Kawach Mahashivratri – 31st August 2019 – कवच महाशिवरात्री – Full Episode

Kawach Mahashivratri – 31st August 2019 – कवच महाशिवरात्री  – Full Episode

‘You must protect my son.’ ‘He will come to get Prem… …as soon as I’m gone.’ ‘He… He would come.’ ‘Large crows…
Then he would come.’ ‘Mom used to hide me.’ Alright. I won’t stay awake. But on one condition.
– Condition? What is it? You must bring me ice cream. Ice cream? Now? Where will I find it so late? Bring it from the shop… …at the market that
remains open until late. Oh, that shop? It’s very far and I’m very tired. Please, Shobha.
– Ankit… …if your favorite sister
Sandhya asked for ice cream… …you’d have rushed
immediately to bring it. But you won’t bring it for me! Why are you overreacting?
Why did you drag Sandy into this? You’re the limit, Shobha! Shobha, it’s okay. you needn’t do this. Shobha… Shobha, you are too much!
Shobha… Who are you? who are you? No! Bhao has sent me. I’ve brought a message for Sandhya. Yes, grandmom. Tell me.
– ‘Sandhya, listen to me.’ I’ve told the village priest… …about whatever Sakshi told you. He will visit you in the afternoon. He will set things right. Okay? Okay, grandma.
– Listen, all of us… …are worried about you. Grandma, don’t worry. Everything will be alright. When the village priest visits… …I’ll tell you all about it. I’ll call you, alright? Okay, dear.
– Okay, bye. Angad… …grandma informed me
that the priest is arriving today. What happened?
– Angad, I’m really scared. I don’t know who Bhao is. Why is he coming for Prem? What does he want? I’m really worried for Prem. Come here. Take a seat. Sandhya… …you brought your son
back from an evil spirit. And now you’re scared! I know… …that no matter
how dangerous it is… …and no matter how
powerful the enemy is… …in the end, it will be
you who will be victorious. I don’t know who Bhao is… …and what he wants. All I know is… …that you shall win once again. Hey, we won’t let anything
happen to our kids, okay? What is this? You fool! They are merely expressing
their love for each other. How do you know this? Wait.
How does she know that? You’ve become too clever. Come here. Prem, run!
– Come on. Come here. Dear Lord Shiva… …don’t let anybody cast
an evil eye on our happiness. Come here. Take it easy! Got you! What were saying?
Let me tickle you. Shobha, what happened? Why are you sleeping in the hall? Are you having a headache? I had a quarrel with
Ankit last night. That’s why I came here to sleep.
– What! Shobha, this is not good. Ankit behaved with you like this
although he knows you’re pregnant! I’ll scold him right away. Come with me.
– No, Sandhya. I won’t come. Come with me. Come on. Ankit! Wish good morning to grandma.
– Good morning, grandma. Good morning… …grandma. Come to me. Good morning. Ankit! Where did he go? He’s not
inside the bathroom, either. Did he have to go
for a recording today? If that were the case,
he’d have taken his phone along. Shobha, sit down. Don’t worry. He must be
somewhere in the house. I’ll bring him to you in a second. He will also apologize to you. I’ll go and get him. His phone is locked. The bed is also a mess. Who knows where he has gone. Where is such a terrifying
sound coming from? What a scary crow! Go away! Go! Go! ‘Shobha.’ ‘The voice is coming from… …under the blankets on the bed.’ Oh, wow! How come you’re in such… …a romantic mood today? Who is it? Who are you? No! No!
– Bhao has sent me. I have a message for Sandhya. Balraj! Breakfast is ready. Balraj? Where did he disappear?
He was right here a while ago. ‘You two just got married.’ ‘How can you be fighting
so much already?’ What’s going on down there? Check if Ankit’s
car is out there. Don’t worry, Shobha. Ankit must be
somewhere around here. He could have taken his
phone if he went out. Why would he leave
his phone behind? I checked the terrace
and everywhere else. But, I couldn’t find
Ankit anywhere. Okay. Thank you. The guard is saying that Ankit’s
car is still out there. He didn’t see Ankit going out. What happened?
– Mother, we can’t find Ankit. That’s what is worrying Shobha. Your dad is also
not in his room. ‘Bhao… …is very dangerous.’ ‘He’s very dangerous… …and he’s coming.’ Angad… …could Bhao be behind this? Dad must have taken him with
himself, to council him. Let’s wait a little while longer.
Maybe they… Maybe they’re here. I’ll go check. Excuse me! Who are you and why are you
looking at me this way? I lost something. That’s what I’m looking for.
Do you… …have it?
– What? My heart.
– You cheapo… …who allowed you to come in?
– Hey, Vishal. You… – Hey, Angad.
