Kasparov Sacrifices his Queen on move 12!

hello everyone I don’t know about you but I’m very excited about garry kasparov playing the st. Louis rapid and with tournament in August and so I thought it’d be nice to check out some of his previous games for example I chose this game it was played in 1994 in the info chess Express challenge in Munich Germany Gary Kasparov is black and is playing white against the Vladimir Kramnik and I just wanted to say that although casparo inspiring Karpov were approximately of equal strength during their championship matches because para was always a little better but this game illustrates nicely white as part of the games are much more enjoyable to watch as he favors activity above all so let’s look at the game like I said chronic is white in Casper is black so we have d4 Knight to f6 c4 g6 Knight to c3 Bishop to g7 efore d6 not to f3 cuz power of castles Bishop to e2 e5 d5s power plays a5 Bishop to g5 h6 Bishop to h4 and so far this is all theory all the moves are by the book so crimeny goes OH curse power goes 92-86 Crimea castles Bishop to d7 Knights to d2 and cause power plays Knight to c5 and with this mode Kasparov prepares an idea I’m sure that was prepared before the game and cronic plays b3 like nothing is happening and this is the idea of the position you can see that this night after white played the b3 this night is now undefended and this is how power of uses this idea he plays Knight captures on e4 and allows White’s to capture his queen so chronic captures the Queen Bishop takes on d8 because part of captures on c3 attacking whites Queen Queen to e1 and the rook captures on d8 picking up the bishop as well and in this position well although black does have some activity white is actually better and but chronic was obviously very upset about this sacrifice and he played the rope to see one it’s very hard to understand why he would give up this a two point but gari grabbed it immediately so nightcaps resonate to he goes back to Europe to a 1 and now Gauri plays Knight to b4 and well okay this white rook now has a semi-open line but is it really worth it I don’t know so we have Bishop to d1 protecting that ball or pawn on v3 and now II for opening up a discovered attack from the bishop to this work on a1 Kramnik plays rook to b1 and gar replace rook to e8 protecting this efore pawn so Queen to b3 and now f5 and now if you look at this position okay Black’s lost the Queen but who would you rather play here who would you prefer black or white so we have h 4 rook to s8 are preparing to push f4 so Kramnik stops at he plays g3 and now rook to d8 a rupee eight and if you look at this position all the black’s pieces are placed very nicely this light square bishop is still waiting for some activity but you’ll see gari will solve that as well so King to g2 Knight B goes to D 3 R up to G 1 and now f4 and now look at this bishop slicing slicing this diagonal here and this dragon slicing all the way to here so crimeny captures G captures on x4 rook captures on f4 and r h5 gari closes it with g5 we have rook to f1 and now rook the age for trying to read that H pawn so kramnik replace or up to h1 gari goes back rook to at for Cromley goes back up to f1 and now Gary finds another idea rook to f8 so we have F 3 root 2 H 4 now the born isn’t offended by the light squared bishop anymore so chronic catchers F captures on e4 Knight to f4 check King to g1 Knights to d3 d5 Knight captures on e5 rope to c1 and now because part of a deck of the Queen rook to h3 and we have nice to f3 we have g4 pinning the night so kramnik decided to capture on e5 and to give up his Queen as well but you’ll see after rook captures and e3 Knight captures on d7 and nice to h3 check although the position well both players have the same amount of pieces but well Gauri has the initiative so we have Kings to g1 the King has to go to g1 if it goes to h1 it will be over quickly we have rook captures on f1 King captures on f1 and now g3 and well black is a lot better in this position but chronic plays King to g2 and it’s over immediately after Knight to f4 we have King to f1 although in this position chronic resigned but after King to f1 well you would get this G to check move and after King to f2 you’ll get a rope to h3 and this is unstoppable because Bishop to g4 check is coming so a very nice game goodbye Kasparov and I really enjoyed how he sacrificed the Queen unmoved 12 to get this extreme activity although chronic could have played better and not give up his a to bond but it’s very hard you know we were playing against Kasparov he just sacrificed the Queen and well it’s not that easy to keep calm at a moment like that so I hope you enjoyed this game and as usual you can check two of my previous videos here and if any of you are Game of Thrones fans I’m interested to know what you thought of the first episode I still haven’t watched it because I’m waiting for my girl to come home from work so we can watch together and yeah that’s it too soon

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