K.Bhagyaraj Funny Speech At  Aaram Thinai Audio Launch I Motta Rajendran I Vijay Tv Kureishi

K.Bhagyaraj Funny Speech At Aaram Thinai Audio Launch I Motta Rajendran I Vijay Tv Kureishi

Time is like gold So I am not going to take more time I say my humble greetings to everyone The strength and the quality of the movies I took was explained greatly by Ramanathan sir Still how he has taken them as lessons of strength He talks about the drumstick issue in many meetings So this movie’s producer MuthuKrishnan something related to studies he has taken a movie If it is related to studies, then mostly when they were studying no one likes cinema We get hit if we talk cinema in the school we studied and in homes as well But he has boldly come forward to take movies The dedication and interest towards cinema He should know the plus and many good things Because when we studied in school Few students missed a class and went to the cinema It was known the next day by the teacher So he asked us to stand up in the class about the movie They were starring when he asked where did they go Tell me did you go to cinema? When he asked, they accepted What sort of film did you go to? They should have changed the name at least In front of everyone, they told “Konjum Kumari” Then they were beaten specially for that Is this the age to watch “Konjum Kumari” So they blabber everything if they get caught So a lot of teachers don’t like the talk of cinema But it is surprising that he has come to direct a movie In that, Arun is also from Erode, So I also was born in Erode Gosh hospital [claps] People from Erode think before entering cinema Today everyone is bravely doing movies He came to me and in the short films awards such as Nalaya Iyyakunar He said he won awards in it I don’t remember Since many people come, I don’t remember So I saw the ghost of the movie when I was doing dubbing In Vijay movie, Mottai Rajendran was waiting to speak after me So the moment I saw him, he is sufficient if you just show light on him, people will get scared by his Silhouette Then the way he talks So the main hero of the movie is him From childhood, I like ghosts very much It was interesting to listen to the stories related to ghosts After a stage, in the things about the ghosts I lost interest. Because, We’ll be playing Carromboard near our house, in the night we would start and roam, here, if you talk about clubs, my house is nearby If you turn through the streets, you can reach home But our fate, someone suicided in the corner house Usually, we turn and go past easily But now, since there is no way, we go all around the town and reach home Since, we have to go all around, I walk slowly towards the house with fear and then in the corner when I turn, I sprint towards home Similar to that, instead going all the way around we can go with fear so in the corner we keep looking at the house when we turn towards the wall Some person in black bedsheet stood up and asked “What is the time?” He wants to pump water and he needs to get water from somewhere He asked us exactly the place we turn We got scared Similarly, other time, I didn’t want to go all way around, there was person called Aadhi who was mentally challenged He identifies names correctly He tells names like, “Brother, Bhagya” Then he starts to talk with himself He used ask tea to the passerby Now, I have to walk alone and cross some distance I look at it There was a fear that I have to cross the house And I kept thinking and when I came, he also came by my side And then I thought Yes, I have company I thought even if he is mentally challenged, let’s cross the house with him “What Aadhi?” I asked Brother! Get me Tea! I said okay let’s have tea and brought him near the house with him on the side of the house I was coming near the corner Brother, get me tea, he told “Do you need anything else apart from Tea like bun?” I kept talking and came near the house He came so far quietly, but when we reached the house he said, “I don’t want anything” and left. I came safe till that point. In that house, he left me So there is fear when we think of ghosts but it becomes a comedy after some time. My son Shanthanu in his childhood, when I say ghosts movie, he doesn’t listen when I say don’t watch He has to see it. He covers with pillows with only eyes visible He watches movies like that If I ask why are you struggling so much to watch, he says that he likes it and it is good He says like that So Ghost movies and ghosts, one day after watching a movie, recently 3-4 years back I was watching movie on a laptop It was an English movie It was an action movie and there was a horror movie in between There was a lot of bloodshed with hands in a different way, it looked very disgusting I thought why am I watching this at night 1-2 o clock I stopped and checked if there are any other movies I removed this movie from the disc I kept it aside and took an another movie which was comedy and then when I turned The image which scary is frozen on the screen [laughter] I think for sometime and then I take and look at it again I took the cassette from that I took the CD But if the image is still there Night 2 o clock Then… I looked and then thought It is something electrical Even if you take the CD, it might be there for sometime on screen I thought of waking Poornima If I say I took the CD but it is still there, then she will never sleep She will say, “You are always like this” So there are a lot of comedy things about Ghosts which happens life long When you look at ghosts, there was only one question that I asked after which my fear of ghosts went away If you say that ghosts will kill us, in today’s world, Police station and courts will not have any work to do Because, if a person is murdered by 4 people he will become ghost and kill the 4 people brutally The police keeps searching for the murderer So if there is ghost it will take revenge Only in cinema, ghosts take revenge In real life, revenge does’t happen with ghosts But now a days, things might happen casually like ghosts, like they say in villages playfully Even if they say casually, it might happen for real One person got into fight for land They talk normally but he had the fight inside him Both