– Hey man. All good? Angad! Who’s there? – After all that has
happened, I forgot to mention… …that I had invited
Vishal over… …to help tutor Prem at home. Come, meet our son. Sure. He doesn’t look like
someone who’d tutor Prem. If you are by my side… …then I won’t lose this job. Give me the ball! Prem, this is aunt Shobha’s room. She won’t like us
playing over here. Let’s go outside and play.
– Let’s go! ‘Aastha! Prem!’ Prem, did you hear that voice? Someone is calling us. ‘I’m here, dear.’ ‘I’m here.’ Uncle Ankit? Are you calling us? ‘I’m here, dear.’ But, uncle,
why can’t we see you? No! Prem, uncle is playing
hide-and-seek with us. Let’s join the game. Let’s look for him. Uncle Ankit, where are you? Where are you, uncle? ‘On the bed!’ What happened, Prem? No! No! ‘Aastha!’ Come, Vishal. Aastha! Prem! Weren’t they just here?
Where did they disappear? No problem. People usually disappear
before they meet me. Wait here. I’ll go look for them. Prem, was that… …uncle Ankit? ‘Aastha! Prem!’ ‘Aastha!’ ‘Come to me! Aastha!’ ‘Prem! Come here!’ Grandpa?
– Grandpa! Prem… Aastha, run! Aastha, run! Aastha! Where were you two?
I was looking for you everywhere. Dad… In aunt Shobha’s room… In grandpa’s room…
– Yes, dear. Shobha, dad and all of
us will play with you. Someone has come to visit Prem.
A surprise visitor. You guys like surprises? He’s Prem’s new teacher. He will tutor Prem. They are my kids,
Prem and Aastha. Have a chat with them
and I will be right back. Okay? Dad, listen to me. Over there. In aunt’s room. I’m so sorry, dear.
I’m a bit busy right now. You play with uncle and
I will be right back. Have a chat with uncle. Hi, I’m Vishal. Surprise! Come on, both of you,
tell me your names. Then I will give you chocolates. Aastha. And what’s your name? Prem. Prem? Wonderful. ‘Why do they look so scared?’ Just relax, Nilima. Everything will be fine. Please calm down. Shobha, you don’t
worry about Ankit. He must be around.
He will be back. Kartik, you?
– I asked him to come. To look for Ankit and father. It’s 11 in the morning. Shobha saw Ankit at
11 o’clock last night. And aunt saw uncle at… …8 o’clock this morning. We can’t file a missing
report until 48 hours. But they are missing, aren’t they? Nobody even saw them
stepping out of the house… …nor are they at home. I called at the office and friends
too, but he’s nowhere to be found. Angad,
could Bhao have done this? Bhao? Who’s Bhao? Look at this, this
is how we make… …towers with of blocks. Do you want to make it? Alright. Now we will… …play with this doll. No! What’s the matter, dear? Why are you both so
scared of the doll? Uncle, will you come with us? I want to show you something. How could you hide
something so major? I thought everything’s
fine with Sakshi leaving. But now with Bhao’s
spirit in the house… Mom, we are not even sure
if Bhao is behind this. I don’t who is
responsible for it. I just know that Ankit
and your dad are missing. I don’t know how
we will find them. Where’s Rekha?
– She will ill, so we… …didn’t disturb her. But we are in dire need of her now. I will go and check.
– I will come along, mother. There’s nothing here. What did you want to show me? On the bed? There’s nothing here. Under the bedsheet. Were you both
scared of the doll? What’s there to be scared of? ‘Please help me!’ ‘Help me, please!’ ‘Please, help! Please, help!’ What’s this? – It’s a doll. It’s worn clothes
exactly like uncle Ankit. Even the sound is his. What! Yes.
There’s a doll just like this… …in grandpa’s room too. The doll looks exactly
like grandpa. It speaks just like him. Rekha!
Rekha, please do something. Please help us! Please! I will do something.
– Yes, Rekha. We know that you are ill. But Ankit and father are
nowhere to be found. Please help us in finding them. Yes. I will do something. Uncle Balraj. Ankit, wherever both of you are… …tell me where you are. Where are you all? Hello. Shinde, did you find anything? Rekha, there’s nothing here. Ankit was right here.
Look for him here. You will definitely find
something strange here. Aastha was trying to tell me
something about this room. But I paid no heed to her. She may know something about it. Aastha! Who brings such
dangerous toys for you? I’ll go and burn them right away. No!
– No! Don’t burn them. Don’t burn them! You mustn’t keep such
toys with you. – Uncle! Don’t! Where is the lighter? Uncle, don’t burn them! Don’t burn them!
– Don’t burn them! Aastha! Vishal! What are you doing? These are such dangerous toys. I don’t understand why you
buy such dolls for the kids. These aren’t dolls! This is uncle Balraj… …and this is Ankit. What!
