, and uh— – Gonna cook that! – And it’s crazy how fast your mind switch, cuz in a matter of the next second, it was like I was on the ground thinkin’ about my whole basketball career, so I was just like, “Pshhh.” It happened so fast, and once I got back to the back and realized what happened, I was just like,
“All right, man. Lemme figure out—when can I get surgery?” You know what I’m sayin’? – Yeah. – I was just tryin’ to move on to the next step
so fast and try not to dwell on it too much. – Now, maybe, I know you feel some type of way about it, but I wanna apologize to you for our fans, what happened, you know— – Nah, man, come on. – And then, it was, you know—you know, like— – Nah, it’s all a part of the game, man. – You know, I know. I saw a copy of an interview where you, you – Nah, that was all jokes.
That was all jokes, like— – OK, yeah, all that. – Cuz I understand. I understand fans— – You know, it was in the heat of the moment. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – You know, we have, we have one of the best fans in the— – No, classy fans up there. – You know? So it was in the heat of the moment where it was exciting. – I understood the whole thing. – Yeah. – This was Toronto’s first time in the Finals. They treated it like— it was like a college atmosphere there. – They was excited, yeah. They were just excited, yeah. – So, like, I understood. There wasn’t no hard feelings, but it was fun to, like, take a little jab at the fans. – Yeah. – You know I’m always gonna take a jab at the Raptors fans cuz we lost to them in the, in the Finals,
so I’mma talk shit as much as I can bout y’all. – Oh, yeah? Do you think if you didn’t go down, you guys would’ve beat us? – For sure. – Are you, are you sure about that? – Man— – No, no. Are you 100 percent, my brother? – Yes! If you put— – Because we, we was hot, baby. We was hot! – If you put an “if” in front of anything, I could believe anything, so yes. – Yeah. But I’mma tell you right now: no. You say “yeah”—you know why?
Because we was like a fire; nobody could stop us. – I could. I was like Sub-Zero. – No, sir. We may, we may go to Game 7, but the way we was, we was balling, our confidence—we was gone. – Let’s put it like this: If y’all goin’ to a Game 7 with a two-time champ, y’all not winnin’ that game. Y’all not. I mean, y’all had to win in six, which y’all did, but if I was out there, y’all wouldn’t have won at home. – No, first of all, if you didn’t— – Y’all wouldn’t have beat us at home. – We almost beat you guys in five, you know that, right? – Yeah, y’all almost, all right? I’m talkin’ about Game 6— – OK. – Y’all almost lost anyway. Klay went out, and y’all almost lost. So Game 6, we’d have, we’d have smacked y’all at the crib. And then Game 7… I know fo sho y’all wouldn’t— you coulda heard a pin drop in y’all locker room in Game 7 walkin’ into that arena. Like, y’all would’ve been so shook. – Yeah. I’m— – So shook. – Yeah, you right about that. But you know what? Man, we was hot. – Well, glad it didn’t get there. – Anyway, so we the champ. – I love y’all team though, man. Y’all played hard as hell the whole playoffs, and I’m like—I just, I just really rock with how y’all play. And y’all coach, like, he not gonna create the best X’s and O’s, but he knew exactly what y’all needed to do to win a possession. – Yeah. Did you like playing with the Warriors? – Yeah, man. It was fun. – Of course. You, you won two championships with them. – We had success. Our offense was unstoppable.
We had a great defense. And we played in front of the best fans in the, in the league at that point. Better than Toronto fans. – No way. You know that. Come on, man. Hey, first of all, you have to put some respect on the champ now. – That is true. – We are the actual champ and, like, when you won it, everybody was respecting you, right? – You right, you right. – So now we are the actual champ, so put some respect on our name. – You right, you right. – Right? – You 100 percent right on that. But the fans, though? – Yeah? – That’s different. I respect the fans, but the Warriors fans is better. – Why’d you leave then? – I mean, it was another opportunity for me to play for another team. It wasn’t, it wasn’t that big of a deal. You know what I’m sayin’? It was just like, “I wanna play for the Nets.” It was on the East Coast, close to home. The Nets are solid, and it’s New York City. I could pick my game up and play anywhere, so I just did it. – Why did you choose Brooklyn? Why not the Knicks? It could be the Knicks too, you know.