of them were drinking alcohol He got the other person more drunk Why are you always fighting for land? Rascal! He is fully drunk and unable to do anything He took a huge stone saying Die today When he is throwing on his head he is not able to wake up or do anything, he just looks around After looking, when he feels he definitely is going to throw He sees only the full moon He says, “Moon you are the evidence.” The other person throws the stone. And the he wrapped the body HE wrapped him in a rucksack and threw in the river The body floated away But he died saying that the moon was the only evidence He didn’t know what to do when he was dying. No one was around him And then 4-5 years passed by, the murderer had a good meal one day, went near his wife, there is bed and beetle leaves. he eats the beetle leaves He lied down on his back smoking a cigarette. He looks up to the moon when he lights his cigarette He remembered the last words when he looked at the moon “Moon you are evidence” The murderer laughed The wife asks why are you laughing?
He says nothing Come on, tell! I am thinking about the gardener next door.
Yeah he went missing He isn’t missing I killed him by throwing a stone on his head What are you saying?
Yes. Is it?
Yes! He told me that Moon is the only evidence when I threw the stone Will a moon come and confront me? I thought of it and laughed After that, the wife, in the morning drawing water from the well, says to other women, “Do you know something?” “The man went missing right?” it’s because of my husband. “What? My husband is the one who killed him.” Then it spread and the police came in the evening and arrested him So somethings even if it doesn’t appear ghostly, if someone says something full heartedly during death, it is a power in some way the feeling that he had during the time of death There are so many things related to ghosts There are things which make us believe and also not believe in ghosts Because in my house, there was a lady nearby, she was very old. Everyone calls her Mental Because when she comes back from the mill after work, her head will be covered with cotton She talks to herself after sometime On road She does calculations to herself. She talks to herself if it’ll be available tomorrow or not. Since she talks to herself, people call her mental Suddenly, one day, they told that the woman had been possessed with god A lot of people are coming and she is dancing as she is possessed with god. She is telling fortune to someone She didn’t ask for money but people started to give money, fruits, beetle leaves voluntarily Then people kept garland, 50 rupees, 100 rupees After that, she became famous among everyone We were laughing at our home one day saying how a mental can tell fortune. I don’t understand. She was a friend of my grand mother, since they were of same age Everyone were talking My aunt went once to ask about her fortune “Come Ponni, sit down” She made her sit Suddenly she said 1 2 3 4 5 6 members you were talking if this mental would fortune tell, am I correct? My aunt and grand mother trembled after hearing this They thought what is this In the end, she was truly fortune telling. But the reason is a mystery. I was sitting casually one day, in a tent, it’s been a long time since I moved from that area after 7-8 years, when I went to watch a movie, I knew the person of the tents He was a friend of my my age. So we were sitting at the entrance and talking. This lady, was sitting down to watch the next show Since it is a tent, it was the floor She was sitting on floor near the gate. I felt very bad looking at it I thought what was this and she is sitting alone on the floor. She was a famous fortune teller. I asked to put a chair for her from the office. And then I asked someone to bring her She asked why? I asked her to sit on he chair It’s been 7-8 years since I moved from that area She asked me who are you and why are you asking me to sit here I told her that I am the son of her friend She questioned me And then told I am the grandson of Thayamma Then she remembered and asked, “Oh are you Thayamma’s grandson?” I said yes Oh Okay Are you good? she asked She looked at me continuously and stopped suddenly She didn’t talk anything “Your brother has done a wrong thing” “He hit your friend and it is till painful for him.”
The person is next to me. Because, three of us got beaten up by my brother as we did something wrong I look at him and he is nodding his head I didn’t understand anything The she looked at me suddenly “I am telling, your Lord Muruga, don’t be in this place” “Go from this place now” “You shouldn’t be in this place” “You’ll not be good in this place, go away you’ll do good, Lord Muruga is saying” I was already in the idea of leaving the town Additionally, the lady also told the same and then truly I went away Even after I came here, I wrote about it in Bhagya Some people have some power It is very supernatural A person might start speaking in 2-3 languages suddenly without knowing any of them So, when we talk about ghosts, it is always an interesting thing So in that, I have been thinking about this title Aaram thinai Then I concluded that he has named it in a new way similar to Elam Arivu So this field truly with everyone, is very interesting. The interest towards love, revenge sentiment is the same towards the ghost movies from the olden days. Reincarnation movies and ghosts movies have been a success. But, if it is said properly it will become a success So he has taken up a good field. He didn’t trust any artists in the field This or that artist He has a full trust in his script People like Rajendran are enough He has taken the movie trusting the script So, definitely If the script is really good, this movie will become a success So, people are always interested in ghost movies Even in English, like The Exorcist and many movies is showed even now. Our Tamil artist Shyamla is doing English movies That movie has become a huge success Is it Sixth sense? That is related to ghosts If it is said in the right way, it is always a good movie So after a lot of hardwork he has done this movie Advance congratulations to him Thank you

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