– Someone has turned them… …into dolls. ‘Shobha, it’s me.’ Ankit! Kartik! Where is Kartik? His life is in danger! Shinde! Call me as soon as you
come to know about anything. What is a crow doing here? Go away! Go away! He was in Rekha’s room. Angad! Kartik! Kartik!
– Kartik! Kartik! Strange things are happening here. It is a really scary house.
– Excuse me. Actually… …I’m really sorry for
whatever happened inside. Actually, Angad has said… …that he will call you
up later and talk to you. Whatever. It seems your family
members are out their senses. But you’re still in your senses. I don’t care if anybody else
calls me or not. But I hope… …that you will
definitely call me. Definitely. If I haven’t
turned into a doll by then. Sandhya, where are the kids? The kids were really scared. I put them to bed
after a lot of difficulty. Malini, I don’t understand… …how can this be happening? Who could be responsible for this?
– Prem! This is happening because of Prem. Sandhya had brought
Prem into the house. And she was supported by Angad. This is happening because of them! Mom, it’s nothing like that. Rekha, please do something. Please! Please bring the
three of them back. I don’t know how to bring… …them back. How will they come back then? Bhao has sent a message for you. Sandhya!
– What happened? Sandhya! Sandhya! Where am I? Help!’ ‘Help!’ Who is it? Who’s there? ‘Help!’ ‘Help!’ ‘Help!’ ‘Help!’ Who’s there? ‘Help!’ Who’s there? ‘I have come for Prem.’ ‘Give Prem to me… …otherwise my witch will kill… …all the male members
of your family.’ ‘She will also kill your
husband Angad.’ – Who… Who are you? Who are you? Where are you? Come before me! ‘Give Prem to me.’ ‘If Prem doesn’t come to me… …then your husband will die.’ Angad. Angad! ‘Mom!’
– I’ll go and check. Sandhya, are you okay? Angad, I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to lose you. Why are you saying so? Sandhya. Did you see anything? Don’t worry, kids. Okay? We are all here.
Nothing will happen to you. Close your eyes and go to sleep. Bhao is bad! Prem, do you like playing games? Shall we play some games?
Just a second. So, this is Aastha’s favorite game. Why are you lying down? Get up. Hurry! Do you know how to play games? Aastha, you will teach him, right? Shall we play? We have better games.
I’ll get another one. Just a minute. This is Aastha’s
most favorite game. Look! Isn’t this your favorite game? Aastha loves to play
snakes and ladders. Let us all play together! Shall we start?
– Aunt. Uncle Ankit… …uncle Kartik and grandpa… …have turned into dolls. Will we also turn into dolls? No, my dear. Who told you this?
Nothing of that sort will happen. Don’t worry. Bhao! Go and hide under the bed! Hurry! Ouch! ‘Thank God Sandy is okay.’ ‘But how will become normal again?’ ‘How do we get out?’ ‘I tried a lot but
couldn’t move an inch.’ ‘This is all because of Ankit.’ ‘Why did he have to get
involved with that girl?’ ‘Uncle, why did you fall
for her at this age?’ ‘I didn’t know she was a witch!’ ‘Talk softly. My ears are hurting.’ ‘I have only just
turned into a doll.’ ‘As if we have been
dolls for years.’ ‘Ankit, forget about this.
Just pray.’ ‘I hope Sandhya and Angad
get us out of these dolls.’ ‘The entire family is
really tensed for us.’ Angad. I didn’t see Bhao. But I heard his voice. He is really terrifying. He said that if I don’t
give Prem to him… …then he will… …take you away. Angad… …what will we do now? We may find the answer
to your question in this book. This is an ancient text. It has all the
information… …and spirits, ghouls and
all other kinds of evil. Sandhya, didn’t you say… …that Bhao mentioned a witch? This book will help us
learn about the witch. What’s written in this book? Witches are the souls of
young and beautiful women… …who never received love
when they were alive. Their deaths are
also unexpected. And their souls are
still wandering… …in search of love. But how will that this
information benefit us, Rekha? First, let me find out… …who this witch is. How will you find that out? Roohi! What’s this? How did you get bruised? Mom, it’s nothing at all. I got hurt a bit. Just a bit?
– Roohi. Are the kids alright? Yes, Sandhya,
I have put them to sleep. Rekha. In order to help us… …don’t get yourself
into trouble. Sandhya. Lord Shiva has sent me here
just to face the problems. ‘Such a big crow!’ ‘Uncle, the crow’s not big.
It’s us who have become small.’ ‘Not just one, there are many.’ Angad! That! Please get rid of them else… …they won’t allow the
ritual to be completed. Don’t let the candle blow out. Angad, tie this to it. Angad! Before we face some
other problem… …you begin the ritual, Rekha. Witch! Wherever you are… …come here. And show me your world. Witch, come here. Take me to your world. Show me your real face.

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