– Psh, man— – Cuz it’s New York, big city. Why you choose Brooklyn? – I just liked the organization as far as just the direction they were goin’ in, a bunch of young guys that had played in the playoffs before. You know, I think the Knicks players, they’re good young players, but they still need a little bit more
experience to match where I was in my career. So it was nothing major against the Knicks. I just think Brooklyn was farther along in the process of bein’, like, a contender. – Are you excited to play with Kyrie? – Yeah, for sure. For sure. You know, playin’ with Steph and Russell, and seein’ a top-level point guard and how they work, and then bein’ around Kyrie, you know, it’s the same thing. The standard that a point guard sets every
day is what kinda leads the team, you know? So I’m excited to play alongside him and see, see where we go. – What was the hardest decision to make: leaving OKC to Warriors or leaving Warriors to come here? – Oh, leaving OKC for sure. I mean, I spent eight years there. – Eight years. You was young too. – I mean, I built my family there, you know what I’m sayin’? My whole family lived out there. I done bought houses and did everything there, you know what I’m sayin’? Like, grew up as it—in my 20s. So it was hard to leave that place and leave, like, all the equipment guys— everybody there, the support staff, and obviously my teammates. Well, they understood. I felt—
I figured y’all would understand cuz that’s just business, but, like, the other people, I felt a way about,
and it took me a while to make the decision. – Who was the best shooter on the Warriors? – Who the best? – Yeah, shooter. – Steph. – Steph? – Yeah. – OK, yeah. – Oh you talkin’ with me too? – No, no, you know, no. I’m saying, I’m just saying— – Oh, I’m not in it. All right. – Of course, we know Steph is a better shooter than you, so— – No, uhhh… – I know you can’t shoot, come on. – Nah, I’m a flat-out— – No, we know you can’t—I know that pull-up when you comin’. You know, I know that pull-up when it’s coming. – Yeah, and it’s cash! – I know it’s cash, but… – Steph the best shooter. – Steph the best shooter, OK. – And it’s the prettiest. Klay, when he gets hot, I never seen nobody get that scorching hot before. But Steph is the best shooter. – The best because he shoots from crazy—OK. – He shoots so pretty, and it’s so effortless. – OK, we got Steph. – I’m probably, like, 1A, and Steph probably, like, 1A…2. Like, you know what I’m sayin’? Like, I’m a little bit above Steph. He’s just a tiny bit under me. – No, I know you can shoot, – [Laughing] but Steph is here. – [Laughing] – I mean, I mean, yeah. He just that little bit. Small. – What do you remember about me as a rookie in OKC? – You? – Yeah, me as a rookie in OKC. What do you remember about it? – I remember you learning English after every practice with Ayanna. – I know. – I’m like, “Yo, what do we got goin’ on here? It’s like a daycare. We gotta teach this dude how to speak English.” – Man, crazy. – But when you got there though, like, I didn’t see you play before until you played that first day at pickup. – And everybody kept sayin’, like, “Serge, he block shots like no other, and he can shoot.” – I was like, “He can’t shoot. Stop playin’.” – I know, I know you were, you and Russell didn’t want me to shoot before, like, “No, you wrong!” And then you started showin’ us. I mean, there was—everything was bottoms, especially from, like—I mean, you had the pick-and-pop. – I mean, that was money. – We used to kill ‘em. – And, shit, you see where you are now as a champ. – Yeah, thank you. Now we, we both the champ. – Yeah, I got two though. You got one. – Yeah, but hey, the champ is the champ, bro. – It’s still a champ— – It’s the champ. – But I still got two of ‘em. – I’m gonna catch you. – All right, we’ll see. – I’mma catch you. We will see. – Maybe we get one together. – Oh yeah? – Yeah. – You never know. Anything possible, bro. – Never know. – You know what I’m sayin’? You know, but one thing about you, bro—you know, like, you made me feel so comfortable when I was in Oklahoma. – When I moved next door to you, I think that’s when we got tighter. – Yeah, next door to me. – I used to walk down to your crib, you’d walk up to mine. We just got tighter over that time. And then we had both had gotten better as players and had some success. Like, it was just perfect timing for us. What would’ve happened if we, we had stayed together in Oklahoma? – Man. [Sighing]. I mean, who know? I mean, at that point, when we lost James, I think we were still tryin’ to figure out how to fill that void, you know, for the longest. – I feel like if James didn’t