K-POP QUIZ: Snippet Game ♥ | MVreactionITA [ENG SUB]

K-POP QUIZ: Snippet Game ♥ | MVreactionITA [ENG SUB]

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel, i’m Lolly and today i won’t react to any videos i’m here ready to play at this game called K-Pop Quiz: Snippet Game before we start, i suggest you to watch my previous video called Guess The K-Pop Song By Their Choreography i’m going to liking in the description box and you can also click on my face to go to see it 😀 yeah, click on my face, click on this awesome square, just click on it! lol good job soooo i guess we should start!! if you wanna play: i’ll leave the link in the description box LET’S GO!! *reading* I’m Jelly Baby AOA AOA…. baby? AOA cream… CREAM!! oh god, what’s this???? oh god, i don’t know it, i don’t know
oh god x3 no, it’s a girlband, what’s this? ah, i’m sorry i don’t know it i didn’t know this song it’s Taemin!!! It’s Taemin, isn’t it? ding dong, ring rong, ging gong something like this it’s Taemin x4 AAAAARG!!! Drip Drop – Taemin it was that one, damaged!! Hate – 4Minute Mamamoo – You’re the best *I KNOW I ALMOST DIDN’T GET IT, BUT IT WAS FEW WEEKS AGO AND I WASNT AS OBSESSED AS I AM NOW LOL* uh, B.A.P. – Feel So Good oh god, what’s this? i don’t know it! WHAT’S THIS???? x3 noooooo, Nu’est but i don’t really know them… so it’s ok, right? Someone like you – Dal Shabet i know it, i recognize it right away! it’s so good!!!! ok, ninth song what’s this? x2 oh god, what’s this?? what’s this? i don’t know this song!! ah, it’s Fiestar i’m sorry but i don’t listen to them noooo 🙁 ok, the game is officially over lol my score is 6.5 (it’s wrong lol it’s 5.5), just leave me the 0.5 for Taemin’s song cause i didn’t remember the title, but i knew it was Taemin!!! i wasn’t always perfect: sometimes i got them at the first snippet, i was really fast, some other time i wasn’t that fast……. lol but hurry up and leave me a comment down here and tell me your score 😀 my point is officially over now, i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did leave me a comment, put a “like” in here, subscribe to my channel and watch all my video reactions too share this video too, yeah, please, share this video too lol and i’ll see you next time – CIAO CIAO 🙂 GUYS!! please, don’t forget i’m in a K-Pop cover band called 1OK – One Of a Kind so HURRY UP and check all our covers out!! i’m gonna leave the links in the description box of you can also click in this square you see on the screen right where i’m talking, right here!!! and don’t forget to watch my video reactions and all my other videos – ciao ciao 🙂

6 thoughts on “K-POP QUIZ: Snippet Game ♥ | MVreactionITA [ENG SUB]

  1. ahahah anch'io ne feci uno e ne beccai pochissime xD Divertente davvero! Brava Lolly! E poi mi piace quando canti anche te 😀

  2. Ma io ti adoroo hahaha _ mi diverto un sacco a guardare i tuoi video xD
    potresti fare la video reaction di Super Fly dei 24K? 😛

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