leave us, he would not be the James he is right now. – No, no. – You agree with me or no? – I agree. Yeah, for sure. I mean, he probably had the same type of impact as Manu Ginobili. I’m not sayin’ we’d have won as many championships. – Yeah. – But, like, the way he came off the bench and, and affected the game— – Yeah. – It was to that impact. But I’d rather see him flourish as just, like, a whole player, like, instead of just limiting, limiting James to a sixth man, so it worked out well for everybody. – For a group of us, like, sometimes I’m still wondering, like, “Man, I wish we could at least win one,” like— – Yeah. – One. I cannot believe it. Like, we were so good, so talented. – But we accomplished some crazy things to be that young. Imagine a group full of 21-, 22-year-olds makin’ the Finals today. It’d be crazy. So we was that team before anybody. We accomplished so much. It didn’t result in a championship, but with all of that talent under one roof, you know what I’m sayin’? We had so many dudes that could do a lot out there, and it’s hard to put a 22-, 23-year-old in a box and be like, “You need to do just this, Serge. You only need to block shots and rebound.” Like, nah. You can shoot, post up, you wanna do it all. – Yeah. – So it’s, like, you wanna still expand your game, and when you winnin’ a championship, you gotta minimize yourself just a little bit. – Man, that’s a, that’s—that’s one of the reasons, because we was so young. – Yeah. – And our ego, we didn’t know when to turn our ego on and off. – Yeah. But it’s easier now for you to know that— – Yeah, now because— – Because you won a championship. – Of course. And I wanted it too bad. Like, back then. If you have to play five, six, seven straight games where you score 10 or only 15 points, you’d be comfortable with that? – Me? – Yeah. – Hell no. – Exactly. That’s what I’m sayin’, because we was young. But now you can, now you can do it. – I mean, I’m not accepting that now. But, like— – I mean, like, in the playoff, you could do it now. – Nah. – If you had to score 15 points for your team to win? – We not winnin’ if I score 15 points. – [Laughing] – I gotta produce more than that for us to win the game. – Yeah, but let’s say, like— – But I get what you sayin’. – You know what I’m sayin’? – If I had to shoot, like, let’s say instead of points— – I shoot— – 12 shots, 13 shots in the playoffs. – No, let’s say, like, OK—you know, let’s say, like, five shots. – You know this, Serge.
I’m only gonna get five shots and we win the game? – [Laughing] – Nah, bro. – You right about that. But you understand what I, what— – No, I get what you’re sayin’. – You understand what I’m sayin’. – If you slice it in half, like, the shot attempts, you gotta be all right with that to win a championship. – Your ego gonna take a hit. – Exactly, our ego. – You know what I’m sayin’? And it’s, it’s tough sometimes, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. – What do you think about Russell and James as teammates now? – Yeah, I wanna see what it’s like. I think Russ gettin’ outta OKC and seein’ something different— – Different, yeah. – You know what I’m sayin’? Outside of Oklahoma City is gonna be cool to see, and then them two back together, you know? You know they was jokesters from day one. – Aw, yeah. – They was always— – And they from L.A. too, you know. – Yeah, so they was with each other all the time,
you know, back in our younger days playin’ so I think it’s gonna be cool. – Should me and you, we join them two, too? – Nah. Let them have that over there. We good. – [Laughing] – How’s your, your relationship with James? It’s been good. I seen him actually last week, and, you know, we was– when I first went to the Warriors, obviously I ain’t really talk to many NBA players, you know what I’m sayin’? And… James is one of the guys that, you know, obviously grew up with in the league. So not talkin’ to him for a couple years, just, you know, movin’ to the new team and not really stayin’ in contact, it was tough because I loved him so much. But now I think we’re in a good place, so. We gonna go through our, you know, ups and downs in the relationship. And Russell? What about Russell? Same thing. Same thing? Same thing. You know how that goes, you know. So many people got in between— you know, it was just bad communication. You know, like, say somethin’ in the media and then the media person asks Russell— – Yeah.
– As if I framed it towards him, and then same with me. So it was just, like, miscommunication through airwaves when we tryin’ to play the game. That might’ve got in between. What food did you eat growing up? We had to survive, bro. – Survive?
– So, like, hot dogs. Like… beans. Like, we had—on a good day, it was, like, beef stroganoff and, like, uh, Like, boxed food. Like, frozen food. A lotta frozen food. But I—we went to Benihana one time comin’ up, and that
was, like, the best cuisine I had until I got to the league. Oh yeah? Yeah. Do you remember when I moved to OKC, I didn’t— I used to hate, hate barbecue sauce? Do you remember? Yeah, yeah. Every time we’d go— you’d take me to a restaurant— Just, like, rice. You would just eat straight rice. – White rice.
– Rice, yeah. Rice. And beef, just straight. I’m like, “Damn, Serge.” Can you cook? Nah. How come? Even eggs, omelet? I can make eggs. Yeah, I can whip up some breakfast. But that’s about it. If my baby wants some breakfast in the morning, I can whip her up somethin’, you know what I’m sayin’? – Oh, baby.
– Have some bacon, eggs, you know. You say “baby.” What do you mean about “baby, baby”? I’m just sayin’, whoever’s, you know— when I wake up that next morning— Are you, are you in a relationship? [Laughing] He said “my baby.” We can cut that. He, he said—no, we’re not gonna cut that! He said “my baby.” So are you in a relationship? Nah. – No?
– Nah. When was the last time Kevin Durant was in a relationship? Two years ago. Two years ago. For how long? It was, like, eight months, nine months. That’s, that’s the longest you have ever been in a relationship? Yeah. Now why you wanna know about my personal life? Because I’m your brother! You right. I know all your personal life already. – But these other people don’t.
– And now I want all the people to know— people who love you, who support you. They need to know about it. – Nah, they d—
– They always see us— They know about the basketball side. They know about that. Yeah, that’s all they need to know. OK, all they need to know. All right. Who’s your celebrity crush? Like– I mean, I’m too old to have a celebrity crush right now. How you mean—no, you can’t be too old for a celebrity crush. I mean, that’s, like, for high school. – I mean, I feel, yeah—
– I’m sure you have— – I mean, pretty much—
– I know you, I’m sure you have a celebrity crush when you even see her picture on social media, you’re like, “Damn!” I know you! OK, you have a crush? Nah, I like—I think a lotta women are beautiful, bro. Bro, you have crush, bro. I know you. I don’t have a crush! Yo, who your celebrity crush? Wait, wait, wait. You know here, you know how this work here? I ask questions, you answer. Nah, yo, this is different. This my house! Nah, yo. – Who your celebrity crush?!
– See, if you wanna— We need to know! Matter of fact, you a—are you, are you single? Uh…English? Español? Hablas Español? Are you single? – You try to pull that where everybody—
– Wait, hablas Español? You done conducted the whole interview. Are you single right now? Cuz you, I mean, I look at your pictures all the time that you post, and I see a lotta heart eyes underneath them comments. A lotta these women always come up to me like, “Serge Ibaka, Serge Ibaka.” OK. And you turned into this, like, full-on sex symbol, so are you single? I’m single. – All right.
– You heard me. It’s easy. You don’t wanna answer me, it’s OK, because we’re gonna have some Spicy Questions here. If you don’t answer those questions, you have to take shots. OK? One second. You already skipped one question about the celebrity crush. I’ll let you go with that one. Come on, man. But this one, you don’t wanna, you don’t wanna skip, bro. [Laughing] You had crickets before? No, never, but I’ve seen people eating it. OK. Oh, it’s moving. Oh, no, wait. No it’s not. Stop playin’. Oh, you sure? Smell the drink. Exactly. What is that? I’m not gonna tell you. Every time you don’t answer, you take a shot. First question: Who is the better player… Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook? Stephen Curry. Why you think Stephen Curry is a better, is a better player than Russell Westbrook? Cuz he can shoot better. OK. Makes sense. Second question: Who was the last female celebrity you DM’ed? Female? Yeah, you DM’ed. You can check your phone if you want, if you forgot about it. Sevyn Streeter. She’s a singer. Sevyn Streeter? Yeah. – I DM’ed her.
– That’s the last one you DM’ed then? Yeah. OK. Let me, let me see her— Nah, bruh! He only say the name! Nah, bruh! You already puttin’ me on the spot cuz— He only say name, OK. I’m playin’ by your rules right now, bruh! OK, yeah, no, you good. You good. OK, last one. [Laughing] What celebrity turned you down? You tried to hook up with, and then they turned you down? Like, you know, you was coming to try to hook up with her. Like, “I’m Kevin Durant,” you know what I’m sayin’? “Two-time NBA champ.” Nah, bruh, I don’t approach situations like that. OK. I’m saying, OK— That’s how you go at ‘em? No, I don’t go—you know, you know me. You know— Oh, you got somethin’ else to add to it now! Oh, you know, NBA champ Serge Ibaka! Come on, baby, you know me. No, I don’t approach it like that. I mean, a lotta girls have turned me down. I mean a celebrity. At least once? Like you tried to, you know, go to dinner with them or, I don’t know, ask their number or whatever, they turned you down. Or they never respond to you. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, now he say, “Yeah.” Come on! That’s happened to everybody. Well– before you got with her, Keri Hilson turned me down. – [Audience]: Oooh!
– OK. All right. So— Hey, guys, you can— what’s the “Ooohs” mean? [Laughing] You guys are messy! – “Oooh!”
– I didn’t wanna say that name, but you know— You, you’re ice-cold messy out there! No, man, that’s, that’s not count, bro. That does count! What do you mean? No, that’s, that’s not— That does count. No, no, no. That does not count. Why? She’s a celebrity, and she turned me down. [Laughing] That’s awk—very awkward. Since you wanna ask me these tough questions, I gave your ass a tough answer. [Laughing] That’s the only one I can say that I was pressin’— like, really tryin’ to get at. And she’s like, “Uh-uh, man. You gotta—no.” – I’m like, “Cool.”
– I don’t know. You know what? I don’t know about that. I didn’t wanna drink that, so I had to be real. All right. Next stop! Bro! How hungry are you? I’m pretty hungry, man. We been talkin’ for a long time. I know you’re not a snake, you know? And uh- I might be sometimes. No, you’re no snake, OK? Sometimes. Anyway, I know snake don’t eat snake. And so today, I decided to cook… a snake for you. I’ll be a snake today. [Laughing] No, no. Today you cannot be a snake. When you was coming to my show, you know what is coming. I mean, I can’t eat no snake, bro. I’ll rock with your show and everything, but, like… you should—you could’ve did something else. I never even heard of somebody eatin’ a snake. Like, even fryin’ a snake. Yeah, but I’mma eat with you. You not gonna be the only one eating snake. All right. I’mma eat with you. – All right. That’s a bet.
– OK. That’s a bet. I’m followin’ your lead, bro. This your show. You scared? Nah, but… maybe it’ll—I’m, I’m— maybe it’ll help me with my fear of snakes… if I eat one. Oh, you’re scared of snakes? You got a fear of snakes? Uh…yeah. Yeah. This what it look like now. It look like chicken almost. It look like fish, yeah. Yeah, like fish. Go ahead. OK. This is how we’re gonna eat, and we’re gonna eat that like we eat in Africa, together, all right? Like family. See that part here? – That’s what you eat?
– Yeah. Oh, shit. Very good, bro. It’s good for real? Very good, try it. You, you gonna be surprised. Where’d you get this recipe? No, I buy the snake… and I pulled the recipe— I just— You just made this up. Yeah, I made it up, yeah. [Laughing] Very good, bro. I said be careful. It’s got bones. – I ain’t gonna take that piece—
– Get up there, yeah. It wasn’t like— Yeah, that’s perfect. I’m eatin’ a—what kind of snake is this? Huh? Is this a black mamba? Black mamba… so you eating black mamba now. [Laughing] This is really dry, Huh? It’s fried, yeah! I fried it. It’s a fried— I’m sayin’ it’s dry, but it’s solid. Yeah, but it’s snake. Like, you don’t really have a lotta, a lotta— it’s more snake-like. I appreciate you giving me this opportunity. I would’ve never eaten snake in my life. Before now, OK. And he eats snake, and snake don’t eat snake. But, he eats snake, so that means he’s not a snake. [Laughing] Thanks for coming, brother. – Thanks for having me, brother.
– Yes, sir. Appreciate that. My man, thank you! Fun. That’s my bro here, Kevin Durant. The two NBA champ and the new NBA champ. That’s how we do it. – [Laughing]
– [Applauding] My man! [Applauding]

100 thoughts on “Kevin Durant Eats Snake with Serge Ibaka | How Hungry Are You?

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